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Webdiary will accept any advertisement that fits within Webdiary ethics – ie essentially does not offend, abuse, incite, defame or otherwise have legal problems. You can either submit adverts with your own artwork, or we can get ads designed for you within reasonable parameters. Ads should fit within one of three standard sizes:

Sidebar Square,
195x195 pixels:


Sidebar Tall,
195x400 pixels:


from 468x80 pixels as below, up to a maximum 780x110 pixels:


We will take ad bookings by the day (with the weekend (Sat and Sun) counting as one day), or by page views or by clicks. March 2006 site traffic was measured independently by the Nielsen//NetRatings SiteCensus service, showing that on each weekday your ad will be seen by between 500 and 1500 unique visitors, who average 1.5 visits each (between 1000 and 2000 visits in total), and at weekends it will be seen by 300-500 unique visitors on each day, with the same 1.5 visit average. Over the month there were 10,300 unique visitors. The average visit involves looking at around 5 pages in around 10 minutes, so on average each visitor will each see your ad 6-8 times. On-site measurements through Awstats and Webalizer show considerably more traffic than this: Awstats recorded 13,000 unique visitors making 42,000 visits, Webalizer recorded 48,000 visits. Awstats continues to record higher numbers in each month, reaching 17,000 unique visitors in November 2006.

As you may have seen, the other major web rating service, Hitwise, rated this site as the most popular site in Australia in its class (Lifestyle - Blogs and Personal Websites) in 2005.

Even in our current semi-dormant state, we get about 700-800 visitors each day.

Minimum charge for an ad is $100: make us a proposal for how many days, pageviews or clicks that equates to. No more than four ads will be run on any one day (one banner, one small square on left, two square or one tall on right). When there are no Webdiary specific ads booked, we will run ads from Google Adsense. In the unlikely event there are more ads booked than spaces for them, we will share the run by random allocation of pages - if the payment was by the day, a shared day is a half-day: where the payment is by view or by clickthrough, no change.

Bookings can be made by e-mail to adverts-at-webdiary.com.au, which is also the address for questions about ad design, etc.

Short run ads will not normally be run until the cheque has cleared.

How to pay:

By cheque or money order to:

Webdiary Pty Ltd

40A Rickard Avenue

Mosman NSW 2088

By electronic transfer to:

Webdiary Pty Ltd

BSB: 032-102

Acct no: 459998


David Roffey, General Manager

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