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Who's The Boss? The Liberal Schism

It was enough of a blody-blow to the Federal Libs that so many of them lined up behind Kevin Andrews in yesterday's leadership spill. After his behaviour during the Haneef fiasco, how could anyone wanting to give him any power at all have any credibility as alternative governors of this country?

Now their Senate Leader, one of the last bastions of appropriate political conduct, has walked away from the shadow portfolio in disgust, and bovver-boy Abbott and so many other front-benchers with him, the Federal Liberal party appears unlikely to have any political clout for the next decade.

Turnbull has kept his credibility over his party's Climate Change stance, but without his party's front bench behind him he's wearing the Emperor's New Clothes. The Catch-22 is that if his party replaces him in another leadership spill they will appear to the public as having no moral substance whatsoever.

God help us, this might be Joe Hockey's big break.

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Let the games begin.

Mike : " Abbott is not liked. Full stop, period. That is unlikely to change: zealots don't generally endear themselves to the middle ground. The obfuscation levels will escalate."

It seems women aren't so scared of the man in the budgie smugglers after all , Mike. A poll has shown that women are not as scared of new federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott as the Labor Party would like, and just a small number of voters think he's an extremist.

The Galaxy national poll, published in News Ltd newspapers on Saturday, found that a large proportion of women want to know more about him, blunting expectations of an immediate backlash from female voters.

However, the new Liberal leader has a huge job ahead to convince the electorate he knows better than Prime Minister Kevin Rudd how to deal with climate change.

 Whilst I am surprised that Abbott got the job, he  is no more "churchy" than Rudd, who is a practicing Anglican. (The difference  being that Tony  has a big mouth and wears his heart on his sleeve. ) They have very similar moral beliefs.

One thing I will say for Abbott, at least he has everyone talking about climate change. Rudd's ETS was a dog, that  Turnbull was prepared to  roll over for, and accept. Now Rudd will be forced to explain his ETS policy in more detail. And that is a good thing.

 It's going to be an interesting election. I expect Abbott to land a few punches, though no knockout blows to the nerdy boring Kevin Rudd.

 As Mark Kenny said of Abbott   in THE PUNCH

But his unpolished bluntness, and honesty to a fault, will be a beautiful contrast with Kevin Rudd’s mealy-mouthed gobbledigook and tortured language. Voters will have a real choice.

 I am sure Rudd would have preferred Hockey as his opponent. He knows him quite well. Abbott on the other hand will be a much tougher opponent, and harder to predict.

a good point

Kathy, your post is worthy of conversation.

For instance, you decribe the ETS scheme as "a dog that Turnbull was prepared to roll over for...".

Not if Turnbull beleives that climate change is a problem and something- anything- needs to done, even if only to raise public consciousness of the problem

You needed to clarify, in what way it was "a dog".

A "dog" because it doesn't cut carbon emissions enough, for example, or is too soft on polluters, even encouraging them to stay to pollute further, with handouts of corporate welfare.

Or, because it cuts emissions at all, if you are a climate change sceptic. 

A sobering thought (or two)

Paul, Rudd's ETS  is flawed  and does not do enough to lower carbon emissions. It is costly and the average person does not understand the policy. It is about time Rudd did some real explaining rather than finger pointing accusing people of being climate change denialists if they do not accept his ETS.

, Kevin Rudd described anyone who didn't follow his strict recipe for a CPRS as heretics and deniers. He pointed to a multinational conspiracy that was being orchestrated by a powerful minority driven by vested interests who were "quite literally holding the world to ransom". But it wasn't just those who questioned the science who were labelled deniers. It was also anyone who raised questions about the design of the CPRS or expressed concern about its effect.

Using this criteria, there are many deniers and participants in the global conspiracy.

They would include John Brumby, Anna Bligh, Nathan Rees, Mike Rann and Colin Barnett: all the state premiers and chief ministers whose governments commissioned work that showed the CPRS, unamended, would cost 126,000 jobs by 2020.

Even the commonwealth Treasury is implicated. Buried away in Treasury's own modelling is an admission that under the CPRS (5 per cent reduction scenario) coal-mining output will be 35 per cent lower than it would otherwise have been.

Presumably even some of the CPRS's staunchest defenders will concede that a one-third reduction in forecast output will mean thousands fewer jobs.

And is the global investment bank Morgan Stanley another unwitting stooge of this vast conspiracy? (That's the group that's been asked to take a look at the effect of the CPRS on the power generation sector.)

That would be an incredible double-cross play worthy of the KGB, as it was the federal government itself that asked Morgan Stanley to determine if the vested interests-deniers-conspirators were exaggerating the effect of the CPRS on their businesses.

According to well-sourced reports, the results did not quite match up to the conspiracy theory. In fact the report -- which the government refuses to release -- is understood to vindicate those against the scheme"

Mitch Hook The Australian


 More discussion and debate is needed in my opinion , Paul,  and Abbott has paved the way for this. He has his work cut out though, and needs to present a viable alternative that the public can accept and understand.

As an aside, whilst I have never been a fan of Tony Abbott , I just can't seem to get this image of him in his budgie smugglers out of my mind. Never knew he had such a good bod (Yeah, I know I'm a sick unit.)

He won't win the next election, but I'd put money on  him to beat Kevin Rudd in a budgie smuggler competition.

Ugh, the thought of Kevin Rudd in a pair of bs's is a sobering one indeed.

horse (water)- trading

Kathy, You'd have enjoyed a deeply exercised Brian Toohey hoeing into the Rudd CPRS this morning on ABC "Insiders" ( or Outsiders", if you are as dubious of them as I am ) He thinks it's more about setting up a new Derivatives market than anything to do with solving any real world problem.

Loaded and useless

Climate change  is a loaded and useless term. The world is undergoing a phase of warming - not unlike others in its past - and hence "Global warming" is far more appropriate. "Climate change" is used to strongly imply that somewhow the climate is being altered by a an agent, to whit, mankind.

The issue, well doused in politics and zealotry on both sides, is how much of the current warming phase is a product of our behaviour. To read the propagandic pollutants espoused by "climate change" zealots one would think such warmings had never before ocurred. On the other side dogmatic denialists would insist that we have absolutely no effect at all upon the the current warming (and, by logical extension, the environment).

The truth is in between and rather more  inclined to the current event being largely "normal". Which is not to say we do not contribute: we demonstrably do. I'm with Hockey: the earth (like a batsman) "deserves the benefit of the doubt"

On Hockey, the Liberal hard heads have it right. Let Abbott fight his election on ClimateChoices versus WorkChoices then seriously contest the following election with a more middle-ground appealing face like Hockey.

Father Park

No Church Block for Kev, Bertie.

Mike: " On Hockey, the Liberal hard heads have it right. Let Abbott fight his election on ClimateChoices versus WorkChoices then seriously contest the following election with a more middle-ground appealing face like Hockey."

But, please, no pics of Hockey in his budgie smugglers. Certainly  Joe's ample abdomen would disguise any evidence of smuggling, I reckon  :)

I don't think Hockey is the man either. Genial Joe is very likeable, I agree. But is he tough enough? He reminds me of Kim Beazley(a very nice and genuine bloke) and we know what happened to his political aspirations.

And, like Beazley, Hockey is overweight. It's just not a good look .Never mind the health aspect.

 The job of Prime minister is physically and mentally challenging. Rudd understands this, that is why he is mindful of his diet  and keeps his weight in check.

Hockey in his budgie smugglers

But, please, no pics of Hockey in his budgie smugglers.

One would certainly hope not Kath. Certain people are not ever cut out to be budgie smugglers: it is why I'm mostly behind the camera.

 A poll has shown that women are not as scared of new federalOpposition Leader Tony Abbott as the Labor Party would like, and just asmall number of voters think he's an extremist [...] Whilst I am surprised thatAbbott got the job...

The Labor party is in no way surprised Kath: they've been planning an election against Abbott essentilally since the last. Their polling is clear as will be their tactics. 

Although no dill,  Abbott is a creature of his beliefs (aren't we all?). He immediately flagged the resurrection of WorkChoices by resuscitating individual work contracts as a core industrial realtions policy (somehow AWCs will sound different). Furtive mentions turned fervid denials as "unfair dismissal" laws were given the three cock crows by the shadaow IR minister. Right.

His front bench?  Well, what in hell did anyone really expect if not fellow travellers? Tony's rewarded the thoroughly underperformed former minister for anything he could stuff up, Kevin Andrews,  for being his dupe of a stalking horse: payment for services rendered; nothing like conviction eh? If that isn't enough he's also lured the execrable Philip Ruddock back into public view from the furniture the party tried so hard to hide him under after the 2007 flogging. To top it all Tony has promoted the failed and forgettable Bronny Bishop - former minister for kerosene baths - who must surely be operating her shadow portfolio from an office in one of the nursing homes rooms she was demonstrably irresponsible for.

Tony's heartland issue is highlighted by the appointment of Abetz to shadow IR. Tony needs a bloke with the skin of a saltwater crock to push his former nephew: WorkChoices.

Tony is not interested in answering questions - especially about policy - he reckons he will circle the government counterpunching and jabbing. With a front bench like that it is the only tactic he might choose.

Father Park

Forgive me, Father Park

Forgive me, Father Park for I have sinned. I don't remember  what I done rong, but I keep getting this flash before my eyes: Abbott in 'boards whilst Joe wears a 'kini, as does the former minister for petrol-boarding of the  undead.

 Speaking of undead,

It's actually Phlashin' Phil Ruddock in the budgie smugs ( Kath, do you have the same vison...whoooaahhh, eh? ), surely...

Or was it actually Chris Pyne. Or whackit  Wilson or Turnbull ?

Am not so sure about Kevin Andrews in a baby-doll and Eric Abetz is no Megan Gale. Leaves us the Julie Bishop twin-set, or Mincin' Minchin, whilst we could pass off Sophie Mirabella as a sort of home grown  Miranda Kerr, hmmm?

Bless you Paul...

Forgiveness lies in the glass Paul.

Five or six Guinness should do it. Abscence does not occasion abstinence. Should Guiness not be to hand eight to ten schooners of Black will substitute.

Along with many other Ilks,  pontificating from our comfortable suburban surroundings,  I am given to regular and confronting bouts of alcohol equivalency.  It's an Ilk thing.

It is, in fact, a dogma of the Rectory of the Lincentious Lush...

Father Park

What choice?

No jargon or doublespeak from Abbott. His clarity of thought and language will expose Rudd as the emperor with no clothes.

Oh dear. A slightly over-exited Mandy Devine gushes over the new Liberal leader. Seems she's not really ever listened to him. 

I drove back from Eucumbene (last week) and heard him on Snowy Mnts 2XL with Price. The reaction afterwards (from the callers) was that the bloke refused to answer questions (similar for Penny Wong). One woman was quite pissed at his obfuscation. What's new? He's a politician and was clearly planning the planting of the kitchen knife into his arrogant leader. Mandy sees him differently.... somehow. She is, in fact, quite taken with this new leader: "he's decisive, fit and virile, for starters [...]  He's a rugby playing, boxing Rhodes Scholar ..." Mandy alsothinks that the "Abbott -hate" will see him eventually "given afair go" in the way John Howard was; the worse the hate, the more admiredthe hated stoic.

Abbott is not liked. Full stop, period. That is unlikely to change: zealots don't generally endear themselves to the middle ground. The obfuscation levels will escalate.

Mandy also (the hope is palpable) sees the ETS as Rudd's "WorkChoices". Imagine that. During Howard's last term she'd hardly have used that policy name as such a strong negative.

Abbott, according to Mandy,  has learned from Howard - particularly not to "get ahead of the party". As Mandy wrote these lines Abbott, in step with his fellow travellers on the right if not the entire party, immediately announced a commitment to individual work contracts. The carefully preserved corpse of WorkChoices, protected and guarded by the faithful,  had the defibrillators applied and the much detested heart of - the now reduced to epithet - WorkChoices was jump started. Any belief that the resurrection shuffle stops just there is a clear indication of infection by fairies at the foot of the garden malaware.

Learned from Howard indeed: proud of being disliked and planning on stoking the dislike.

So, according to Mandy, the next election will be LCP & WorkChoices(1) versus LAB and WorkChoices (2): ClimateChoices.

Father Park

suffaragette city?

Verandah can't get past the budgie smugs, mate.

 Abbott becomes a "stand alone",or " free standing" candidate for one in such a turmoil of a state of mind, and such folk will thus yearn the more for erect- sorry,  election night, in fevered expectation of a strong climax to such exertions, even if the candidate overwhelmingly seems a pr-ck prone to hard balling, unwilling to"spare the rod" with recalcitrant voters...

eight legs good, two legs bad.

I suppose the most difficult thing with cockroaches would be with pullovers and panty hose.

Although, I suppose they could be quite invaluable on a production line or as secretary/telephonists.

One limb free for dictation while another holds a phone, another works a computer keyboard and another prepares a cuppa while yet one more stirrs the sugar in for the bosses coffee. All this while happily typing away whilst handing a form to a dolie at reception whilst the last limb free directs a rep up a corridor to the purchasing officer's sworkspace.

Adds a new dimension to the notion of multi skilling, doesn't it?

Swallow the roach!

Couple of thoughts about todays dose of Ossie politics.

Firstly, It appears likely that Julie Bishop has been singled out for alleged membership of an arthropodic species renown for its lack of hygeine and  gruesome tendency to cannibilisation.

But the outcome presents a conclusion that Bishop may be the one two- legged member currently on the opposition front bench. Malcolm's frustration got the better of him; more likely, now he has egg on his face, while for the first time this year Bishop emerges from a political situation looking better for it.

Perhaps they were thinking of  JoeTripodi and Kristina Kenneally, but just got the names wrong?

Erections of the broader kind

I agree Marilyn, refugees have nothing to do with border protection but they have a lot to do with broader erections, of the political kind. We all know this but many play along anyway.

With a grand total of 6 refugees per day we can expect to be inundated by the equivalent of the world's population (current count) in around 3,180,135.84 years. I don't know about you but I'm shitting myself, really. But hopefully in another 3,180,135.84 years I might get used to the idea.

For those who find this unacceptable then you do have the option to euthanize yourselves withing the next few million years or so, good luck.

That's an awful lot of erections

So am I. Shitting myself I mean.

Let's get this clear. We are talking about 6.8 billion people, right?

Bugger that. I don't care if it's over three million years from now. Folk around here get all alarmed about global warming and that's less impending.

Pass the glass capsules and razor blade please.

Bufo marinus will overtake our great nation.

Don't do it Geoff, after all, who is going to clean up the mess. Anyway, why worry about a measly six refugees when our nation is being over run by zillions of  those free loaders from South America. I reckon them toadies do far more damage than a handful of desparate human beings.

Having said that, if I haven't talked you out of topping yourself then why not eat a few of them toadies, you'll do our great nation a very small favour. I've been told they are very toxic but you can expect to have a colourful death.

Let me know how you go.


I think the election will be close

I can't understand why a center right party wouldn't have this position from the start. Politics unlike business can only have a winner and a loser. There isn't a middle-ground.

1. Fighting against any tax is an advantage. That's not to mention one that hasn't even been explained. What has the government been doing for two years? Lack of explaination allows the center right to make the running ie scare campaign.

2. The natural wedge is between blue collar and white collar workers ie center left voters.

3. Environmental issues allow the subject of population into the debate. Doesn't Australia have a slight border problem with refugees? And who does that problem favor?

The Republican Party in the USA has a very simple formula; they fight on their opponents greatest strength and greatest weakness, in affect merging the two. So when Obama talks say free health care a sizable part of the population hears death squads, killing their Grandparents etc.

Whatever one thinks of such tactics, one thing can't be ignored, they've been very successful. That's some food for thought.

Refugees are not about border protection

Why do you peddle the tripe about refugees being part of border protection when the law specifically states that border security is never an excuse to turn people away, in fact it is illegal under our law.

Now get a grip on reality.

We are whining here about 6 refugees per day arriving by sea compared to 20,000 tourists, 877 foreign students, 811 permanent migrants and 1900 Kiwis every day.

Not to mention over 2,000 people per day at our sea ports and 13 other people per day applying for refugee status who fly here.

Now grow up and stop the pathetic bleating.

Richard:  Marilyn, a little less personal slagging and a bit more on-topic conversation would be appreciated.  Eg, how do you foresee Australian immigration policy under Abbott?

Minarets and Mad Monks

"Don't laugh!  Iff Abbott can pull this one off... "

That's funny Richard, but if he does I reckon we should immediately have a referendum to ban the construction of those threatening erections protruding from mosques, like the Swiss did. Now, won't that just be dandy!


The Skeptics Party

Shock result as Abbott wins Liberal leadership by one vote

All together now, to the tune of Wayne Newton's "Irresponsible"...

Call me unelectable
Call me untrustable
Throw in undependable too

Do my foolish treacheries bore you
Well, I'm not too clever
I'll just ignore you

Call me unpredictable
Tell me I'm impractical
Rainbows, the science is un-clear

Call me unelectable
Yes, I'm pretty horrible
But it's undeniably true
I'm a skeptic and you're... full of p**

 You've got to laugh...

REALLY beyond a joke

"People Skills" ????? 

looks like Hockey might have SOME integrity

Would appear that he's not accepting the Faustian bargain to gain Abbott/Minchin support, and (assuming Malc is spilled) will not agree to the ETS vote delay in order to be unopposed: the likely Abbot vs Hockey vote will then be a sort of horrible mixture of pro vs anti-ETS and "people skills" vs electability.



Hockey was slagged on for that, too. They had an answer.

Apparently his refusal to go further means that he is another Costello, too scared to declare himself.

Abbott is apparently trying to explain away a recent public remark of his that climate change is "crap" - he now reckons he was just funnin'.

Sooooo.. what happens next. ?

Climate Change legislation blocked twice (after various committtee deferments, double disollution.. then it's either the Libs lose and head to the wilderness for 10 years, or an Australian Government controlled by the religious right?

Don't laugh!  Iff Abbott can pull this one off...

The obvious, perhaps...

The Libs lose the next election, the Greens grow their percentage, and the Senate remains a bunfight? Maybe... But, of course, it could be worse... :)

Beyond a joke

So,  they've damaged several of their already decimated handful of likely leadership prospects for the future again, convinced the public that they are malcontents arrived here from the fifteen hundreds via Dr Who's Tardis and reduced themselves to a despised laughing stock.

And will end up passing the government's (amended) legislation anyway.

Never in the course of human history has so much effort ,rage and hot air been exflated to such little purpose.

Mobile madness...

"Hey, Turbo, how are 'ya mate?"

"Abbo, you ahole, bugger off..."

"Mate, mate, chill out. It's just a little split milk."

"Split, spoiled and rancid, you steaming..."

"Turbo, turbo, how about a deal?"

"Deal, schmeal, weasel-breath."

"No listen mate. How about we get the Porkster to throw his hat in the ring, you can be climate change minister, and we hurl McFarlo off into managing Abare press releases or something? I only want to be ShadTreas, which of course befits me, and take the knuckle to Swanee, who's even weirder than me? Mate, this could be big... bigger than Beazley! It'd put the fat back into the family way! Whaddyareckonoldmate?"

"Absolute bullshit, you anaemic treacherous wanker."

"OK, well, I guess I'll, see you on Tuesday. By the way, can you get through to the Porkster?"

"No, I keep getting a message."

"Hmmm, funny that..."

Brenda Brenda

Will be the happiest girl in the Liberal Party today as she trots off to Brussels next year in her new job.

She will be laughing her head off that the king of the castle has had his head chopped off on the altar of his own arrogant belief that he was the only one left born to rule.

The liberals have always been misnamed and this rabble certainly proves that point.

I think it is hysterical and the blame certainly goes straight back to Howard.

Meanwhile here in Adelaide we started the month with the first ever massive heat wave and we are ending the month with way above average rainfall and wintry conditions.

Much angst in general

Much angst in general concerning witch hunts for dissidents since the 2007 implosion.

But we can adopt an unexpected view that the less irrational folk driven from the camp of the Zealots are or will eventually, be far happier away. They'll  find, free of the more psychiatric elements of the Tory side of politics who have, " taken over the asylum', a life and normality closer to the standard we experience ourselves, and for that at least we may feel greatful for any victims of political purges.

Either that or they can go to Indonesia, hire a decrepit fishing boat with the last of their super and sail the open ocean to seek asylum as refugees to rich earthly paradises like Sri Lanka or  Afghanistan, away from this nation blighted by Talibanised Toryhood..

We lost the election because we weren't right/left enough

It has been a fascinating trend in the last several years for parties that lose elections to be taken over by the zealots who say something like: "we lost this election by trying to appeal to the centre: if only we'd stuck to our guns and pushed for real socialism/conservatism (delete as necessary), we'd have prevailed".

This is merely the most blatant example of the trend in all political debate to ignore all evidence, and just stick to what you believe will work, however many times it has failed. 

In the future they won't thank you

If a political outfit believes in a reasonably free market they couldn't help be against this tax. The equivalent is the Pope no longer believing in God. It should be a core belief.

The tax is broad based and not particularly well thought out (brush fires are being put out everywhere). It's going to cause one unholy uproar about unforeseen consequences when the big game starts. It's a tax solely designed to broaden the net tax payer deficit of western nations. So guess who it will be attacked most sharply? Non-net tax-payers.

If our leaders believed in climate change they wouldn't up until very recently be running about like mad dogs talking us all into a sale. Taxes (borrowed funds actually) now pay for part of a car, house, and God knows what else. All in the name of keeping up appearances (consumption figures).

I don't think any of these leaders has even been questioned about the non- consistency of these twin polices. Government now days is really only about daily crisis management. And it's showing.

I'd prefer to be fighting this tax rather than selling it. I don't see how fighting against it is even going to be difficult.

"Free" market?!?

Even if you ignore the CPRS, governments already subsidise fossil fuel use in Australia to the tune of approximately $10 billion per annum, completely distorting energy and transport policy as a result. Both the Coalition and the ALP support these subsidies. There is nothing even vaguely resembling a "free" market. Phase out the existing subsidies and we might start to see the "level playing field" much vaunted by the free market zealots. 

cultural in-breeding

You know, the eliminating of anything outside of a right wing view is a parallel move across the political divide for twenty years.

Labor has paid the price for the dysfunction inevitable from a quarantined political monoculture as thrown up in examples like the NSW government.

At the moment, if you look at the dead wood carrying on the denialism thing with the Tories, the likes of Sussan Ley, Mathias Corman, Bernardi, the "new "generation, wtf - these and others of this appalling ilk are results of a screening process in operation since Howard began these purges back in the eighties on the Liberal side whilst in opposition. We know from the likes of Petro Georgio what the under-siege saner elements in the Liberal party who survived the purges think of the current nonsenses. But the likes of these have as much chance of a meaningful say as the remnants of the Labor left, like Duncan Kerr.

If you are a free thinker, you end up with the Greens; before them there was the Democrats.

Libs' Catch-22

Thank you Ian, hadn't been thinking along that line. It makes perfect sense. Surely, though, Turnbull would have considered that playing such a gambit would create a high chance of him falling on his own sword? All well and good if you're playing the game, but it looks now like the pieces are moving themselves.

I missed the 7.30 Report last night (my daughter being a fan of the musical program Glee making watching ABC more than my life was worth) and thus missed this classic analysis:


There is an Australian inversion of Catch-22: if you want to lead the Liberal Party now you must be insane and shouldn't be allowed to.

By that measure, Joe Hockey is the sanest person in the Opposition because he genuinely does not want to lead it now. But he may not be able to avoid it.

If he does not resign beforehand, then, early next week, Malcolm Turnbull will face a second spill motion. This time it will pass and candidates will nominate for a ballot.

By then Mr Turnbull will know that more than half his party wants change and he has little hope of winning. He is tough and courageous, so his final throw of the dice might be to gamble that his conservative opponent, Tony Abbott, is also a polarising a figure.

If Mr Turnbull contests, Mr Hockey will not run. If he stands aside, Mr Hockey faces the agonising choice of letting leadership fall to Tony Abbott, or contesting and, likely, winning the worst job in Australia.

Reports are coming out this morning that Abbott will run if Turnbull doesn't change his mind, I guess, in corporate teminology, this would be called a hostile takeover?

How many people in Canberra are holding their breath this morning?

Tough times

Hockey seems to agree with Turnbull on GW, but of course may not. Abbott used to, under Howard, but now appears to see his chance. Turnbull seems to be the only one with a clear, reasonable motive for leadership and the hope for genuine reform. Hockey would compromise to let the skeptics in, and Abbott would bend over for them. IMO, Hockey and Abbott can only make things worse. 

"It's only a flesh wound" but will Turnbull survive today?

Fran Kelly made the comparison to the Monty Python sketch on RN the morning.. spot on!  I've just been listening to Turnbull talking through the process, and though he's soldiering valiantly.. with 10 of his frontbench deserting him over the last 48 hours, what chance does he have?

The vote's apparently going to be at 3.45 (EST) this arvo.. if a committee deferrment motion doesn't get through.  Okay, it's not the negative vote that would ensure Rudd calling a double dissolution.. but might he anyway?  According to Turnbull, an election so called would destroy the Libs.  What, they're not stuffed already?

Weeding out the skeptics

Hi Richard,

Turnbull had to weed out the GW skeptics, as he could not face an election under their influence. He is running the Libs like a corporation, which is his background. I admire his stand, as it will help modernise the party. Personally I hope he succeeds; if he gets his way the Libs become a more electable prospect, IMO.

seething anger

You mention "moral substance", Richard Tonkin.

I could have thrown up after watching that grisly Judas, Abbott, celebrating his latest piece of amoral back stabbing, this time on Turnbull.

Followed by all these other great "moralists", like Fierravanti Wells, Andrews, Abetz, Mirabella, Bronwyn Bishop, Minchin, that infantile idiot Bernardi and deadwood of the ilk of Corman and Mason.

What a rogue's gallery of moral transgressors, previously in government, now opposition.

Sorry, forgot.

"Morality" only involves someone else's sex life, or you not touching my property even if you are starving to death.

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