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Covering The Bases - we just got Occupied!

The transcontinental apathy to America's takeover of Australia had dulled me to dreariness. Sycophantic talkback and commentary saluting the smooth transition of our country into a US territory made me wonder why I bothered leaving all those notes. Luckily a repeat broadcast of US President Obama's Parliament House speech has raised me from the somnolence of my fellow Cobbers. (NB for folks under 25, that's what Aussies used to call our Buddies).

Having half a clue about some of the plans that have been in process for years to get America and Australia's relationship to the point it is today... arr, stuffit, as the Yanks would say, call a spade a spade and spell it out. We just got Occupied! Maybe Cheney and Co wrote the script that Bush and Howard spoke from, but now Obama and Gillard reciting the lines I start to wonder again where the words these puppet-monarchs spruik truly originate. If many of us had heard Bush and Howard explain how America was boosting itself in the Pacific, planting more troops and bases on our soil, basically actively taking over South East Asia (did someone say "Deputy Sheriff"?) the street protests would've been strong and loud. But seeing that it's not the baddies but the goodies moving their lips, we're supposed to be happy. That inference in itself makes me feel ill.

US President Obama's preambulatory jingoism had him travelling well; smatterings of "Lucky Country", "Droughts and flooded plains" and "Fair Go" no doubt endearing him to many Aussie hearts. When he came to "rooted in our values" I couldn't agree more- maybe the Oz slant slipped past the speechwriters?

"As two great democracies, we speak up for those freedoms when they are threatened." Um, sorry Barak, I didn't vote for you. That must be why hearing our leaders address you as Mr President drives me to cultural cringing. Sorry mate, President Obama would be as far as I could go, though I'd be happy to call you King B. It covers all the bases, doesn't it? Just as you're doing now?

"This is the essence of America's leadership. This is the essence of our partnership. This is the work we'll do together." said King B. That was a great time to stop. By now I've heard quite enough thank you. You lead, we follow, and that’s Partnership, US Style? Yee-Ha!

For those who can be bothered, flick back through my early pieces here and see how the US used Halliburton to begin turning Adelaide into a US Navy refurb/resupply base as a counter to a possible Chinese blockade of the Pacific. If you're prepared to accept that implementing this process has taken at least a decade, you might be prepared to assume that such "engineering" is only one of a string of concurrent implementations. The Neocons may be out of office, but the pathways they laid are being followed. It would seem that the schemes of the Project For A New American Century are alive and well.

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US military contraction, new Asian focus

Sorry to leave this thread for so long Justin,  just coming out of New Year's thought detox, and catching up on what I've missed.  I'm still quite amazed at the spread of reaction to the detention centres, and hope it serves a lesson to treat those who try to prewarn of such things as more than crackpots.  

So the US is shedding 10% of it's military budget?  The first thing I'm wondering is what this means for the target of one-quarter driverless combat vehicles by 2025? Or whether the US Navy still needs a resupply base in Adelaide?  Or whether the further delay of the F-35 JSF fighter renders the lack of concurrency in some projects to ripple through the Australian defence industry (ie the Aussie subbies to the Brits and Yanks) ?  

We're in their hands now. 

Road Kill

"We're in their hands now."

Not Winnie, he's stuffed.



Guess Who?

In Sunday's New York Times, it was reported that previous drafts of the recently released National Intelligence Estimate, a report of 16 different Government intelligence agencies, describe:

..... actions by the United States Government that were determined to have stoked the jihad movement, like the indefinite detention of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. .....

This is not just unhelpful in our fight against terror, it is unnecessary. We don't need to imprison innocent people to win this war. For people who are guilty, we have the procedures in place to lock them up. That is who we are as a people. We do things right, and we do things fair.

...The world is watching what we do today in America. They will know what we do here today, and they will treat all of us accordingly in the future--our soldiers, our diplomats, our journalists, anybody who travels beyond these borders. I hope we remember this as we go forward. I sincerely hope we can protect what has been called the ``great writ''--a writ that has been in place in the Anglo-American legal system for over 700 years.

TOPIC: Homeland Security
September 27, 2006
Floor Statement on the Habeas Corpus Amendment
Complete Text

Hypocrisy: if it was listed on the stock exchange it would be in a bubble.

And you Justin

A Happy Christmas and all good things in 2012 to you too  Justin. I popped by to look for one of my old posts about Christmas,  to find you still floating around the ether!

Treating usas criminals is nothing new. My friends in Animal Liberation have probably over the years collectively done as much time as your average terrrorist in this country..

I was a bit more slippery,  While I've been sworn at, shot at, and threatened with writs over the years I've  managed to escape every time.

BTW The last member of my group that got arrested was a bit up in years. She reported back: "They kept calling me Mum, sat me on a chair,and kept offering me cups of tea- I don't think they knew what to do with me. Finally they let me go for  nothing".

They did charge her however and 15 months later, after great expense to you the taxpayer, she was found guilty, but no record recorded.

Her young son had always told her: "Mum don't you get arrested, I will be so embarrassed at school".

When if finally happened after he had left school and she rang him to tell him he replied:. " Ït's alrignt Mum, I'm a big boy now". Oh the male logic.

A humorous little anecdote to the above episode was that another of our colleagues, after crawling around in the dark for some hours to stop the shooters in the ACT culling the roos (they could not shoot knowing our group was crawling around in there) found herself without transport home in the early hours of the  morning. On coming across a police car as she walked down the road, now outside the Park, she saw her chauffeur mate under arrest in the back seat. So she asked if the cops could give her a lift back to town. They hesitated but being chivalrous, obviously believing they could not really leave a lone woman on a lonely road at 2am agreed. What they did not know was that stuffed down her bra were the bolt cutters she had used to cut the fence to get into the restricted area.

LIfe as an animal libber has had its lighter moments over the years.

The good Scot is doing well thank you. Dipping happily into his bottle of Glenfarclas that other good, and greatly missed Scot MBD gave him, having got him hooked on it  one memorable night.  He's been a convert ever since to the detriment of the bank balance I suspect, something he never bothers to consult I might add.

All the best, mate. Have one for me. And you can have mine too, never could stand the taste of the stuff.  

font of wisdom

Jenny, is there any "logic", apart from, male logic?

 But yes, a couple of good yarns in that post. 

From Fascism with a Smiley Face to Fascsim with Jackboots

BTW The last member of my group that got arrested was a bit up in years. She reported back: "They kept calling me Mum, sat me on a chair,and kept offering me cups of tea- I don't think they knew what to do with me. Finally they let me go for  nothing".

Cute, decent and respectful - all things considered.

At least they did not strip search her for looking like a terrorist.

Soon everybody will be defined (by persons unknown) as terrorists just for our own protection.

It's been pretty obvious that the Freedom and Democracy wars  were nothing but a front for global oppression, enabling theft - and as many warned it was only going to be a matter of time until Freedom and Democracy would be imposed on the citizens of America in the manner the US government imposes same overseas, all in the interests of the greedy bastards.

Jenny, if you were living in America today, your activities now considered an act of terrorism then you could be detained, tortured, sexually humiliated, or simply have you brains blown out - all in secret and all legal under the National Defence Authorisation Act 2012.

It should not be lost on the unbiased observer that where the US goes so does Australia - be warned.

Soon the black fella in that grubby looking not so white house will be signing off on the NDAA - it will be done without fuss, and I bet you will have a hard time finding anything about it in the Australian press.

Who would have thunk the colour that represents the oppressed, the colour of slavery, exploitation and humiliation, would be the colour through which fascism was made official in the USA.

The black fella in the white house has given the greedy bastards everything they got him elected for - this smooth talking flake has sold his people out - BIG-TIME.

The coming year of the Dragon is looking inflammatory.

My Gods! Jenny Hume - a terrorist?

I couldn't help but think of you Jenny when I read this article (in disgust).

FBI Says Activists Who Investigate Factory Farms Can Be Prosecuted as Terrorists:

“It is deeply sobering to see one’s name in an FBI file proposing terror charges,” he said in an email. “It is even more sobering to realize the supposedly terroristic activities in question are merely exposing the horrific cruelty of factory farms, educating the public about what goes on behind those closed doors, and openly rescuing a few animals from one of those farms as an act of civil disobedience.”
Who next a terrorist?

Merry Xmas Jenny, let's hope Australia doesn't go the way of the US wise you could be treated as a terrorist - and that would be criminal.

Also, merry xmas to the crazy Scot, and all them creatures great and small - especially wombats.

Chains, my baby 's got me in chains..

 At least the Americans are consistent.

 The new detention laws there indicate that they have now cast even their own freedom away, at least for those not part of the one percent.

 Maybe just to prove to the rest of humanity, that it wasn't a problem, could be quite fun actually, so be enthusiastic for the new adventure, when the military turn up and cart you off to some Wackenhut in the desert..

Fear Fusion FEMA Fascism - F$$K!


  • Ambiguous Lines of Authority. The participation of agencies from multiple jurisdictions in fusion centers allows the authorities to manipulate differences in federal, state and local laws to maximize information collection while evading accountability and oversight through the practice of "policy shopping."
  • Private Sector Participation. Fusion centers are incorporating private-sector corporations into the intelligence process, breaking down the arm's length relationship that protects the privacy of innocent Americans who are employees or customers of these companies, and increasing the risk of a data breach.
  • Military Participation. Fusion centers are involving military personnel in law enforcement activities in troubling ways. Data Fusion = Data Mining. Federal fusion center guidelines encourage whole sale data collection and manipulation processes that threaten privacy.
  • Excessive Secrecy. Fusion centers are hobbled by excessive secrecy, which limits public oversight, impairs their ability to acquire essential information and impedes their ability to fulfill their stated mission, bringing their ultimate value into doubt.

I wonder, taking into account growing social unrest, along with the (ever) continuing economic collapse, if the greedy bastards are  preparing for stuff like bank holidays, and or, an even bigger and better war - with anyone, or everyone.

Merry Christmas Humanity

The sad thing is Richard it's all been underpinned by the usual predictable crap. And the people follow.

Bush shat all over the US constitution, Obama just flushed it down the sewer. It's gone forever.

It now must be obvious to all that the US ruling elite have absolutely no respect for freedom, democracy or liberty.

It's all about business and only business (with heavy doses of predictable propaganda). 

And what better puppet, than a man of colour, to take the rap for signing off on a military dictatorship in the land of the shining light.

History will not be kind to Obama, as I suspect the white fellas who got him elected know only too well.

Anyway, it's official, The Democratic Republic of America is now a military oligarchy, where the puppet President can be advised to (legally) murder without trial American citizens anywhere in the world, in secret and with absolutely no accountability. Unbelievable? Not really.

He did just that recently (a good test of public opinion) and the people cheered, even the liberals.

And that's how it works in a fascist type military oligarchy. The business (cabals) and middle class embrace it, the trains run on time, the annoying people on the margins become scapegoats and victimised brutally (the masses cheer) until it ends in war or revolution.

One way or the other it will all end badly for humanity.

In the big scheme of things WW11 wasn't worth fighting.

Occcupy a FEMA Camp

Food for thoughts of our future:

The National Defense Authorization Act 2012 (NDAA) was recently approved by an overwhelming majority of the Senate. It will place domestic terror investigations and interrogations into the hands of the military and which would open the door for trial-free, indefinite detention of anyone, including American citizens, so long as the government calls them terrorists. This law is diametrically opposed to the rights provided by the Constitution and opens the door to an effective police state. Forbes (of all magazines) describes it as the “greatest threat to liberties Americans face”. Here’s an article from The New American describing the law.

In the midst of allegations of police brutality and police aggression at the OWS protests, the U.S. Senate approved a bill that is said to “explicitly create a police state”: the National Defense Authorization Act. The NDAA, passed by a vote of 93 to 7, virtually stated that all of the United States may be considered a battlefield, and therefore the American military is permitted to indefinitely detain any American perceived to be a threat.

And a little bit more grist for the mill:

Detainment Camps Going Live: FEMA Seeking Subcontractors to Provide “Temporary Camp Services” In All 50 States

Kellogg, Brown and Root Services (KBR) is seeking subscontractors on a national basis to provide temporary camp services and facilities as part of its current and future emergency services contracts for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and state/local government agencies. - The continental US will be broken up into five regions – Services will be required in each State within each region.

The KBR Camps.. 5 years later people waking up?

What fascinates me with this yarn, Justin, is not the recent prolific propogation but the fact that contact was publically announced circa '05 with barely a whimper from the populace, and even that was answered by a HAL response that it was merely a contingency plan. Damn, liinks disapperar don't they?  Anyway, for some reason (maybe the revelation of the details) folks have finally decided the concept's real half a decade after its realisation.

"Being paranoid doesn't necessicarily mean people aren't out to get you".  This should have had a much greater opposition at the outset, as alll such travesties should.  Back in the adages, I guess it's better late then never..

As I've been attempting toreiterate here, plans take time! 

Snigging off

Phew! Thank you, Marilyn!

Meanwhile, I shall sign off for today, leaving y'alls to Richard's tender mercies in the wee small hours tomorrow. Now do beHAVE, everybody.


Oh dear, Marilyn, what have I done / not done this time? Think I might play it safe, and log off now before anything else is aimed at my head!

No Fiona

I said you were always needed, not sinning.

Occupy the deep blue sea

It may have gone unnoticed, but god only knows why this news has not been plastered all over the western press, but nevertheless it's news and good news:

George W Bush,Tony Blair found 'guilty' for 'crimes against peace'.

Our resident prick, who so adores those criminals and complied with their farce, must be seething he missed out on a gong: he so deserves one.

I suppose it would be only right and proper, all things being equal, that helicopters and marines journey those convicted criminals to the deep blue sea, where they can do some real good, as shark food - they soo deserve it.

Justin, the MSM does not report news!

Justin, old chap, you would well know why the news about Bush and Blair is not popular. What is popular is how wonderful greed is, and imperialism, and endless war, and racism, and sharemarkets.

The MSM is owned by billionaires who want to be trillionaires. They condition the public to this end.

P.S. I do agree with the shark-food scenario. But would any self-respecting shark want to taste the rancid flesh of either of them?

Being occupied!

I don't know about you but I feel disgusted by Julia's betrayal of Australia. She handed it over to the Yanks with nary a thought for the twenty-odd million people who live here. She was more interested in getting her photo taken with Obama in the hope that it might increase her poll numbers than being worried about Australia's future in the region or lack thereof.

The significance of her betrayal is profound. We will become outcasts in our region. We will be seen as one of imperial America's pawns, much like Britian is.

And it is likely that Australia will be punished by China, rightly so. After all, why should they enrich their enemy's friends?

But was there marching in the streets? Did people protest? Sorry, this is Australia, isn't it?

Pierced By A Moderator's Arrow!

It is quite some time since I have commented on WD. I had forgotten about the dreaded Moderators.

My sin was to use the term 'Black Prince' instead of Obama.

Now I seem to recall that the Black Prince was a Medieval Hero. And, it is said, he was called that because of his black armour. I intended no disrespect when I used the words 'Black Prince' and I was writing creatively, as I am wont to do.

This is not a good start. Do you do this to everyone who visits?

Fiona: Sorry, Daniel - I'm suffering from an excess of political correctness in reaction to Vyle Sandilands' recent outburst.

All is forgiven!

Fiona, let us start off with a clean slate. I know Webdiary is committed to free speech and all things democratic and refined.

Who knows, perhaps the Glory Days of Webdiary can be rekindled. Where there is good will and tolerance, everything is possible.

I hope you are in good health and can find moments of peace in this seemingly cursed, war-filled world!


Fiona: Thank you, Daniel, and I hope that you are well too. As for Webdiary and the Glory Days, that might be hoping a bit much. Nevertheless, we are yet again living in interesting times, so I hope that Webdiary can continue to perform a useful role!

Always Fiona

Interesting days indeed with the noalition now still whining about so-called border security.

What is truly bizarre though is that yesterday the senate passed three bills.

  1. a committee to protect human rights under the law,
  2. evil retrospective laws against poor Indonesian fishermen so that we can waste $100's of millions a year jailing them for nothing and without the right to appeal or have any defence.
  3. they decided to let people out of prisons already.

I wonder if it is because Bowen is off to Geneva and has to have something to show beyond trying to flog off refugees.

A bigger picture?

Is this recent military arrangement the usual paranoia about security and boogie men (intentionally directed at China by Obama), or are the Yanks just positioning themselves so that when they inevitably default on their now 15 trillion debt, they can manipulate events into a full blown security alert based on some contrived propaganda, thus dragging all their giggling, devoted poodles into the cynical game?

China knows damn well they are going to get stiffed, it's going to be the manner in which the Yanks go about it that will bring interesting times.

How many bombs has China dropped lately, how many bombs have the Yanks dropped lately?

How many Chinese banks have turned fraud into a business model and criminally fleeced pension funds, sold fraudulent financial products all over the globe robbing people of their savings and livelihoods, and then made these victims suffer the humiliation of having to reward the (government protected) criminals with bail outs - well done Obama and Bush, well done home of the brave and all that crap?

15 trillion in debt and still no agreement on how to cut back spending by a pathetic 120 billion a year. Stop dropping fucking bombs you morons, that will do it in a oner.

Interesting times indeed, and many distractions to come in our sick and twisted world of absolute greed and bloody stupidity.

So let's hope no JSF

The thing is a total dud.

JSF fighter project cancellation - can we fix it? "Yes we can"

The Stratfor assessment released the day after I published the peace pretty much summed up what I've said, from the other end

 [SMH 18/11/11]

US private sector intelligence group Stratfor said the US move toward greater use of Australian military facilities was the latest step in a program under way for a decade [my emphasis] and one which made a great deal of sense for Australia.

In an analysis released on Friday, Stratfor said it did not signal any shift in Washington's larger geopolitical, strategic or military intentions.

But the distance and dispersal that Australia offered US forces was not lost on Pentagon planners eyeing China's ability to deny the US access to closer areas 

What was that you were saying about Cassandra, Paul?  Nope, there's no self-satisfaction on watching contrived predestination.  

There's another part of this yarn, though, that after fiveish years of observing I'm keen to see play out in the next few weeks.  If the famous Joint Strike FIghter program collapses in the next few weeks a lot of jobs won't hit Adelaide.  Having a few beers with folk involved in some interesting jobs down at Port Adelaide, I'm hearing that local investors who've geared up and are being stretched by all the delays are beginning to feel stressed.  No doubt BAE, Raytheon,KBR and the other "Australian" defence companies that have been chasing the work since the turn of the century are feeling a pinch Down Under too.  As Trade Minister MacFarlane said when the Letters Of Intent were sent out in 2002:

"The letters signal the proponents’ confidence in Australian companies to successfully nail down significant contracts. They’ve been invited to bid for work worth up to US $400 million following two scoping studies by Lockheed Martin. This is an auspicious first step." 

Never mind the first step, it's always the last that's a doozy.  Anway, if the JSF falls over and no substitute is announced, methinks the Defence State might be up the Port River without a Warship Contract.  Our recently disgraced and departed Treasurer and Defence Industries Minister, Kevin Foley, once reported singing The Gambler in a karaoke bar, has gambled that the loss of our automotive industry would be remedied by defence contracts.  Sometimes I wonder if he factored this into the timing of his "demotion" After all, every savvy pollie has to "Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run... "   

PS  "Yes we can" is a catchphrase shared by both Obama and Bob the Builder. The difference between the two is that when Barak loses his job he'll still be "Mr President".  If Bob the Builder doesn't get a defence contract he'll just be "Bob", and nobody will, as we used to say, have two bob to rub together.

Not Zionists again

Nowhere was that more evident than on Wednesday in Canberra, Australia, where the President Obama and Prime Minister Julia Gillard marked the 60th anniversary of the ANZUS defense alliance and announced a major boost to military cooperation between the two long-time allies.

Does anyone remember what the NZ in ANZUS stands for? I've been searching my recall circuits and I just can't get it. It's on the tip of my tongue.

A serious need to get serious

I too am disappointed at this news. I was hoping we would get a full on, no stuffing around, American base with warships, nuclear powered aircraft carriers, warplanes, missiles, stealth bombers, armed drones, troops, marines, the works ... just like Fairfax promised.

Instead we get just a few thousand marines and some more naval exercises and even that will take years to build up. Surely we can step up the pace a little here?

The Chosen One

Methinks a young black boxer knew a little bit about captaining ships:


These days I don't listen to the greedy white fellas' black fella mouth piece, who promised no more secrecy, and all the other shit people wanted to hear. The pathetic puppet puts me off me turps these days. The Chosen One ain't no man of the people - he's a willing accomplice of the greedy bastards.

"Every thing secret degenerates, even the administration of justice; nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear discussion and publicity."

Lord Acton

Military bases? I suppose we should be grateful and all look forward to the respect the US military has for others and their own. I'm sure our coloured girls will be feeling much safer now.

No doubt we will all be feeling safer now - I can hardly wait.


Look, it only confirms or overtises what we've known already for a long time. Richard I feel sorry for, because of all of us he developed the thesis most thoroughly, down to the "mechanics" of Halliburton Planet in a typical location (Adelaide).

Not fun being a correct Cassandra, methinks.

Particularly when the excuse-making of the politicians has been so flimsy this time around.

And no Mad Abbott about. Instead of doing what he boasts is his job, "opposing", he skulked offshore in a funk as a snub to Obama for not being cranky-religious and right wing enough.

What would the Yanks make of aussie manners and hospitality on that one, I wonder...

The great half-black hope

We have the myth of the young captain skillfully steering his ship between knife-edged icebergs. There are a couple of fundamental problems with this myth.

  • These modern ships of state are damnably hard to steer. They take ages to gather momentum, and longer to change direction.
  • There ain't no captain. Rather, there is an amorphous political cloud with bit-players pulling in different directions.
  • He (or in our case she) ain't skilled. They get their job without any experience, much less professional qualifications in captaincy. By the time they get any real experience, they get corrupted with power, or we get bored and chuck them out.

So, as the quadrennial American circus is about to begin, has Obama done a reasonable job?

  • He's finally leaving Iraq (unwillingly?), though they're expanding Afghanistan into Pakistan)
  • He's killed Bin Laden (assassinated? murdered? committed a terrorist act on foreign soil?)
  • Clinging to the mantle of the leader of the (free?) world. Except that since their explicit foreign policy is to look after number 1, only the sycophants pretend to trust them.
  • Brought in Obamacare

Yeah well, at least we're getting rid of the icebergs.

I agree

Freedom for them - more prison for Palestinians.

I wonder if anyone told him we jail Indonesian children in maximum security prisons because our worthless trash keystone kops can't tell a 13 year old disabled child from an adult.

All the ra ra ra makes me vomit.

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