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BSkyB: Murdoch's Waterloo ?

I was thinking coming here, what a complex story about complex people. I agree with a point Geoff Pahoff makes and that's that this story has a way to go before the the final story comes out in the wash.

The absolute latest news is that Murdoch has ceded his bid for BSkyB in the face from now almost universal opposition from Brit politicians, both friend and enemy.

The frustration is written all over his face, that was a huge play, the whole box and dice thrown on on one bold move, like Napoleon just before Waterloo.

So, the real wolves, back in the US are likely sharpening their knives (teeth?) in its wake, to find out who will be the new tycoon when the old man gets kicked upstairs.

Someone we don't know yet.

As there was a time when we didn't know Rupert Murdoch, our modern day Urquhart or Melmotte.

Fascinating example of history happening.

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Toad of Toad Hall.

Hmm, this is the fellow found dead who kicked the whole thing off. I doubt whether he's been knocked off, but what flawless timing as to the beseiged  Murdoch forces, just when everything else goes wrong, too.

Brit PM Cameron's whiter than white is besmirched by some of the spray of effluent aimed at Murdoch that misses the prime target, as he's so close to him. The honeymoon is now well and truly over for him.

He's taken the politician's way out and disappeared off to Africa or somewhere, maybe things will cool down later. Meanwhile, a revitalised Clegg, who did have the presence of mind to duck when the sewage hit the fan, looks in charge for the present.

 Thus, the dynamics of the post Gordon Brown scenario, in place to the extent that Cameron and co, in their callow relative youth complacently dozed off to sleep, have changed and perhaps beyond retreival for the hard right. For the first time in quite some time, Clegg and Millband look comfortable, but Cameron looks as stunned as the Murdoch push, in light of the last few months.

No suspicious circumstances. ?

Justin, Geoff's last apparent diversion was Yours Truly stuffing up on the editing front with a new threadstarter.  Apologies to both of you.

I know I tend to leap to conclusions.  However, when the bloke who whistleblows something this huge turns up dead, and they say "no supsicious circumstances, I'm immediately suspicious.  Putting as much speculation as possible aside,  such a death is a remarkable coincidence.

What happened to cause this? 

This popcorn is making me thirsty

Peanuts, popcorn, second hand chewing gum -  the show has just begun, and its gunna be a long one, methinks.

  • Inspector (what me take a bribe?) plod, bloated and burping after too many News Ltd lunches  has fallen on his sword.
  • Bluey Brookes-Wade not only was arrested, but retired hurt from her glamorous position, and is now planning a new career after she registers her new name to one of these. It was sugested she change her hair colour instead, but she replied: Why? I shave., thus destroying the evidence proving that she was a blonde all along.
  • Bertie has engaged a PR company  to instruct him how he should behave. For only 27 million pounds they told him to give the victims what they want. Bertie, immediately sent them a naked pic of Bluey Brooks and  back copies of all page three girls going back to Samantha Fox.
  • Geoff Pahoff does anything he can to change the subject, but can't.

And that is just the beginning.


Ill-Met by moonlight.

 Another scalp, this time Britain's top cop resigns for irregular dealings with some of the folk responsible for some of the hackings.

Ahouse of kards

Events now unfold fast with the phone hacking scandal in the old dart, with Rebekah Brooks the NotW chief editor who "resigned" a couple of days ago, busted also.

But the interesting thing is that she voluntarily turned up for police and at a time that meant she missed having to attend a session before parliament or some other inquiry, although this is disputed elsewhere. But contingent on first being true, yep, jail is more palatable than the alternative.

 Now that the walls are down, we also find out that the Anna-like Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of Murdoch and main sibling rival to James, is taking aim at her brother, who she appears to hold responsible for the recent dip in Murdoch fortunes. Like her mum, she seems, on the little we know of her, to be a formidable woman (also) and sections of the Brit media were thus speculating that Murdoch may turn back to his daughter at the expense of James Murdoch.

 Reads like a Dickensian pot-boiler, with a bit of Dynasty and Midsomer thrown in.

 The number of people busted is now about to double figures, some of these have been busted in something called operation "Elveden" .  Apparently the "Elveden Set", including current PM Cameron, now have as much credibility as Lord Astor at Cliveden, after the truth came out as to the ultraist "Cliveden Set", with WW2.

Little wonder the Guardian cartoonist Rowson had Brooks before the comittee, asking with a sour look, "Since when did any of you grow back your balls", with  Cameron just happening to be in her line of sight.

by the babbling Brooks

Well, Rebekah Brooks, Murdoch's long term lieutenant at News of the World, has gone, during the lull of a Friday afternoon- a politicians fate.

 But the Brit parliament has hauled her and the Murdoch pair up before it for a session with more to follow. The Murdochs tried to bluff their way out of the parliamentary "invitation" and you can see why in the aftermath: Murdoch, his son and Brooks and their henchpeople put on the same sort of psychological rack they've so enthusiastically erected for and applied to, untold victims of their own.

And the beseiged Murdoch will have the Americans waiting for him when he gets back to the 'States, the hungry dogs are turning on their own.

 As Marilyn's too-common description of post Murdoch induced media with Auntie sadly indicates again in the example provided, we should have little sympathy for them, they have been reckless and done real damage to their own community and civilisation, including the idea of civilisation, at a turbulent time of already great suffering in world history.

Geoff is quite right about

Geoff is quite right about Nixon. His talent wasn't in starting the South East Asian wars, but once he inherited them, in sustaining them.

Didn't they have that bloke that plays Jonathon Creek's sidekick, as Nixon?

I see Marilyn's acute sense of smell has sniffed out Hartigan, the local Murdoch hard man. I'll bet she's waiting to see if something drops clear, with Murdoch's Aussie media as to phone taps or whatever. I can't beleive Aussie journos are less/more abject that their Brit confrateres, so it might be worth an each-way, given Murdoch media's megalomania and sense of victimhood/ entitlement.

Conspiracy teasing

The last several years of it have been extremely political Geoff, and the subttext wisecracks quite clever.. the NixonVietnam quip no doubt one for the conspiracy freaks, along the lines of the old yarn that Nixon had JFK assassinate to bring the US to Vietnam.

Bet there'll be some beatuties out of this one too. And some of them might even be right..

Harto here

Sales just gave Harto a virtual blow job on 7.30, she gave one of the softest and most pathetic interviews I have ever seen.

Harto reckons they are not out to get the guv'mint, yet millions of us out here in punterland have commented for years that the attacks starting with Rudd have been the most ferocious and mostly unfounded in history.

Serves the old bastard right if you ask me, if the US Congress go after him he is done.

Dr Who?

I thought News Limited owned the DOW.

I've noticed Dr Who has got a bit political too. In one episode the tardis lands right in the middle of Nixon's oval office. All of Nixon's cronies pull their guns and the Doctor has to do some fast talking.  He describes Nixon to his sidekicks as the greatest crook in history as a matter of recordand then cites "Watergate ... Vietnam".

I thought it was a bit rough pinning Vietnam on Nixon but I guess that's the BBC for you.

The Long Game

When Doctor Who was revived a few years back, one of the first eps (The Long Game, 2005) dealt with a future wherein one entity contolled the world's media, and bedamned if the monster living in the top of the satellite didn't have a face resembling Rupert's.!

You have to wonder what would've been available as counterproganda to the BSkyB bid if the hacking story wasn't prevalent  It seems to me that the scandal is only the focal point for an ire that has long existed.

That Rupert pulled his bid before the Parliamentary debate implies he knew as a dead cert that, this time at least, he didn't have the numbers. 

Watch for News Limited's plunge on the DOW, and the calls for one of the boys to ascend the throne.. not a case of Where's Wally, more one of Look for Lachie.. 


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