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Anti-terrorism laws - links update #14

Dramatic proof that laws are adequate and the rest is just atmospherics
SMH, November 9, 2005
If the Prime Minister thinks he has a green light on anti-terrorism, he's wrong, writes Peter Hartcher.
JOHN Howard did not utter the words "I have been vindicated", but it was the subtext of his press conference yesterday. And, with news of the arrest of 16 suspected terrorists, he has been vindicated on two important points. - http://smh.com.au/news/opinion/dramatic-proof-that-laws-are-adequate-and-the-rest-is-justatmospherics/2005/11/08/1131407632703.html

Keelty says raids a group effort
ABC, 7.30 Report, Broadcast: 08/11/2005 Reporter: Kerry O'Brien
KERRY O'BRIEN: I am sure not, but does it demonstrate that current powers are adequate?
MICK KEELTY: Well, I think they are and I think the issue about the proposed bill was an issue of transparency and I commend transparency when we've got such difficult issues to work through with the community.- http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/content/2005/s1500746.htm

Commissioner feared media tipped off suspects
ABC Online, 9 Nov 2005
"I wondered whether ... the alleged activities of the people involved would continue, whether we would be confronted with another sort of problem," he said.
"Certainly it is a lesson we have learnt in terms of the work we have done offshore, outside of Australia.
"If I can take it away from this court case for the moment - and that is we know that people offshore do examine what happens in the media, do examine what happens in court." - http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200511/s1500806.htm

Man in Australian raids allegedly seeking revenge for Iraq
Radio New Zealand, Posted at 7:37pm on 8 Nov 2005
A Melbourne court has been told a man allegedly connected to an Australian terrorist group wanted to seek revenge for actions in Iraq. - http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/bulletins/radionz/200511081937/10704652a>

PM denies raids anti-Muslim
ABC Online, 9 Nov 2005
Prime Minister John Howard says the arrests of suspected terrorists in Sydney and Melbourne yesterday were not anti-Muslim.
Mr Howard has called for Australian Muslims to reject terrorism after yesterday's arrests. - http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200511/s1500786.htm


Another house raided in Sydney
ABC Online, 9 Nov 2005
Police have continued their anti-terrorism action overnight, raiding a house at Revesby in Sydney's south-west. - http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200511/s1500762.htm

Aussies schooled by al-Qa'ida
The Australia, November 09, 2005, Sally Neighbour:
IN early 2001, a group of young Muslim firebrands from the Preston mosque gathered at the Islamic Information and Support Centre, a favourite meeting spot of radical Islamists in Melbourne.
One of them was a young Australian named Shane Kent, a 24-year-old who had converted to Islam and was known at the mosque by his adopted Muslim name, Yasin. He is one of the men arrested in Melbourne in yesterday's counter-terrorism raids and now accused of being part of a full-blown terrorist plot in Australia. - http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5744,17186587%255E7583,00.html

Spotting the terrorism suspects
The Australian, By Sally Neighbour 4 Nov 2005
It was an observant lawyer going about his business in Collins Street Melbourne who noticed something that struck him as odd - a man filming the Australian Stock Exchange building with a small home video camera. The suspicious lawyer rang the Government's anti-terrorism hotline and gave a detailed description of the amateur cameraman and his car. [Sally Neighbour is the author of In The Shadow of the Swords: How Islamic Terrorists Declared War on Australia]

Critics lose face, from head to toe
The Australian, November 09, 2005, Matt Price
OODLES and oodles of egg, yet nary a crumb of humble pie.
You'll recall that when John Howard demanded an urgent, if peculiar amendment to the criminal code last week to counter a potential but unnamed terror threat, the Prime Minister was almost knocked flat by the corresponding sonic boom of cynicism. - http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5744,17186668%255E12854,00.html

Blizzard of chatter set alarms ringing
The Australian, November 09, 2005 Cameron Stewart and Natalie O'Brien
IT was a sudden explosion of intercepted "chatter" early last week that rang the alarm inside the nation's spy and police network.
After 18 months of surveillance, investigators were convinced the group was planning an attack and the Australian Federal Police was close to gathering the final pieces of evidence against them. - http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5744,17186655%255E601,00.html

In pictures: Australia raids
BBC News, UK - 8 November 2005
Australian police have carried out raids in Sydney and Melbourne to foil what they called a planned terror attack. About 500 officers took part in the raids early on Tuesday, in the country's largest ever counter-terrorism operation. - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_pictures/4416898.stm

Seventeen arrests in Australian terror swoop
Channel 4 News, UK - 8 November 2005
Australian police have arrested 17 people on charges of planning a terrorist attack and committing to "violent jihad in Australia". Among those arrested was an outspoken Muslim cleric who allegedly supports Osama bin Laden. - http://www.channel4.com/news/content/news-storypage.jsp?id=2062691

More Aussie terror raids after 17 seized
The Standard, China, 09 Nov 2005,
Australian police launched fresh raids after officials said they have foiled a "catastrophic act of terrorism" inspired by a radical Islamic cleric with the arrest of 17 suspects earlier in the day. - http://www.thestandard.com.hk/news_detail.asp?pp_cat=17&art_id=5243&sid=5385631&con_type=1

No Commonwealth Games link in terror raids
ABC Sport online, 8 Nov 2005
Victoria's Police Commissioner Christine Nixon says raids on terrorist suspects overnight have nothing to do with any threat to next year's Commonwealth Games. - http://www.abc.net.au/sport/content/200511/s1500078.htm

Raid prevented 'catastrophe': Scully
Sydney Morning Herald - 8 November 2005
Police prevented a "catastrophic act of terrorism" by raiding homes in Sydney and Melbourne and arresting 17 suspects, NSW Police Minister Carl  Scully said today. -http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/raid-prevented-catastrophe-scully/2005/11/08/1131407633518.html

Raid shooting man 'critical'
Sydney Morning Herald - 8 November 2005
A man shot and critically wounded by police in Sydney's west today is one of several people arrested in a series of anti-terrorist raids across the city, police say. - http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/raid-shooting-man-critical/2005/11/08/1131212036255.html

MP calls for action on chemical stockpiles
The Age - 8 November 2005
The seizure of chemicals in today's counter-terrorism raids highlights a dangerous lack of police information on people buying materials that could be used in an attack, a Government MP says. - http://www.theage.com.au/news/national/mp-calls-for-action-on-chemical-stockpiles/2005/11/08/1131407619836.html

Terror raids: It's now a question of trust
Sydney Morning Herald - 8 November 2005
This morning's sweeping anti-terror raids in the suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne are reassuring, in that they demonstrate -- or so we must hope -- the effectiveness of our police and intelligence agencies. Yes, they were assisted, says the federal government, by the amendments passed last week by parliament, but they do not -- yet -- make the case for the more draconian changes ahead. - http://blogs.smh.com.au/thecontrarian/archives/2005/11/terror_raids_it.html

Costello Interview with Catherine McGrath,
ABC, AM Programme [08/11/2005]
MCGRATH:Treasurer what about the timing though? I mean it is a fact that these arrests have happened but it is also a fact that industrial relations legislation is being discussed in Parliament. Ever since the Prime Minister had that press conference last week there has been very little public attention being able to be put on that. I mean what about the timing, what can you say about the timing? TREASURER:Well I think there has been a lot of attention on industrial relations. There has been a huge advertising campaigns. Any suggestion… -

Blog Views

Australia says major terror attack foiled as Muslim cleric charged
Australian police said they foiled a "large-scale terrorist attack" and charged a radical Islamic cleric with leading a terrorist group after raids in which a suspected militant was shot and wounded and 15 others arrested. - http://fu2rman.blogspot.com/2005/11/one-step-forward.html

Terrorism arrests - Sydney and Melbourne
Crapping on about whatever I feel like
So, only a few days after Parliament passed urgent changes to Australia's anti-terrorism laws, we have our first arrests. - http://craponwhatever.blogspot.com/2005/11/terrorism-arrests-sydney-and-melbourne.html

Laughing at the Sydney Morning Herald the Morning After
Crooked in Oz
Yesterday I came across an item in the Sydney Morning Herald; it was about the unlikelihood of arrests being made as a result of parts of the new anti-terrorism bill being rushed through parliament to thwart a specific terrorist threat in Australia. I thought the story in the Herald was so ridiculous I passed it over, choosing to blog about something else instead. -http://crookedinoz.blogspot.com/2005/11/laughing-at-sydney-morning-herald.html

Australian Terrorist Plot Foiled
Knickerbocker News
Tuesday morning, at 2:30 am, 15 people were arrested in the planning of a terrorist attack meant to do much damage to Australia, but no specific target was released to the public. When 400 police officers set out to search for these men, they found 9 of them in Melbourne and 6 of them in Sydney.  - http://knickerbockernews.blogspot.com/2005/11/australian-terrorist-plot-foiled.html

In the spirit of multicultural harmony I'd j...
Silent Running
Maybe I won't get blown up walking through Flinders St Railway Station tomorrow on my way to work after all. - http://silentrunning.tv/?p=254

Another Win For Our War On Terrorism
Peat Bog
One of the problems with fighting a war like the war we are currently engaged is that it is hard to tell if you are winning. If you are losing, everybody knows it because bombs are going off everywhere. If you are winning, it simply means the peace is being kept and it's hard to trumpet it up so that anybody pays attention. - http://peatbog.net/2005/11/07/another-win-for-our-war-on-terrorism/

This is a question I ask myself a lot of late. ...
This is a question I ask myself a lot of late. In a time of a mandated Senate - with laws pushed through at a whim. Laws that change a very way of life in Australia, with no 'sunset' clauses to change them back again - it would seem. How did we as a democratic society find ourselves in this collective situation. On board this Express Train fast-tracked to a place that feels less and less like a free, easy-going, fair, community minded country. And more and more like a self interested, debt-laden, inhumane class-divided chasm, from which our future generations will be expected to flourish?! - http://who-voted-for-howard.blogspot.com/2005/11/this-is-question-i-ask-myself-lot-of.html


Five Guantanamo detainees charged
BBC News, UK - 8 November 2005
Five prisoners held at the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have been charged with crimes including murder and will face military trials. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4416682.stm

No freedom for Hicks as Supreme Court considers legal issues
ABC Online, Australia - 8 November 2005
t looks as if there may be yet another delay in the trial of Australian terrorist suspect, David Hicks, who's been detained by the United States in Cuba for almost four years without trial. - http://www.abc.net.au/worldtoday/content/2005/s1500416.htm


Peace Offensive Needed To Curb Terrorism
People's Democracy - Nov 6, 2005
The serial blasts of last week killing 61 innocent civilians and grievously injuring hundreds of others who were shopping in crowded Delhi markets on the eve of Diwali and Id have been condemned by one and all. Despite the severity of the gruesome act, the terrorists have not been able to cow down the citizens of Delhi who did not panic, refused to give in to any unwanted provocation and went about their business, though subdued, in a normal way. - http://pd.cpim.org/2005/1106/11062005_edit.htm

International terrorism law links from the Parliament of Australia Parliamentary Library

2001 - almost up to date




Some good websites for keeping up to date include:


2002 April 29
New Public Safety Bill 2002 (Bill C-55) introduced to replace Bill C-42 introduced on 22 November 2001, which was withdrawn after significant criticism

2001 November 28
Aeronautics Amendment Bill (Bill C-44) introduced and received Royal Assent on 18 December 2001. Becomes Act no. 38 of 2001. Allows Canadian air carriers to provide approved passenger information to approved countries.

November 22
The federal government's second anti-terrorism bill, the Public Safety Act, Bill C-42, was introduced and debated at second reading on December 3, 2001. This bill enacts the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention Implementation Act, and allows Cabinet ministers to respond immediately to terrorist threats

October 15
Anti-terrorism Bill
( Bill no. C-36. Introduced 15th October 2001 by Hon. Anne McLellan, Minister of Justice and Attorney General). It amends the Criminal Code, the Official Secrets Act, the Canada Evidence Act, the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) Act and other acts, and enacts measures respecting the registration of charities, in order to combat terrorism.

The text of the Bill may be found on the Parliament site and on the University of Toronto Law Library website which also has extensive links to related Canadian and overseas resources. The bill became act number 41 of 2001 (186 pages long)

Parliamentary debates and information about the remaining stages of the Bill may be found in the Hansard index under the heading: "Anti-terrorism Bill (C-36)". Analysis of the Bill by the Canadian Parliamentary Library [available within Parliament only]

The Bill was referred to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights. Its Minutes of Proceedings and Evidence contain discussion of the Bill. ( Note loading of evidence appears to take several days). The Report of the Committee was tabled on 22 November 2001

September 18
House of Commons devotes much of the day to the topic of Anti-Terrorism Legislation

March 15
Charities Registration (Security Information) Bill (C-16), introduced on 15 March 2001 by the Solicitor General of Canada, the Hon. Lawrence MacAulay. The Bill aims to prevent organisations which support terrorist activities from obtaining or continuing to have registered charity status under the Income Tax Act.

Other Canadian Information



  • 2005

Terrorism Bill 2005, introduced 12 October, deals with incitement, strengthens powers of various agencies and redefines terrorism

Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005enacted after long debate. Aims to replace the Part 4 powers in the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001 with a new scheme of Control Orders.



The main anti-terrorism Act passed after 11 September is the USA Patriot Act 2001 (Bill no. H.R. 3162; Public Law no: 107-56). The Homeland Security Act 2002 (Bill no. H.R. 5005; Public Law no: 107-296) creates a new Department of Homeland Security to oversee national security matters previously the responsibility of 22 separate agencies. Other versions of the Patriot Act and related legislation were also introduced. These may be found in the sites listed below.

Legislative proposals
Other resources
Analysis of the new legislation
Military Tribunals



  • War Against Terrorism links. Compiled in Canada this site has hundreds of links to documents and information arranged into subject categories. Regularly updated. Documents and Civil Liberties categories are particularly useful
[ category: ]

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re: Anti-terrorism laws - links update #14

Damian Lataan, why was he carrying two hand guns? One in his hand which he fired and one in his backpack?

Was he also a licensed shooter? Perhaps he was out hunting roos in the middle of Sydney?

re: Anti-terrorism laws - links update #14

One can hardly say the evidence against the man that was shot yesterday is overwhelming if this story is anything to go by so far. Apparently police found acetone on the suspect's premises; the same kind of material that was allegedly used in the LONDON bombing (still irrelevant?). The article also notes in an earlier paragraph this: “…he appears to have drifted from acting to become a spraypainter and in 2003 he registered his own painting company.” What I ask is the obvious; why wouldn’t he have acetone (painter thinner for those that need it spelt out) on his premises if he’s a spray painter?

Can’t wait to see what the rest of the evidence is.

re: Anti-terrorism laws - links update #14

Perhaps, indeed, like Justin Wilshaw, he was a licensed shooter – perhaps not. Besides, who said he had a gun? The police? Of course! Why else would they shoot him? They gotta cover their arse somehow. Can’t just go around shooting unarmed suspects now can they… or can they. Well, they did in London.

re: Anti-terrorism laws - links update #14

We will only know what is truth or fantasy when the evidence is presented in court. I gave up when I heard a radio interview with a neighbour talking excitedly about "suspicious behaviour" that turned out to be a wheelie bin being wheeled back and forth across the street.

Much of the Murdoch media seems to have abandoned caution and no longer "alledge" anything - it's being stated as fact. Maybe they're having a field day as once this new legislation passes they won't be able to report anything in the future. They'll have to go back to reporting on Brad Pitt's love life.

re: Anti-terrorism laws - links update #14

Damian, a policeman was injured by a bullet from the alleged perpetrators gun. How did this bullet get there? Magic bullet theory? There are also numerous eye witness accounts that state that he pulled a weapon and shot at police. It was in broad daylight and witnessed by quite a few people.

And Damian, if he was a licensed shooter he would know that the carrying of concealed weapons is illegal. Even for licensed shooters. The fact that he has been charged with firearms offences also suggests he was not licensed to carry the firearm.

This carrying on by you and others is an irrational and quite childish.

On the other hand, "Why wouldn’t he have acetone (painter thinner for those that need it spelt out) on his premises if he’s a spray painter?” is a perfectly logical question.

I don’t know why we are even bothering debating this anymore. After the last two days, this legislation would pass even if Howard didn’t control the Senate.

Anyone for a good conspiracy theory? C’mon, let's hear your best!

re: Anti-terrorism laws - links update #14

Does anyone know of any legal analyses or security analyses which support these laws? I can find a lot of lawyers/judges and security analysts criticising specific elements but not supporting them.

I'm not talking about general commentary by journos, I mean stuff like the legal advice given to Stanhope, the Michaelson document just posted, etc.

Newspaper columnists do not count unless they have actually written something analysing the specific legislation, not the general ideas. Nor do unsupported assertions by government and AFP heads (but if someone knows of detailed commentary by same, please let me know).

There must be a few out there, surely?

re: Anti-terrorism laws - links update #14

On another note, did anyone know that the "good faith defence" for sedition is ripped out of a famous English criminal law textbook from ... 1887!

re: Anti-terrorism laws - links update #14

This is hysterical. A chemical seller sold some chemicals that thin paint to a painter and dobs him in just because he is a Muslim.

How many people think he would have if the people buying the chemicals had been white anglos?

These men were supposed to have been under surveillance by ASIO yet they buy chemicals without anyone arresting them, asking why they are buying them, confiscating them or banning them. Remember the searches where they pretended to "find" chemicals? They already bloody knew they were there for a week or even months before Howard's big announcement.

Is this lunacy why they sent out 400 cops to arrest 16 people without a warrant, sent out the dogs and the helicopters and called the media to show how tough they were?

Smacks of a few other scams pulled by this lot doesn't it?

TAMPA was hijacked and the people might be terrorists.

The Iraqis definitely, absolutely and utterly threw their kids into the sea.
SIEVX sank in Indonesian waters and apart from knowing when it left, how many were on it and that it was overdue we were unaware of its existence.
Cornelia had to be locked up because she was a German illegal.

Vivian Alvarez was a Philipines sex slave who had to be deported even though she clearly said she was an Australian and couldn't bloody walk.

220 other people, some citizens and others residents have been illegally locked up with one for seven years and dozens for more than two years.

Scott Parkin was a threat to national security but it transpires that he did nothing.

Refugees on boats are jumping a queue.

The Bakhtiyari family were absolutely Pakistani citizens - except they never were.

Any lawyers out there want to tell me what the penalty might be for public servants knowingly and willfully presenting false documents to the High court, the federal court and the family court. Letters claiming to be from the Pakistani government claiming Roqia and the kids were Pakistani citizens were presented in this manner and it is just not possible they were ever genuine.

It was all about a paranoid chemical seller.

What a sick hoax.

re: Anti-terrorism laws - links update #14

Justin, you missed the point. The people buying the chemicals were under surveillance for 18 months supposedly so the police and ASIO knew very well what they were doing.

A week passed before it was mentioned and another week before they did anything at all.

It was a bloody hoax mate no matter how you look at it.

re: Anti-terrorism laws - links update #14

Marilyn, you’re being very dodgy with facts again:

“A chemical seller sold some chemicals that thin paint to a painter and dobs him in just because he is a Muslim.”

That’s not what the news article said, nor what happened. They were dobbed in for buying “chemicals for cash to between 20 and 30 Muslim men, including small quantities of hydrochloric acid.”

“Is this lunacy why they sent out 400 cops to arrest 16 people without a warrant, sent out the dogs and the helicopters and called the media to show how tough they were?”

They had a warrant Marilyn, and they didn’t call the media to show off. Parts of the raid were filmed by the POLICE, parts of this such as the briefing etc were given to the media for news grabs.

“TAMPA was hijacked and the people might be terrorists.”

According to the Captain of the TAMPA, yes it was. He said, and you and I have discussed this before, that the men came to the bridge told him they had nothing to lose and were not going back to Indonesia. This made him fear for his and his crew’s safety. Sounds like a Hijacking.

The rest is irrelevant to the matter at hand.

re: Anti-terrorism laws - links update #14

Hi Justin, Damian is correct to be sceptical as we all should be until the evidence is examined in court. Remember the "eye witnesses" to the executed Brazilian electrician in London who described him jumping the barricade etc, and the press slavishly beating up about it? I sure do and the commissioner Lying ,openly lying ,about the whole event. Another Blair, name and deeds. Interestingly apparently George Orwell's real name was Blair, too.

It seems terrorism, politics and lies are frequently intertwined. So the wise are sceptical and question the inconsistencies, seeking truth. If we are allowed.


ps shall definitely hide the pool chemicals as far away from my nail polish remover as I can and as for the blood and bone for the garden? Maybe shall just stick to cow manure as it is in plenty and no-one questions it.

pps The fact IS that Howard's little game with the allegedly un-needed amendments and his press announcements seem to have allowed a significant target to escape overseas, and it tends to be these ones that are the most valuable to catch-or internationally politically dangerous to do so. Sure, maybe he just had his Club Med holiday booked, well? Where did he go? What was his passport and why wasn't it cancelled or an airport look out for him?

ppps Oh and LOVVed the release of the names of the citizens reporting the data, real effective that one if they are real terrorists or organised criminals.
pppppppppps We won't be able to read about the efficiencies and bungles soon, just as well it is nicer to be in blissful ignorance of the incompetence of the department supposed to keep us secure. Nicer for them too, no-one will be scandalised by the gravy train appointments for the incompetence(ts).Sure have racked them up so far.

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