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The Kiss - Caption Comp!


 "‎"Kevin, with kissing technique like that no wonder they say you're a cunning linguist!"

First prize: a dinner and show at my family's pub on your next Adelaide vist.  Any takers? 

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It is the East and Ear Wax is in her Mouth

Jay, I was going  to post a comment about ear wax, but that would have been unsavoury, so I didn't.

Fiona: We can all be thankful for small mercies, Justin...


Yes indeed Fiona

Fiona, I think that's what Kev whispered (or something like it) into Bluey's ear after their labiums connectioned. She should have just shook his paw, and patted him on the head; if she ends up with the mange, then that's her fault.

I remain your small merciful, and most salubrious iWombat dear Psych, who would never post anything unwholesome - trust me.


Or, to (mis)quote Tom Sharpe, "Labia,babia"?

I have always been very fond of wombats - especially muddle-headed ones.

Wherefore, wherefore art thou Justino

I'm waiting with baited breath for your entry, Justin. Please don't disappoint.

The only other discussion going on in Webdiary is about a minor war half a world away that really isn't any of Australia's business. 

Now, the Kevin-Julia tragi-comedy, as Paul says, is spicy entertainment.

Politics as entertainment- apparently a marketable quantity

And a good thing they let it go, too – sublime to ridiculous and how can you be to the right of Crook?

As for feuds like that that go on amongst supposedly grown up people; castor oil, a spanking, and off to bed with no Disneyland.

Poseurs, the lot of 'em...

As Jay says elsewhere, there are any number of things to be dealt with, but tabloid politics, complicated by Murdoch and co tabloid media, just chokes the life out of it...suffocates it as it all becomes some new variation on a new version of the Law and Order race to the bottom.

I wonder if anything will get done after the dreadful unreported 4Corners report on Slave Brothels in Victoria and other parts, for instance, where real Abjection is involved – THAT issue will be left to moulder in a some dark place too, I suppose?

I've become your new god now

When the days have turned pitch black
When you think it’s all said and done
When you are the ostracized

When you think it’s all said and done
Venom as a life insane
When the eagle strips your reign
Assassinate the living flame

So what now?
Where do I head?

Bow down
Surrender unto me
Submit infectiously
Sanctify your demons

Into abyss
You don’t exist
Cannot resist
The Judas Kiss

Judas lives! Recite this vow!
I’ve become your new god now.

(with apologies to Metallica: lyrics, song)

Judas Kiss or psychological mind-messing?

For all we know, Paul, given the hindsight of the day after yesterday's withdrawing of the refugee processing legislation, Julia might have been justified in worrying that it was a Judas Kiss.  It's hypothetically possible that Kev was messing with Julia's head by lobbying Crook to upset the applecart.  I wouldn't put anything past his capabilites in such matters.

old cobbers.

From the Beatles, off the White Album, McCartney's song, Why Don't We Do It On the Road, apparently after watching some monkeys shagging in the street, while in India.

But then I remembered a song that so offended me when it came out forty years ago that it still grates, eerily enough by somone called Climax, called Precious and Few:

Precious and few are the moments
We two can share.

Oh, KeirBloom, where are you?


After a while I returned to my initial thought, of the old Sylvester-Tweety cartoons, where Sylvester is either forced to disgorge Tweety by Granny, when he's finally had a win ("spit it out, spit-it-out.."), or particularly, when Sylvester is forced to "Kiss the Little Birdie", which is the thought Jenny Macklin's watchful expression encouraged in me.

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