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The Hands Of Time

Forever to learn, forever to love
but always to watch from afar and above
to always remember what nobody knows
to witness the sadness the garden grows
A rover upon the road of time
until it ends at the final chime
That was the spell she placed on me
as she stepped into eternity
A lover spurned and left behind
she cast a charm, my fate to bind
She became one with the universe
while I, unknowing of my curse
was unaware of final breath
walked onwards past my time of death
Since then it's been a thousand years
a hundred lands of joys and tears
In every generation's eyes
I look for her, to apologise
and beg the boon of kind release
from the lonely wait for the world to cease
And now, I gaze into your core
at something that I've seen before
Mother to mother to mother to mother
In all of this world you are one like no other
For in you part of her lives on
that all my hopes I'll pin upon
with pleas that never reach your ears
but something in your mind's heart hears
that grants the blessing that I crave
the wanderer to find a grave
So many of you lived and died
At your funerals I've watched and cried
While there's life, there's hope, they say
but if I still live on your dying day
It will be the last that I can bear
and I won't pray another year
but sit upon some distant hill
until the hands of time stand still
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