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Not with a bang ...

By David Roffey
Created 16/09/2012 - 13:59

After twelve years of Webdiary, it's time to hang up the green eyeshades. Each of us in turn has found too many other things to do to devote enough time to the site to keep it alive: latterly, only Richard has regularly contributed and edited other's contributions, and now he too is tiring.

Thanks to all of you that have put in energy, time and writings over the years. So many of you have done so many good (and bad) things that have made up what Webdiary is and was, that it's invidious to pick out more than the top few. So, thanks in particular to Richard Tonkin, Fiona Reynolds, Hamish Alcorn and Craig Rowley for editing, and to Nigel Sim for keeping the technology working. Thanks of course to Margo for letting us take her name and brainchild not quite in vain. Thanks to the rest of you for taking part.

Comments are now (or should be) closed on all blog entries on the site except this one, and Richard's new post from yesterday - let me know if you find any exceptions! I'll close this off too in a week or so, then just leave the site up for historic reference.

With the aforementioned and the rest of you being spread across Australia from Adelaide to Townsville and beyond, it may be difficult to arrange a physical wake, but if there's enough who can make it to Sydney some weekend before Christmas, maybe we can do that ... 

Best wishes

David Roffey 


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