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Some early morning gardening in Canberra

The other day a bunch of Greenpeace protesters  broke into a CSIRO experimental farm in Canberra and destroyed a crop of genetically modified wheat.

OK. No big deal you might have hoped. What you would expect from a bunch of extremist wankers who think they know best and with a decidedly illiberal view of the world and therefore will have to be put in their place. I suggest jail. There are laws because of people like this.

But get this:

"ACT Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury used to work for Greenpeace and says he is not surprised the group has taken such action.

""It's always very controversial these sorts of actions, but you have to stand up for what you believe in sometimes," he said.

""Greenpeace has clearly formed a view that the best way to both draw attention to this issue and to potentially protect the human food chain in Australia is to take this action.""

Thereby confirming that the Greens are nothing more than the political wing of a much broader crackpot movement.

Let's be clear about this.

There's something especially contemptible about attacking scientific research. Messing around with the genes of wheat is hardly vivisection so this is straightout rank and irrational fear of the unknown. Next thing the Greens will be baying at an eclipse.  A good thing Halley's comet is decades away. With this bunch it would spark a leadership spill.

That image of the dickheads with the petrol driven industrial grade whipper snippers (now there's a real green tool for a start --- there are battery powered electric motor options with zero emissions) seems to sum up everything that is wrong with these people. I make no distinction between Greenpeace activists or their politicians or the newage, crystal waving, witchdoctor hippies around here who vote for them. It's a culture and there's something irrationally religious at its core. I don't mean that in a nice way.

The scientists reckon they might be able to develop a wheat strain that improves the nutritional and health value of one of humanity's most important food sources by directly messing with its genes. This is just the start of many such marvels.

And what do these nasty smug vandals do? One thing is for sure. The interests of people could not have featured too highly in whatever it is that motivates them.

This is a crime and I hope the Canberra cops make a fair dinkum effort to hunt them down.

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The seeds of dissent.

It's ok Richard, I think I know where he's picked this up from. Greenpeace activists protesting at GMF tests involving CSIRO, damaging GMF crops.

It provoked one usually lefty commentator, Prof. John Quiggin, to an outburst at his blog against the liberties taken by the activists, with a longish thread following both containing Geoff's objections and the responses from people like Richard, who see it more my way, in all probability.

I suspect the reason Prof.Quiggin wants environmental activists to be more "imaginative" in highlighting that which they find suspect, not to hand opponents a free kick in instigating minor stunts that might backfire, with adverse publicity the result.

Sometimes crimes for the cause.. but..

I can understand that sometimes illegal actions are taken to draw attention to a situation that wouldn't otherwise achieve publicity. . 

I can understand why so many people don't want to see genetically modified wheat contaminating other fields with the brand of a corporation on what would be our food.

I still cannot understand why these people aren't conducting protests on the behalf of people.

Yep, you're right Geoff, there's a sense of religious zealoutry to all of this, and a treatment of those who don't ascribe to the philosophies as les astute than those who do.

Sometimes law and right aren't the same thing, so I can accept laws being broken to fix a wrong.. but quite frankly the sanctimoniousness the Greens have displayed of late makes me very worried about how they'd treat everybody else if they gained power in their own right 

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