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Management Update 32

Site statistics

Published article count was 27 in June, up from 20 in May. Published comments were 1247 in June, up 50% from May's 822.

We didn’t publish 60 abusive, content-free or incomprehensible or over quota comments in June : total comments intended for publication and not published: 60/1307=4.6%.

Excluding search crawlers, robots and other non-human visitors, 33,240 people visited the site in June, up again from 30,994 unique visitors in May. Total visits were also up by 13% at 57,284.

The main sources of inbound traffic were ausairpower.net, to "256,800 Paper Handtowels"; stumbleupon, to "Oil Dollar Euro ULP"; and the UN Human Development Report, to "Human Rights and Climate Change".


As in most recent months, cash income in June was $30 in donations, versus expenditure of $13 for bank fees. Cash in the bank at end June was $2,531.67. June Google ad revenue was US$30, accumulated unreceived total is US$111, which we will receive at the end of July.

Totals for the financial year: donations = $1,115, ad income received (ie not including that US$111 above) = $664.67: total income = $1,819.67. Total expenditure = $368.

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