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Saying Sorry is easy...

My minstrel activist mate Lord Stompy (real name by deed poll) spends a lot of time wandering through Adelaide's communities. This piece is likely to represent a common opinion of how much of the electorate regards Rudd's apparent indolence since Sorry Day.

It's a piity Rudd's apology to the blackfellas has been rendered hollow by his continued (in)actions in real life. For a lot of people his apology from the white ruling classes to the indigenous mob was long overdue and a welcome relief from years of John Howard's racist political attacks and policy making. It gave us hope some change for the better was coming....

Not so apparently. KRudd seems to have had an easy time of it all, after years of a retrogressive reactionary like Howard in charge KRudd looked comparatively good and even spoke in ways that progressive people could relate to, so in the first 6 months there was relief that Howard was gone and hope that KRudd would start clawing back the worst of Howard's hideous policy making.

A few years in we see sweet fuck all has changed...the racist, unnecessary, and damaging intervention invented by Howard is still in full swing...and it's just damn frustrating that human rights for Aborigines has dropped to 1950's levels and been kept at that level by the next government.

Sure the mob out there in NT got a lotta social troubles, and they desperately need assistance in alot of area, but taking away their sovereignty as individuals is as useless as it gets at addressing their core problems, and is blatant arbitrary interference and manipulation at it's worst. It's not part of a solution to anything relevant and it's making the situation worse by blanket stereotyping black communities as unfit to look after themselves. To then force them into line by overriding their communities with our own arbitrary laws is patronising whitefella politics at it's worst. Furthermore the act of saying sorry actually is an admission you'll stop doing the things that are causing offense, so for the government to say sorry and not retract the intervention is breathtakingly hypocritical in the extreme.

Communities have a right to decide how they choose to live...whether it's a council in Adelaide or a reservation in NT. The aim of the game in my book is to strengthen community ties and build stronger cultures of increased personal awareness and a personal sense of democracy....as our communities and sense of personal power fall apart we are being overridden by an increasing rash of authorities making laws on our behalf to apparently help us, whether we like it or not. An unfortunate part of the weakening of our personal and social worlds has been an influx of predatory policy makers shafting us with their "solutions", the reason being that a weakened community is easier prey to those who would like to wield power over it.

I believe in people. I believe we can find in ourselves the answers to our problems, tough as it can be at times. I also believe that mandatory topdown overriding of the communities soveriegnty will not solve anything, I believe it will increase the weakening of communities and further weaken our links with each other which will ultimately leave us even softer targets for rulers who like everything to be controlled from the top down. We, the people, gotta get it together for once and for all, for our own good.

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Paul, Garrett and Conroy come accross as geniuses compared to these two complete idiots The Premier, Kristina Keneally, and her Minister for Transport, David Campbell. The Premier's latest Transport Plan makes you wonder whether she is on the same planet as the rest of us.

Netanyahu's "assassin" found dead...

HIP HIP HOORAY, HIP hip hoo r a y, hi..

What goes around comes around.

"Abseiling militants unfurled a huge banner showing Mabhouh's picture, while the crowd was promised revenge against Israel."

And the game goes round and round...


Hareetz News 1 April 2011

Netanyahu "assasin" found dead - but maybe wrong guy.

Binyamin Netanyahu's alleged assassin was discovered early this morning having been executed - six times (in the head); he was also showing evidence of sadistic and prolonged torture. His executors where all carrying British passports, but all had particularly long noses.

Jewish people all over the world are cheering the brave assassins of Netanyyahu's assassin, Mr Geoff Pahoff; although some claim that Netanyyahu's assassin was not the same guy that his Australian passport described.

The Palestinian people, who now regard Mr. Pahoff as a national hero, were in mourning this morning - they will be holding a national day of sorrow for Geoff Pahoff: "a great friend of Palestine and a deadly enemy of Israel."

Unfortunaltely for Mr. Pahoff further investigations with the Australian Embassy have revealed that an identical and genuine copy of Mr Pahoff's passport (sans photo) found its way into hands unknown and was used by the real assassin of Netanyahu, who was most likely not Geoff Pahoff. If that be the case then poor Geoff Parhoff must have felt a little hard done by - six times. Besides the Pahoff family have always claimed the Geoff was swimming naked in the Tweed at the time of Netanyahu's assassination.

The false passport was found to be issued some years ago and the Minister responsible at the time, a Mr Downer, simply claimed he: "knew nothing about anything and besides, shit happens, just look at how well I'm doing in Cyprus - shit all over the place".

When Mr Downer was asked how the Pahoff family must feel he replied: "Who?" then adjusted his fishnets and minced on down the sidewalk.

The Palestinian people couldn't care less who killed Netanyahu but regardless they have decided to keep Geoff as their national hero. Every year on 1 April it will be three cheers for "Geoff Pahoff - killer of jews".

The Jewish people, for some reason or another, are still cheering the "brilliant work of their protectors". The Pahoff family claim they will be seeking compensation but don't know who to sue, while poor Geoff rests peacefully with the fishes, blissfully unawares that his last few terrifying and painful hours on Earth were due to a very "clever" plot - organised and carried out by fuck-wits.

Shit happens.

And the game continues...


Paul, Garrett might be educated but he is still an idiot, having an education is no guarantee that you are not a halfwit.

Take Stephen Conroy, he has a Bachelor of Economics, but he is just a halfwitted union hack who will never deliver the Broadband program.



Casting stones

And what are we, who elected them


Allan, you are being crafty, mate.

You know very well what my reaction would be to someone like that unscrupulous automaton ( Conroy, I know I'll have to specify specifically who I regard as automaton as to this specific case ).

All up for grabs, you can sense the (over ) confidence, as  you could in the late 'eighties. But you wonder if the lessons of history are ever learned and regardless of who is "in", there'll always be another "correction" when smugness has returned for too long. Time will tell.

Three cheers for Mossad

Speaking of not saying sorry, this would have to be the best use of a British passport in the Middle East since Sir Alan Cunningham had his exit stamped at Haifa in May 1948.

right perp, wrong charge.

No Alan, Garrett is actually well educated, studying  Arts at ANU (got to be good to get there ) and later on, Law at uni NSW (wiki).

It's not his brains that's the problem, but his unwillingness to stand up for what he believes in, eg a character defect rather than one of intellect.


Lord Stompy

Lord Stompy, you seem suprised that Rudd has conned the people that voted for him. We are all going to pay for this meglomaniac's antics.

Then there is that idiot Garret an ex popsinger, who Rudd thought would make a Minister in the governement. You need brains to be in the Cabinet, whereas any halfwit can be a popsinger in a band.


At the risk of repeating myself.....

Yes, Rudd gave a lovely speech didn't he? In fact there was an awful lot of talk going on wasn't there?It was just so easy to say "sorry." Made everyone feel good, too! The Aboriginal people present at Parliament House responded positively to Kev's speech, with thunderous applause.

Meanwhile, Aboriginal people in some 46 communities are still suffering from malnutrion, abuse, alcoholism, lack of medical care and education.Not to mention the continuing sexual abuse of helpless little children. (I'm sure they could care less about Kev's feel good speech!)

Sorry, but I saw nothing in Rudd's speech that addressed these problems. It was carefully worded, with no mention of compensation, or positive strategies to deal with the ongoing plight of our indigenous people.

Call me a cynic, but all this feel good back slapping and shaking of hands is all too, too, easy.

I'll say it again! Talk is cheap. It needs to backed up with good works.

The easy part is saying sorry.


Well, it seems he has managed to offend the feminists, as well.

Acording to Fairfax, one Nina Funnell, a young woman studying for a doctorate, has crossed the PM's crusty path, learning that she should be at home doing her bit for the Reich, rather than filling her cute li'l head with all those hi-falutin ol' ideas.

Someone elsewhere has made the point re his "social conservatism" underlayed by a less perceptible "anti-intellectualism". Will he have to learn the hard way that closed-mindedness is fatal for a PM?

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