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IR Bill: links update #1

Begining today, resource and links updates on the new IR legislation. This first collection comes from the Parliament of Australia Parliamentary Library. Check out their Employment Law page for an extensive selection of resources on the history of Employment Law. See also Andrews v Beazley: first strikes in Parliamentary IR debate for the second reading speeches of both the Minister and the leader of the Oppostition.

Law Internet Resources
Employment Law Guide

Workplace Relations Amendment (Work Choices) Bill 2005

This guide contains links to documents and Internet resources on the Workplace Relations Amendment (Work Choices) Bill 2005.

This Bill was introduced into the House of Representatives on 2 November 2005.

Legislative documents

Parliamentary consideration

House of Representatives

Debates (Hansard)
statement by the Prime Minister, 26 May 2005
  • Introduction and Second Reading, 2 November 2005, pp. 1–19
  • Senate

    Debates (Hansard)
    Senate Committee inquiries

    Employment, Workplace Relations and Education Committee

    Parliamentary Library publications

    Key government documents

    N.B. For a full list of key documents, see theParliamentary Library chronology

    Journal articles on the constitutionality of a national employment law

    In date order; some of these articles are available to Parliament House users only.

    For more general information, see the Parliamentary Library’s Employment Law page.

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    re: IR Bill: links update #1

    How come all this information is available on Webdiary, yet the idiot Labor MP's knew nothing about it? Maybe that's the reason they are in opposition.

    re: IR Bill: links update #1

    Some points picked up from today's newspaper articles:

    * The Office of Empoyment Advocate will no longer write to employees asking if they had genuinely consented to signing an individual contract (Australian 4/11 page 8)

    * The Office of Employment Advocate will now act as a post box for the agreements, not check their contents to ensure they complied with the requirements set out in WorkChoices(Australian 4/11 page 8)

    * Union officials will have to pass a "fit and proper person test" to enter workplaces (!!!!). They will only be allowed to investigate an AWA breach if the employee has made a written request inviting them to enter (thus leaving a convenient paper trail for employers keen to exercise their broader dismissal rights)(Daily Telegraph 4/11 page 11)

    * Staff laid off for "operational reasons" ("reasons of an economic, technological, structural or similar nature") will no longer be able to complain to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (Daily Telegraph 4/11 page 11)

    * Workers should "not be put under duress over an AWA" but making an AWA a condition of employment does not constitute duress...figure that one out.(Daily Telegraph 4/11 page 11)

    * Employers will be able to require employees to work "reasonable additional hours" on top of a 38 hour week, with no overtime or penalty rates - this despite Howard's undertaking that a 38 hour week would be one of five basic conditions which would be legally entrenched as minimum standards (Australian Financial Review 4/11 page 1)

    * In breach of international labour conventions, union officials face fines of up to $33,000 if they try to discuss with employees issues such as trade union training leave, union right of entry or provisions limiting use of contract labour that are to be banned from employment agreements(Australian 4/11 page 8)

    * "Pattern bargaining" - bargaining over a number of companies - will become illegal. This is not even illegal in the US. (Australian 4/11 page 8)

    re: IR Bill: links update #1

    All this was known by the trade union movement prior to the legislation being introduced, although it is true that the actual legislation is even more prescriptive and punitive than even I thought it would be. Unfortunately sections of the ALP front bench prefers not to talk to the trade union movement, in the hope that if they distance themselves from the union movement Howard and his masters in the BCA, ACCI and the AiG won't be nasty to them anymore and won't raise the union bogey.

    It's pathetic, since polling clearly shows that whether a worker is a member of a union or not, they expect the movement to speak up for them and their rights. The union movement is going back to what it always does best, and the ALP will rapidly fade like a latterday Democrats if they don't get off their backsides and start to speaking for ordinary working families instead of their imagined 'middle' that meet in big rooms over $500 dinners, and waffle on about being 'back in business'.

    Wake up Kimbo and Stevie - the Mack truck has arrived and it's got 'Our Rights at Work' written all over it. The fight hasn't even begun.

    re: IR Bill: links update #1

    If Labor cannot win this fight then they really don't deserve to be a poltical party. It's being handed to them on a plate. The Mack truck is here alright but it's careering out of control straight for the McMansion belt. If they are deluded enough to think they will be able to still pay those huge mortgages within a few years then they really deserve everything that's about to happen to them.

    My reading of these bills to date shows I could re-structure my business with minimum trouble and knock around 20% of wages within a couple of months. Anyone employed by others should realise - every benefit and safeguard you have enjoyed in your lifetime has just vanished.

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