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Shakeel Afridi

I don't often write favourably of the United States and John Pilger is
my favourite journalist. I'll certainly be at odds with him on this

But Pakistan's declaration of war upon the U.S., transmitted to that
country by the imprisoning for 33 years of Dr Shakeel Afridi, draws
attention to the fact that Pakistan owes the U.S. many trillions of
dollars, perhaps many quadrillions, in aid obtained by false pretences
and now repayable in full.

By dipping into that credit the United States could finance the means
to force recovery, and obtain massive side benefits. I realise the
U.S. has lost heart, doesn't have the will for anything of the kind,
but let's fantasize.

Step one would be to occupy northern Pakistan, the region between
India and Afghanistan.

Step two would be to occupy the region of Kashmir that Pakistan seized
militarily and return it to the sovereignty of India.

Step three would be to occupy a wide belt stretching the entire width
of Pakistan, dividing the remaining independent portions into two
approximately equal halves.

Within the two areas that will be under occupation until the repayment
is complete, the evacuation of cities and major towns and the removal
of their inhabitants to the unoccupied regions should be pursued by
placing moderate restrictions on life in those centres, restricting
supplies and movement in and out.

The genuinely rural population should on the contrary receive benign
treatment and perhaps support.

But the towns would be the centres of resistance and cover for
guerrillas hiding among the civilian population, and would need to be
depopulated. In this case there is nothing to stop tat.

The immigration of Hindu and Christian settlers into the vacated
regions and the creation of new cities should be encouraged. One of
the terms of settlement preceding the ultimate return of the occupied
territories to Pakistan following full repayment would be full
Pakistani citizenship and rights for those settlers, together with
permanent possession of the land on which they had settled.

The latter is not a rehash of the Israeli theft of land from the
Palestinians because it is not theft, it has been paid for, and
because sovereignty would eventually revert to Pakistan. The settlers
would need to make that bargain before being given land.
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Thought I covered that, Richard.  Step one, grab the portion of inimical Pakistan that lies between friendly (though very independent) India and Afghanistan.  Problem solved.

But yeah, you got me.  American imperialism in the region, American interest in Afghanistan, is all about the things you mention.

The other bit I don't get.  The sea is boiling hot, is it not?  So, ...?  Pigs?  You've gone beyond my comprehension.

Flying pigs

I'm not as together in this field as I'd like to be, Michael, but if the US takes the Kashmir territory away, won't Pakistan tell the US to get stuffed with regards to compliance in matters regarding Afganistan?  

The US still needs to be in range of the Caspian oil and Kazakstani uranium, commodieties much more important to US interests than a bit of land in Kashmir.  Denied interaction with the Pakistani Government I'm guessing things would be come much more difficult to America in that region.

It's an "interesting" chess board. 

Flying Chess Boards...

Damn! sucked in again - thought is was gunna be a flock of flying fat pigs, but we end up with chess.

Never won a game of chess in my life - not even when I play with meself.

It's about time Richard, we got a bit of life back in this blog

We need another thread on Zionism - that should do it.

I missing Geoffff, at least we appreciated the finer artse of communication, lively discusssiion, and personal abuse par excellence.

I'm going to bed.

nighty night.

and nighty nighty to you Geoffff...

...and tomorrow I'll start a war.

How goes the war, Justin?

Mine's coming along quite nicely.. tomorrow night I'll be dining at the main sponsor's table at this year's SA Defence Industry Awards, quietly observing some of the folk I've been writing about.  Hopefully I'll have a few things to say later.

I too, would enjoy seeing a bit more life around this old joint! 

Michael..  I used to ask my daughter if she saw the pig, and nick her chips while she was looking the other way.  I have a slight suspicion that similar techniques are applied by governments to their citizens on a fairly regular basis ;)

Make a sponge cake - not war

Richard, wonderful to hear your war is travelling deliciously - I'm sure victory will be at hand, foot, eye, or any part of your anatomy that survives the conflict. And I would be wary of them government issued serviettes.

And my war? Not much to tell really, I slept in and missed the fucker, even forgot to place a bet, as such, totally lost interest. Oh well, maybe next year.

By that time I'll think of some really sexy way to murder stuff - just wait.

In the mean time I've decided to make one of my ultra super light sponge cakes  - something I do when I miss wars.

Of course, when one wins a war then it's an apple crumble.

Best find me armour, er apron.

Bon apititty

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