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688 pages of IR legislation out now, but be quick or they'll be law before you know it

By Margo Kingston
Created 03/11/2005 - 03:21

Here we go folks. This morning the government released most of its mega Industrial Relations package of legislation. Actually, it didn't do it until AFTER the minister Kevin Andrews introduced the bills into the House of Representatives flanked by a smug PM. That led to a shit-fight for an hour on the floor of the House, because House rules require that MPs each get a copy of a proposed law before the debate starts. Fair enough, eh? The government didn't bother with that. The People's House is a sham, after all.


MP's have now been given a copy of the 688 page Workplace Relations Amendment (Work Choices) Bill 2005 [1]. The Government hasn't put it out unfair dismissal bill yet, as far as I know. You can try to make head or tail of this one if you can. OK, all you IR expert Webdiarists, how about helping fellow Webdiarists work out what all this means to them, and all of us. You'd better be quick - the Government wants them all rammed through Parliament ASAP.

UPDATE 2: Now that one says 'timed out". Go to www.aph.gov.au [2], click BILLS, then click 'Current bills by title' and scroll down to the one I've mentioned.

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