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Are you an Antisemite?

Identifying as an antisemite is about as fashionable as toothbrush moustaches and invading Poland. This may be appropriate because this month is the anniversary of the publication in 1925 of Mein Kampf, an occasion that American commentator Walter Russell Mead has marked with this excellent piece The Hate That Dares Not Speak Its Name.

We know how precious the Israel bashing left can get about any suggestion of antisemitism on its part. So offended and indignant they are always compelled to deny it. True. Well, pretty much always. "Just because I criticise Israel does not mean I'm an antisemite!" "Just because I am concerned for the rights of the Palestinians doesn't mean I'm an antisemite!" And on and on and on ... If you are lucky you may even get a scoffing and sniffy dismissal of the very suggestion. Fairfax does that well. Very occasionally the denial is offensive and faintly threatening. "If you suggest that by standing up for the rights of the Palestinians I am an antisemite, then so be it, I am an antisemite.!" Ahuh. The problem with all of this is that the suggestion is always theirs.

This is called the pre-emptive defensive denial and it has been talked about here before. It is part of the armoury of any typical anti-Zionist or no particular Israel basher in general. The phenomenon is so widespread it is a defining feature of the assault on Israel from Europe and the left and has been for decades. Go to anywhere indulging in a spot of nasty Israel bashing and you will see it.

You don't have to go as far as Europe or even necessarily to the left, of course Here's an example from just across the Tasman. By this I mean the disgusting spectacle last week about the Israeli backpackers.

For those who missed it here's the story in a nutshell. Or should I say nutshall.

A young Israeli tourist is killed in Christchurch a little while ago along with a lot of other people and his friends stranded and their government does its job so well it gets accused of spying.

On New Zealand.

That's pretty much it really.

Check out the blogs and what passes for comment in silly little provincial NZ. Suddenly NZ is awash with non-antisemites. We know this because they say so A lot. Much of the content that points out Israel is evil and that mossad is everywhere is devoted to denying antisemitism. About 30% I'd say. Meanwhile a young Israeli tourist tragically killed in the Christchurch earthquake, and his traumatised friends, and their families have been treated by the NZ media in a way that would disgust us all had it been our kids, or young kiwis, involved. The performance of the Israeli government, by the way, in reaching and bringing home their people, and being able to deliver real practical aid on the ground to local emergency services on the other side of the world, would delight us had the kids been Aussies caught up in such a horrible thing. Surely?

Not so for some New Zealanders it seems. For them this could only mean Mossad. Theyyy'ree backkk ...they'll get that godamn kiwi passport no matter what.. even if it means deploying the earthquake gun!

I don't want to pick on the poor Kiwis. They have enough troubles after making global gooses of themselves and anyway I digress.

The question is are you an antisemite?

The reason I ask is because I would prefer it if people stopped asking me. I have no idea. Just as well. That would require an exploration of the darker inner reaches of your mind and that thankfully is not my line. Ultimately it's a question for you really. Just as ultimately it's up to you to do something about it.

I do know there's a lot of it about. I also know that it inflames much of the debate on Israel/Palestine just as surely as it inflames the dispute itself.

So to help you with your question

Walter Russell Mead says:

The truth is that anti-Semitism is alive and well and not even particularly rare; it’s just that many of today’s anti-Semites like to think of themselves as enlightened, modern people and get all huffy and hissy if anyone accuses them of prejudice in any form. Many who in past times would have been open and honest about their anti-Semitism, now try to hide the truth even from themselves.

I agree.

Meade has identified what he calls the "five pillars of anti-Semitism" which perhaps can be a test. These are belief in any of the following ideas:

  • Jews are more clannish than other people and act in concert to support a specifically Jewish agenda.
  • Jews deploy extraordinary wealth with almost superhuman cunning in support of the Jewish agenda.
  • As a religious and national minority, Jews cannot flourish without attacking the traditional values of their host society. In every country Jews seek to weaken national culture, religion, values and cohesion.
  • Jews are not a national group or a people in the way that others are; they do not have the same right to establish a nation state that other peoples do.
  • Where Jewish interests are concerned, the appearance of open debate in our society and many others is a carefully constructed illusion. In reality, Jews work together to block open debate on issues they care about and those who resist the Jewish agenda are marginalized in public discussion.

Remember, the question is are you an antisemite not whether you are a nazi. Mead says:

You don’t have to believe them all — any one will do. Being an anti-Semite does not necessarily make you a Nazi. You are an anti-Semite. That doesn’t make you a Nazi; Hitler added a sixth pillar of anti-Semitism that the only way to successfully oppose the Jewish agenda was to kill all the Jews.

Since Hitler’s death, the world has defined anti-Semitism down. Nurturing ancient fantasies of secret Jewish cabals that control the media and play politicians like puppets on a string, and making political judgments based on these fantasies isn’t sort of or almost anti-Semitic. To believe that Jews control public discourse and the media and bend the gentile masses to their sinister agenda is the essence of old fashioned anti-Semite. In some countries these beliefs are so common that they are no longer recognized as an aggressive and communicable mental disease. These ideas have become so widely accepted that they are seldom questioned or examined; when that happens, a whole society is poisoned and distorted.

So? How did you go? I reckon Meade has got a pretty good benchmark going here. Do you have any of ideas? Any one of them?

Mead says:

On the anniversary of Mein Kampf‘s publication people of good will everywhere should remember the need to fight one of the most vicious forms of prejudice that the world has ever known. Prejudice never recognizes itself; anti-Semites honestly think their delusional beliefs about Jews are simple, obvious truths. They are not; all five of those beliefs are demonstrably false.

In Nazi Germany people were imprisoned and even killed for trying to fight anti-Semitism. In America we are free to fight it, but too many of us choose to ignore this hate that dares not speak its name. Anti-Semitism is real, it is murderous, and it is very much with us today. Speak the truth and shame the devil. Whatever your religion, your politics, your views about Israeli policy, fighting anti-Semitism is part of what it means to be a decent human being.

We must all do our part to keep this filthy hatred in the ignominious pit where it belongs.

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I never got to know it, sniff

Yep too late Alan, I got turned into a Jew at a Catholic hospital by an atheist doctor. I had no say in the matter - hence somebody owes me a forskin.

But then again, these days, I wouldn't know what to do with it.

Geoff, as it turned out this Vanessa del Rio was actually working undercover (a Mossad spy - a bloke actually), which probably explained why Freddy couldn't keep his hands off him.

Supporting the home team

Question 12: In which country was the person born?

Answer: Zionmania

Oh I forgot:

Question 2: Name each person including visitors who spent the night of Tuesday, 9th August 2011 in this dwelling?

Answer: Geoff Pahoff, Haley Berry, Timothy Leary, Fred Nile and Vanessa Del Rio (I was going to throw Chris Parsons in but he'd only spoil the party).

Hey, if it's cool for Mossad to steal identities, then why not a stupid wombat who does so in the interests of the home team - we need all the support we can get, hey Geoff.

Who's bringing the Tullamore?

Mate, I had to use google to find out who is Vanessa Del Rio. I'm not sure what that suggests about me but I doubt it's nearly as much as it says about you. 

ABS, are you an antisemite? - YES!!!!!!

Mate, Geoff, help, we have a problem.

Like a good citizen iWombat that I am, I sat down to fill out the census thingy just now.

Question 19: What is the person's religion?

This is gunna be easy I thought and went straight to the Jewish box; fucking hell mate, did you know there aren't no Jewish box to tick?

We don't exist as far as the ABS is concerned; but the bloody Christians get a million boxes to tick (I know you don't tick, but who gives a rats). I had to actually write "Jewish" is the boxes below, stuff em. What a waste of ink when all they had to do was to treat us inclusively, by giving us our own box to live in - bastards!

Mate, I didn't realise that this problem has been happening every five years since 1901 - it must stop - now!!!

This deserves serious attention; let's declare war on the mainland.


BTW they won't believe you're Jewish. Just because you were born in Tasmania doesn't mean you automatically qualify. It doesn't matter how many times you write it in. This is the government. They know these things.

Right of return

Just because you were born in Tasmania and have three different toes missing from each foot doesn't mean you are automatically allowed in the door no questions asked. What do you think this is? The Melbourne Club?

A snip in time

Geoff, I think I can help you, I have just finished a 3 day course at TAFE and I am now a fully qualified Mohel Grade 3.

My tutor said I will improve my technique as soon as I can stop my hands shaking, that, damn that Arran Whiskey bottled in Jeruselem

I am prepared to do Justin and Roger at no charge (God forbid my Father should find out).


Alan. Justin is a Tasmanian. You'll probably need this.

Hold, Alan, Hold

I am deeply reluctant to have to retract, as it were, you enthusiasm, Alan Curran, but I suspect that both Justin and Roger are of a vintage such they may well have already been snipped.

With even deeper apologies to said gentlemen should I be in error...

Holey Moley

Fiona this adds a new twist to WD.

A snip in time?

Well Fiona I'm glad my name wasn't included in your short list, it has saved you from embarassment.. Fortunately for me my unmotherly mother had the sense to spare the infant me from the pain and humiliation of that barbaric practise which desensitises the glans and renders the experience of copulation less pleasurable. The point, at this time of my life is now, largely moot, in the American legel sense. Lovely old word.

Alan, best thing you've ever written.

Geoff, "may I address your concern by responding on behalf of the entire Jewish people,".  I'll gloss over your conceit and point out I indicated no "concern" Hopefully I can, for the last time, get you to understand if not accept my position. I consider the status of the country Israel to be pariah and am in good company though I have little doubt you will dispute that. I am unashamedley anti-semitic if that means despising all that goes with the racist notion of a special status for a group of humanity that chooses to be different. The only people I identify as being Jewish are those that self profess. I have no time or tolerance for them anymore than similar  Christians, Muslims, Aryans or Calathumpians and especially teetotallers.

Getting snippy

My only problem with you Scott, and people who think like you, is that you appear to have picked on the Jews first.

I like diversity. In fact I more than like it. I regard it as essential for human progress. Some of my best friends are teetotallers.


The only reason I have nominated the Jews first Geoff is because they are the subject of your post. Further, when I slate the state of Israel it's because of its abysmal moral standard. This business of Murdoch's support of the said state should also include that of one Ian Robert Maxwell. Many of the Maxwell clan I can imagine would be appalled at the usurpation of their name by a criminal bastard, given a state funeral by the aforementioned and his grave a virtual shrine. There's many a British former employee of Maxwell's that would happily make the pilgrimage to the said shrine to shit on it.

No, I Am Not

Geoff, I thought I should answer your question, if that is what it really is.

I am not an anti-semite but I know lots of them. Salt of the earth folks who would give you the shirt of their back and who think that the only good Jew is dead one.

Where do they get these outrageous opinions, they don't really know and neither do I. Many of the people so afflicted are themselves survivors of Nazi camps but are so blinded that they cannot sympathise with the people they were interned with.

Some tell me outright that Stalin was a Jew  and all the Russian Communists were Jews. There is plenty of rabid comment on the internet supporting this view. No serious scholar of Stalin's life accepts the premise. Perhaps it is the Russian version of the John Birch Society and the Protocols of Zion.

I wish all people well, except John Howard (apart for his early dealings with China) and Rupert Murdoch.

I remember, Roger

Roger, as you know Stalin was a monster who used, hated and feared Jews as much as Poles. And pretty much everybody else.

I remember the stark circumstances of your birth from earlier conversations and I had to smile at Fiona's playful jibe. I know it's a bad joke but I'm an Australian born male born in the year when the circumcision rate for boy babies peaked at 95%. Fiona's money would have to be on a pretty safe bet with Justin, let alone me. But when it comes to you I can not  think of circumstances less likely. Hmmm. Nope. Beyond my imagination.

I'd take Fiona's money at any odds any day sight unseen. So to speak. But it would be taking mug's money. I couldn't do it to her. Too cruel. So you are off the hook.

Collective self obsession

Shit, I'm sick of this crap. This thread has gone exactly where it was headed from publishment; bloody nowhere and ending in abstractive crap.

Any one reading this that identifies themselves as jewish or zionist understand, I don't mind a bit as long as my interests (in the tightest sense) are not infringed on by actions you might take as a result of your belief system.

Just get over it; be yourself and bugger what anyone else thinks. If you're confident you don't need their approval and won't mind their condemnation.

Obsessed human beings

Scott, may I address your concern by responding on behalf of the entire Jewish people, past, present and future. Leave them alone and they will leave you alone. Trust me with this.

The same goes for the Palestinians. If their so called friends spent a fraction  of the energy they use demonising Israel on persuading the Palestinians to abandon the glib, maliciously dishonest and offensive notion of a right of return then they can have their state. Just as they were offered in 1947 and formally again and again and again since.

This is so obvious you have to wonder why it has to be said. The Israelis want a deal. Everyone knows that. Bibi just told the world he wants a deal and gave an outline. There might be a better deal on the detail from the centre left than the centre right but don't count on it. Jews everywhere would sure like to see a deal for obvious reasons. There's a lot of cynicism around as you would expect but no one can honestly claim the two state solution is not on offer from the Israelis and has been all along.

But the issue is moot as someone here said about something else the other day. Not a bad word that. "Moot". Haven't used it much myself since around 1977.

Please don't get all Old Testament or something on me by the way. You or anyone else. It doesn't work. I'm not a religious man. This may be presumptuous but I know the routine. If anybody quotes anything out of the Book of Joshua at me, for example, on this issue... honestly ... I will have to vomit. I've had to threaten this before at this place.

The vomiting injunction covers Khazars, Canaanites, obliterated old city states and frigging accounts of battles won and lost written perhaps hundreds of years after the supposed events that may or may not have even existed by  unknown authors that no serious scholar regards as of much historical value. Beyond the bleeding obvious.

Don't they get it? Can people really be so dumb and bigotted? Here they are attempting to use an ancient and authentic Jewish religious text that predates pretty much everything else around including the Christian bibles by centuries, and the Koran by centuries more, to defeat the case for the Jewish state?

Seriously? Hello?  They are hoping to peacefully persude the leaders of Israel to abandon the Jewish state with that one?  I don't see much scope for the application of the scientific method here. Or any other form of reason. That's a thought process I don't want to know about. Not my line.

Anyway I digress. Just putting everyone on notice. I reserve the right to broaden the scope of the vomiting injunction depending on what other crap comes up by the way.

Justin. This means you. I don't care how colourful you get. It's a lovely afternoon here and I'm about to  toss a few thick steaks  from a recently but carefully slaughtered beast of the bovine persuasion that I can say with certainty once had a split hoof and chewed its cud on the barbeque on the roof in the fullsome exercise of our eternal right of hypocrisy as  human beings.

Don't tell Jenny.  I don't believe they paid a taxi driver to beat up those cows by the way. Or whatever the story is. That would be an hypocrisy too far. Anyway I digress. Again. The steaks may well be accompanied by other food and drink including wine of the red persuasion and later perhaps port and quite a nippy local cheese. Maybe even a whisky of the Irish persuasion in honour of our mutual Tasmanian heritage. I can get just as colourful as you if I have too. Just saying is all.

It's a great read by the way. The Book of Joshua I mean. I haven't look at it for decades but it's full of great Boy's Own stuff as I recall. Full of spies and girls and battles and blowing ram's horn trumpets until the city's fortifications collapsed. It could be Ian Fleming who I read at about the same time. Or Lord of the Rings, even closer, that I read a little later.  No doubt this part of the appeal of this literature for the adolescent mind of the male kind. Joshua as James Bond. Or even Gandalf and the cool dude who turns out to be the returned king rolled up into one.

But I digress

AIPAC and/or Christian Zionists?

The trouble with Mead's critertia for anti-semitism is that anyone who dares to point to the activities of a largely Jewish organisation such as AIPAC, and talks about its influence, can be promptly accused of anti-semitism. This happened to Mearsheimer and Walt who tackled this thorny subject in their book about the pro-Israel lobby and US foreign policy. Geoff Pahoff has, predictably, echoed this judgment in one of his latest posts on the other thread. Did you actually even see the book, GP? The fact that you misspell the name of one of its lead authors gives me reason for doubt.

Mead himself (I haven't tracked down the relevant Foreign Policy article yet) seems to be over anxious about identifying the Jewish element in the pro-Israel lobby. He emphasizes therefore the role of the Christian Zionists - an element, by the way, that Mearsheimer and Walt didn't overlook either though many of their critics have chosen to ignore that..

Daniel Luban had this to say about Mead's apparent fear that he will fall into the trap of his own criteria:

“Mead’s entire argument for the claim that Jewish power is irrelevant to the lobby is that “[l]ess than two percent of the US population is Jewish, and Jews aren’t exactly swing voters.” Again, Mead is surely too smart to sincerely believe that political power is purely synonymous with the number of votes that a group commands. I realize that discussions of Jewish money or Jewish media influence conjure up all sorts of unsavory associations, but it is simply impossible to have a serious discussion of these issues if one does not recognize the basic fact that Jews punch above our weight in terms of political, intellectual, and financial influence. Contributions from Jews account for an enormous chunk of the donations received by the Democratic party (the exact number is difficult to ascertain), and incidents like last year’s Jane Harman scandal demonstrate the ways that this influence can be manifested in practice. Thus to simply write American Jewry out of the story when it comes to explaining the lobby’s success is fallacious; the highly mobilized hardliners within the Jewish community have been absolutely critical to this success.”

Sarkozy has his number

Geoff Pahoff wrote:

"The Israelis want a deal. Everyone knows that. Bibi just told the world he wants a deal and gave an outline. There might be a better deal on the detail from the centre left than the centre right but don't count on it. Jews everywhere would sure like to see a deal for obvious reasons. There's a lot of cynicism around as you would expect but no one can honestly claim the two state solution is not on offer from the Israelis and has been all along."

GP is one of the very few commentators on Israeli affairs who can tell us with a straight face that yes, honestly, the Israelis want a deal and that "everyone knows that."  Well, there might be folk here and there who have serious doubts but they shouldn't because has Bibi not "just told the world that he wants a deal"? Moreover he "gave an outline".

The only reason why we can forgive GP this bit of deception is that probably he has tried mightily to first deceive himself.

Serious Bibi watchers have known all along that he is deadset against the idea of a Palerstinian state West of the Jordan, as his father was (to whom he seems beholden for much of what one might euphemistically call his ideas). His so-called "outline" is designed to make it unacceptable to any Palestinian leader. First of all  he doesn't want a return to the "Auschwitz borders" (that nonsensical term) of 1967, thus flying in the face of UN Resolution 242 and of international law that prohibits retaining territory gained in war. On Jerusalem he is equally uncompromising - no part of it can be Palestinian. Furthermore, he insists that there can be no Israeli military withdrawal from the Jordan river thus ensuring that a future Palestinian State would be entirely surrounded by the IDF. A return of refugees, even a symbolic return of a limited number, is also out of the question. And to cap it all and to make all the other restrictions in fact superfluous, Israel cannot negotiate with a Palestinian authority supported by Hamas, howver democratically it might have been elected.

I wonder to what bit of Bibi spin Sarkozy was referring when he called him a "liar" but I wouldn't be surprised if it had to do with this pretence that he wants a deal, while all his actions show quite the opposite.

Sarkozy has his number 2

Sarkozy is of course not alone in 'having his number'. According to Avnery a less widely publicized leak has it that Angela Merkel told her cabinet that 'every word that leaves N.s mouth is a lie'. What is certain is that she gave Bibi a furious dressing down over the phone when, in his usual 'right in your face' style, he ordered yet another extension of the settlements.

I do indeed wonder how long Germany will keep feeling obliged to support Israel through thick and thin. When that tide turns there will be for Israel an important change in Europe's political landscape. 

In Israel itself, of course, Netanyahu has a well established reputation for mendacity. In Haaretz of yesterday  appeared a comment by Akiva Eldar under the headline "Why should anyone believe Netanyahu? How many politicians, media people and ordinary citizens believe Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is sincerely interested in reaching a peace agreement with the Palestinians?"

Eldar relates how N. once publicly boasted about having wrecked the Oslo Accords He wrote:

"During the course of a condolence visit to one of the Jewish settlements at the end of the 1990s, Netanyahu bragged that he had succeeded in deceiving the Clinton administration during his first term as prime minister, in order to destroy the Oslo Accords. Believing the microphones and cameras had been turned off, Netanyahu related how he had extorted from the Clinton administration, in exchange for the Hebron agreement, a promise that Israel would be the sole entity entitled to define what the "military sites" are that will remain under its control. With a sly smile spread across his face, Bibi added: "I said that as far as I am concerned the entire Jordan Valley is a defined military site," and explained: "Why is this important? Because from that moment I stopped the Oslo Accords." "

But on this blog Geoff Pahoff is trying to convince us that N. is sincerely offering the Palestinians another one of those 'ten times over' chances for peace that his guru Pat was lying about.

GP, in following this creep, calls me a 'useful idiot for Palestine'. May I call him a 'USELESS idiot for Israel'?

That all depends on what you mean by religion

I like the fact that question is optional. That way I can answer it without answering it without causing an existential crisis.


A priest and a rabbi were sitting next to each other in an airplane.

After a while, the priest turned to the rabbi and asked, 'Is it still a requirement of your faith that you not eat pork?

The rabbi responded, 'Yes, that is still one of our laws.'

The priest then asked, 'Have you ever eaten pork?' To which the rabbi replied, 'Yes, on one occasion I did succumb to temptation and tasted a ham sandwich.'

The priest nodded in understanding and went on with his reading. A while later, the rabbi spoke up and asked the priest, 'Father, is it still a requirement of your church that you remain celibate?'

The priest replied, 'Yes, that is still very much a part of our faith.' The rabbi then asked him, 'Father, have you ever fallen to the temptations of the flesh?'

The priest replied, 'Yes, rabbi, on one occasion I was weak and broke with my faith.' The rabbi nodded understandingly and remained silent, thinking, for about five minutes.

Finally, the rabbi said, 'Beats the shit out of a ham sandwich, doesn't it?*

Just In (Time) Obodie

Hi Justin

It's a "larf" ain't it. I forgot how earnest Geoff was or how angry Marilyn gets.

It is really a short life. In 30 years, no one will give a rat's arse about what any of us said.

Another great deal

30 years? A rat's arse? From a whole adult rat?

Your future is even rosier than the past...

Animo Confusus Sum

Geoff, if I had the slightest idea what you are talking about, I would be happy to expand.

Time warp

Hello folks

 I thought I would briefly pop-in after a  couple of years absence to see what is happening in Webdiary land.

 Not much apparently!

What happened to the interesting and intelligent exchanges we used to get when Margo graced the blogs?

Intelligent Exchange


i R o g e r

You too mate, no wonder you appeared outa nowhere, some people do anything for an iBuck.

Anyway good to see you are still kicking, but if it's intelligent exchange you came back for, then this place is running a little bit short of intelligence, some exchange but not much of the other, best try Hobaartz, or this place.

It Was Better

Hi Fiona

That's not my happy recollection.


What an odd recollection, Roger Fedyk. Happy?. Even for you?

Sorry to disappoint you by our presence by the way. You know. After two years and all...

Happiness Is A Virtue

Hello Geoff

Yes you may be correct, happiness today may be an oddity.

As to being disappointed, that may be too strong a word as I was making an observation that nothing has really changed. 

You are still WD's chief Jewish apologist with seemingly no end of passion for defending even the merest slight, which leads me to asking you a question.

Is there any criticism that you, yourself, would make about the Jewish state? There are many Israelis, I presume devout Jews among them, who are less than enthralled by what is being officially done in their name.

That may parallel the criticism by those among us who are desperately betrayed by a lilliputian government that sees only political advantage in the boat people saga.


"Is there any criticism that you, yourself, would make about the Jewish state? There are many Israelis, I presume devout Jews among them, who are less than enthralled by what is being officially done in their name."


You're right Roger. Nothing has changed in two years.

[Sigh] [Again]

Except that I've been promoted to chief apologist. As you have noted.

No, time hasn't warped

Because, Roger Fedyk, even when Margo graced the blogs the same intractable questions (and the same intractable questioners) were and are still there.

So are the same intractable moderators...


In my few spare moments I had been wondering what substance(s) the other posters on this thread had been absorbing. Well, now I know about Geoff's and Scott's predilections - but I sure would like to know what Justin's on...

Tonal Brightness

I was thinking about the same, Fiona.  Really like to know what Justin's on! This thread has been brilliant.  And all the rest of you.  Great going, guys!

It's in the font

Lovely Substance Delights.

GoGo AGOG - better with a little bit of sin...

e N L i G H t e m e N t


F i O n A,


Mmmm, you too Fiona - how much is he paying you?

What a colourful word dear psych: enlightenment - I hope its use indictaes that you are not feeling dejected this evening.

But I do welcome that you introduced said term into the discussion, for in essence  that's what me mate iGeoff, and iyourstruly, have been drinking: enlightenment, as well as getting buggered - hey, but you get used to that down this neck of the woods, it's been bloody hard work, it's traditional.

You see, it's about enjoying yourself - like blowing up replicas of the King David (iHarry wants to promote it as weekly event now, but poor Geoff really was buggered after he built the first one), because at the end of the day religious dogima is a pain in the arse (we, recently converted secular Jews, call it the Catholic Vice) - and we all can do without that.

And to answer your question dear psych - I'm on what I've always been on: insanity, I was born that way (yes, my mother had me tested - hehe), but it does help one cope with a very colourful, constantly fluid (and incomprehensible) reality, a reality that is underpinned by a natural chaotic harmony, that knows not discipline nor obedience.

In obedience there is always fear, and fear darkens the mind.

so let's all be naughty

in our own colourful way...

...while we still can



Agog, not so sure - Sin OK - I'm in, like Flynn...

Hey Scotty, howzit going you anti-semitic anti-semitic anti-semitic - it really is a bummmer being anti-semtic to the third power, or so I have heard.

If all this anti stuff is buggering you up then do I have a place for you. Just take ya banjo mate, nope, best learn the kinnor, apparently banjos are out now, kinnors in (you can pick up one cheap at Leon's (cheap) Strings & (expensive) Things) - but they are tranquilising, in which case I would suggest you baggage a crate of Jack Daniels, and a quarter ounce of amphetamine sulphate - then you'll be absolutely buggered - just like the home team, and the home team before them.

But wait, I have a plan, a plan that will bugger Geoff totally.

Let's all convert to Judaism and be done with it, and then we can declare war on ourselves: the War on Nothing - WoN -  we all win - just the way it should be.

Anyway I'm off to the sinagog, sounds fun, but I'm not so sure about the agog.

Well, I'm all agog

Bugger off Justin you daft bastard. My head's fucked enough as it is and for your information it's Jamesons; no other stimulants/suppressants neccessary.

Keep digging.


If you can't dig for a couple of extra bucks for a bottle of Tullamore Jew then you'll get no sympathy from me. That's for sure.

Postcard from Hobaartz

It   looks   like   you   don't   want   to   be  a  Jew   Scott.

Mate, there is nothing to fear. I just got back from the sinagog, it was fun, not much sin, but the agog was colourful, even if I didn't understand it. Everyone dressed beautifully, rather like upmarket Muslims I thought.

The problem was the language of course; they spoke alien and I spoke bad - so I decided to become a secular Jewish Zionist, just like Geoff.

Anyway, its lovely down here in iHobaartz, Geoff and me are sinking a few beers (and sharing an olive - finally) at the new King David - Geoff built an exact replica of the original - then we blew it up again.

Anyway, I'm off the ring me mum, got no idea why, but hey, mum loves it - I know this because she always welcomes me with: bugger off you daft bastard.

Postcard from Syria

Justin, I thought you were keeping score in the friendly Arabs skirmishes.

Gunmen in plainclothes are randomly shooting their own people in the streets of the besieged Syrian city of Hama and families are burying their loved ones in gardens at home for fear of being killed themselves.

It looks as though changed religion just in time.

Just to keep you up-to-date, about 1700 civilians have been killed since the uprising began in mid-March.

"Ship Ahoy!" - Twas the “old ship of Zion" - to the rescue

A L a n thanks for the heads up mate, great work (hard to keep score these days as we are now short of digits down here).

However, best we send a flotilla over there immediately and bring them confused Muslims back home to our safe haven - a few bottles of Jamesons will pacify them in no time (conversion may take a few more) -  no doubt they will be a willing (paying) audience at iHarry's weekly King David rendition thingy - when Geoff gets it together.

Come on Geoff, we need you to captain that flotilla - ASAP.

"... the home team and the home team before them."

It could be just my imagination but  those rocks look to me to be covered in blood.

Well I'll be buggered

Turns out I'm anti-semitic after all. Who'd have thought it?

Well that's the way it would appear going by your criteria Geoff.

What a load of bollocks.

Buggery is just the start

Doesn't surprise me Scott.  Like I said. There's a lot of of it around. Still, sorry to hear about your problem.

I've always thought the world must be a cramped and scary place for antisemites. A bit like having your head shoved up your bum, I'd expect.

Not my problem

More like yours; I'm in the same camp as Obama.

Melbourne shouts "Put Greens last!"

As part of the global BDS (Bloody Disgusting Stalinists) campaign against fascism, antisemitism and the Greens, Melbournians took to the streets in their hundreds last Friday to vent their anger at the sheer, nasty minded, hate filled hypocrisy of a fringe political party that used  its numbers to attack the Middle East's only liberal democracy and the world's only Jewish state the moment they took control of a Sydney inner city council. 

They marched between hot chocolate shops in the Melbourne CBD chanting "Israel is a party state!" in an obvious reference to the little country's reputation for hospitality and living life to the full.

"We could hardly just stand by and watch" , explained rally organiser Sheila Knowsthelot. "Picking off Jews just because they happen to be Jews in their own homeland is ... you know... wrong .. isn't it?"


Geoff, I have submitted myself to extreme self-criticism, and think/hope I have passed.

Meanwhile, especially to all iWombats, goodnight and normal transmission will not be resumed until late tomorrow morning. Unless the King of Ukes decides to go to bed late/get up early, but that's entirely a matter for him.....


For what it's worth the thought never crossed my mind that it could possibly be otherwise, Fiona. Same with Richard, and with the  bulk of Australians in fact. 

I would very much like to see it stay that way for everybody's sake. It is not that way in many other parts of the world and it is getting worse.

Perhaps the Greens do not actually know how  threatening  the BDS campaign is perceived by many people and how offensive and inflammatory it is for many more? Could they really seriously be that stupid do you think? They don't know?

It is difficult to imagine given how many of them have or claim to have Jewish backgrounds.

They have chosen the imagery of boycotting and picketing Zionisti/Jewish shops to press their "peaceful" protest that itself has the stated aim of obliterating the Zionist/Jewish state, "apartheid walls" and all. How many of the "five pillars" does that one involve do you think?

Of course the old Stalinists are antisemitic. Anybody could have told the Greens that. Look at Stalin himself. He hated everybody. He hated Russians and Georgians. Germans of course. Finns. Poles. Japanese. Pretty much all ethnic minorities really. Naturally he hated and feared Jews. It would have been an impossible freak of probability for it to have been otherwise. He died likely because none of the best doctors were available and no one else was game to go near the comatose monster.

Mark Aarons records in The Family Files how much the local Soviet aligned party aped this world view.

The Greens have bought a time bomb. Do they think this will go away?  dumb ... real dumb. I  feel some compassion for the old genuine Greens, including the founders, committed to Green causes who have seen their party assailed this way.

Why don't they take their party back? It's a fair question. If this was the ALP there would have been federal intervention in the NSW branch long ago. They need to sweep out the extremists. The ALP has had to do it more than once. Otherwise the electorate will do it for them and it will be much more brutal.

A bridge too far: "Twilight of the Gods"

Never mind, fear not for the Jabotniks, they have new friends in Norway (yes, employs N-word ). Strange bedfellows indeed, something along the lines of the Tbagger/ Xtian fundy/ Zionist preoccupation with Jersualem and Armageddon in a corresponding era, only this time we have a bit of Nordic "volkisch" folklore fantasy included, complete,it seems with rune flashes for the new location.  Talk about, "Eternal Return".

Speaking of Trolls, good to see you back , Mike - if we added David Davis we 'd have a quorum, except that Andrew Bolt and Rupert Murdoch are  missing.

No Geoff, not after the last week.

Fiona: Enough already, all of you. I'm gunna bed. Paul W, please remember WD convention that only names of other WDists get bolded. Sleep well, youse peoples.

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