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Ya shag just one sheep: Premier Rann's "porky"

 I wonder if the punchline to the old joke was going through SA supremo Mike Rann's mind as an irate husband was bashing his head with a rolled-up magazine? "Remember my wife?" the bloke was heard to ask as he gave the Premier half a dozen whacks, before being restrained by other ALP heavywieghts at the $600-a-head Party fundraiser. 

The bloke with the magazine, Rick Phillips, had been at a tasting event occurring simultaneously in another part of the Wine Centre.  It would appear that as the night rolled on, Phillips developed a taste for more than shiraz, and used the lucky timing to take his revenge.

"Revenge for what?" you ask?  The Premier reckoned he'd never seen the bloke before, didn't know what it was all about.  Given that (according to Michelle Chanteloiis on national telly last night) Rann had been shagging this bloke's missus on his Parliament House desk, some might find it incredible that Rann could claim to be unaware of the attack's background.  If so he couldn't been reading the missives Phillips had been sending him, which included such memorably "vile" phrases as "The fallout from this has devasted my family"  

When a connection to the now-ex Parliament House barmaid became publc knowledge, our Premier looked his electors in the eye and said:".."terrific person, great mother, and she becamoe, you know a friend"  Michelle explained last night that in one of their friendly encounters  "He pushed the furniture aside, and that was where it occured, on the floor of his office."  She also confessed to the incident on the Premier's desk top.  You can watch the piece here.

Aside: to roam freely through Adelaide's Parliament House in the middle of the night, all you need is a friendly politician with a swipe-card and pin number to show you around.. Been there, done that.. have they updated the "Australian literature" section in the library yet?  It was a bit feeble last time I looked.

Michelle's parting comment to Seven's Sunday Night audience was ""I'm taking responisibility for my own bad behaviour, and Mike Rand should be taking responsibility for his own bad behaviour." When you leave a line like that hanging in the air, it's not going to go away for quite a while.

As Rann and his army of journos prepare to extoll both the man's and his government's virtues before he March State election,many are now going to have trouble trusting the words they hear.  Defence hubs, a new live music coloseum and new highways; everything they do to try and win at the polling booth is going to be tarnished by the Premier's "porky"

For those who don't know it, I'll give you a short version of the joke.  A politician's sitting at a bar consoling himself after losing the election.  "No one remembers that I went to law school, became a prosecutor,brought criminals to justice, reduced crime, made the community safer,a place people want to live, raise a family, where they don't have toworry about becoming victims. No one cares!"

"No matter how much good you've done in your life, ya shag just one sheep ..."

It's a popular parable in political circles,humour belying an axiom that apparently hasn't been knocked into Mike Rann's head.  Until now, that is..

Rann has been saying he can't discuss the matter as it's before the courts.  A charge of aggravated assault was laid on Phillips after the alleged incident.  Two weeks later, according to the Advertiser, appropriate papers had not yet been fiiled wwith the courts. Sunday Night claims that he doesn't currently face any charges. An Advertoser story has suggested that if Phillips appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court in December he wouldn't be pleading until just before the March election. Given the politically dangerous timing of Phillip's plea hitting the front pages and refreshing Michelle Chantelois' story just before polling day,it would be unlikely that Rann would wish legal proceedings to continue.

A well-informed legally-minded mate has suggesed to me that a major problem is whether or not the rolled-up magazine constitutes an offensive weapon.  If it does, I have an interesting story about another senior SA minister I might tell you later. 

Michelle herself is about to use a mag for such a purpose.  Check out this week's New Idea.

Having already pre-smeared the show by inferring that payment for the interview compromised Michelle's credibility, the statement by the Premier later today should make entertaining reading.

In the meantime, enjoy the collection of transcript excerpts that AdelaideNow has posted

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Hill's Decision regarding St Clair Land Swap

It looks like the only way to stop corruption in our state will be to make CIR Citizen Initiated Referenda an issue at this state election come March 20th 2010.

We need to know just how every candidate will vote when Kris Hanna puts his CIR Bill on the table again.  I don't even remember him doing it back on October 13 2004, I will certainly be paying attention this time after seeing how two councils are refusing to hold referenda on extremely contentious issues.  Burnside and Charles Sturt no doubt will be fielding strong CIR teams at their next council elections.  The only politicians who do not want CIR are the ones without moral courage and integrity and we need to challenge every MP on this issue as an electorate.  We do NOT want vested interests controlling our legislature.  We all know how our elected representatives voted about an anti-corruption commission - they didn't think they needed it! 

shakes head

Re St Clair,

As the Premier jets off with his entourage to Cohenhagen in the wake of Minister Hill's disastrous"adjudication", what to make of the latest opinion poll suggesting that the public appears unmoved by what was clearly, surely,  a poor month for the Rann government.

They are unmoved by the Chantelois kerfuffle (not so worried about that) and must like the government's "development at any cost" policies.

Ok, that's"safe", I suppose.

But it makes you wonder at an electorate so lacking in imagination

. A bit like Jedd Clampett in Beverly Hills, or maybe the folk in Plato's cave. So much appears to get under their radar, is over their heads and beyond their grasp.

Would they know shit from clay?

four legs good.

We notice there was some sort of strife involving I think, Unley Council and the Goodwood orphange and grounds, this week also.

"If it moves, shoot it,

If stationary, bulldoze it".

But only if it's useful or beautiful.

Richard Tonkin's post, "not guilty" leaves me in two minds

Richard Tonkin's post, "not guilty...",

leaves me in two minds.

 I have come to dislike Rann and the State government's arrogance. St Clair is the culmination rather than the beginnng, as to this process. Compared to NSW Labor or the federal coalition opposition, the Rann government is still functional, but the firewall erected to keep the public "out " during the second term and the nature of some the obscured stuff going on behind that firewall, is troubling. 

But I loath Clinton style tabloid witch hints based on issues that are arguably private. I don't like gold diggers, perhaps sponsored by vested interests, who give no thought of the disruption to government , hence other people, while they are in pursuit of their venal objectives, either.

You know, its getting difficult to find out anything relevant at all, with the mess the local press is in.

You can read whole weeks of the Advertiser with not  a news item worthy of the name to be spotted.

Sitting on a dock on the bay..

There are some good pieces in the Tiser, and there seem to be many journos who come from a good place.  However, I mostly read it to see what people in Adelaide aren't being told cf a two newspaper town.  It can get quite staggering.

Yes we all know the level of tawdriness to the situation.  I'm waiting to see if the paper milks yet another letters season out of David Hicks Beyond have just announced an ABC telemovie, so there's probably enough fuel.  And don't forget that Michelle's lawyer last hit front pages representing Hicks.  Surely someone can put those two and two together and get a couple of hundred column centimetres.

It hasn't been done it for a couple of years on Boxing Day  because there haven't been Sales here then.. but have a look at the horoscopes on the first day of resumed trakding  Iacross the Zodiac) and see if you can't spot a common thread of inciting home arguments as motivation for impulse shopping.. that's a one-town-newpaper in the silly season for you.

However, Paul, try to set the tawdriness aside and have a look at the underlying situation.. if Rann repeats his previous claims on the Bible, there had better not be any evidence that might imply perjury.  I doubt it will come to that though; Michael Abbott will be doing his damnedest to keep the Premier out of the docks.

I think Courts go back round the Tenth. It could be the kind of Summer Reading. one picks up to avoid going troppo from too much January TV.

Yeah Richard, I know

Yeah Richard, I know...

I thought yesterday he wouldn't be following his current approach without high level legal advice that it's the best way to go.

And everytime I start feeling sorry for him, I think of things like his unthought through Hills clearance legislation and the like.

As with G-wretchgate, a certain amount of cleverness undone is involved.

 It's nice to know that the great and the good can slip up too, on the other hand if bright folk can't keep out of the edgar britt, what hope a mug like me!

Watching it on TV mews, the

Watching it on TV mews, the AG obviously is well aware of public sentiment, but determined to "crash through or crash", in pursuit of a policy that employs the St Clair parks also as a message to developers that the electorate is "contained", as outlined in the conversations reported involving Rann and Bob Ellis a few years ago, that the government controls the electorate, not vice versa.  It's a very Jeff Kennett (repressive) early nineties type scenario, as politicians seek to drive off community input in the interests of corporatism and lack of accountability.

This is Right or New Labor's attempt move from its community roots to a more lucrative position of arbitrage, free of accontability,  in the re-allocation of community wealth away from the community to would be controllers inthe formof developers and politicians.

Good also to see the Eastern suburbs group fighting for the Chelsea cinema, not capitulating.

Isobel Redmond

Ms Redmond came out very strongly on the steps of Parliament House in support of the residents and ratepayers of Charles Sturt Council Thurs 3rd December.  I'm not sure how much coverage the media have given it since I was there, but she spoke about her own experiences seeking justice in a similar experience with the Stirling Council.   She certainly gave an assurance that if she won there would be no land swap which certainly satisfied the ratepayers who were there.  Her speech might need to be put on Youtube if the TV stations won't play it.

Rann's advisors as usual have been brilliant and he has come out with his plans for Adelaide Oval AFL, in time to distract from his government's forced backflip over the legal battle and the corruption allegations that are gathering momentum.  

As a Charles Sturt Ratepayer I would really like to see local govt reform so that this situation never happens again, with citizen-initiated referendum legislation for councils, where if 5% of ratepayers and residents on the electoral roll have signed a petition, that should be enough to free up the council pursestrings for a referendum.  It is a good use of ratepayer money to hold a referendum anytime there is an issue this contentious, and it's time that a cohesive policy was put into place for the next election on this issue and if the ALP adopted it, that would normally be good enough for me.

 Unfortunately it is not, because I have seen too much suffering from my own  children under Rann policies in the school and health systems.  Mental health is a huge issue and we have had so many more murders, not from bikies, but from people who should be on medications and under medical care.  We are much more likely to be murdered now as a result of Rann's mental health policies, than we are to be murdered by a criminal.  Similarly with the violence situation in the classrooms - mainstream schooling does not work with Autism Spectrum Disorders when those children have no regard for the consequences of their actions.  They need specialised and isolated schooling for the safety of the rest of our children.  Other states like NSW and Vic do it. It would be a much better use of tax payer money to use one of those campuses that they want to sell off to house the violent ASD children.   Not all ASD children are violent, but the ones which are, they are not dealing with properly in the South Australian school system, putting teachers, SSOs and more importantly, our vulnerable little children at risk of being physically assaulted because of their outdated policies.  

Rann's Law and Order policies are laughable when you consider that after so many years of him as Premier of our great state, we are less safe than we were before as a direct result of his mental health policies for adults and children in the community and schools.  For this alone I would like to see him gone from state politics, but coupled with his total lack of regard for justice and fair dealing in the matter of Charles Sturt Council, I cannot see how his government can survive at the next election.

SA A-G accised of land-swap bullying

I can easily understand the fuss about the land swap.  These two announced Tranist Orented Developments are part of the same pre-election smokescreen as the Tramstop To Nowhere- or as we prefer to call it, the Tramstop to The Gov.

The idea is to create a population-growth "urban infill" in our long and skinny city by creating a chain of these T.O.D.s.  With the "showrrom floor" at Bowden-Brompton (wonder what it's new name might be?) almost undeway, and the land for the next link in the T.O.D chan organised, all that needs to be done is to organise the connective transport.

 The "first Tran-Tram line in Australia"; Bingo!  That's what the tramstop in front of the pub is ment to be.  When the trainline (behind the pub) is electrified (currently mooted to be in 2015) the tram would theretically merge back to the train route.  It would then run through the T.O.D at St Clair.  These two T.O.D's would then have direct tram. access to a lot of Adelaide.  

All that's been built of this system (apart from the light guage rail stracks that were laid (in anticipation) through parts of Port Adelaide a few years ago. is the one tramstop.  All that's being built of the new mode of Adelaide living is a Government funded showroom on Robert Gerard's land    Armed with these two Rann could present for re-election claiming to have created a new Adelaide lifestyle.

The landswap was necessary to free up landspace on the transpoprt route in order to present the package; now that the courts are supporting the protesting locals, the presentation of the T.O.D system appears shakier than a house of cards.

To make matters worse for the government, our Attorney-General has been implicated.  His electorate is smack-bang in the middle of all this.  Last night, in the dying gasps of this year's local Parliamentary session, Indy MLC David Winterlich accused the A.G of using bullying tactics to facilitate the land swap.  Winterlich cited exertion of undue influence over City of Charles Sturt councillors and the misuse of a campaign website.  Atkinson has responded on radio this morning with an accusation of politcal stalking and an invitation to repeat the claims without Parliamentary Privilege.  

This is not the first time, I must say, that I've heard political grumblings that Atkinson spends too much time running the Charles Sturt Council and not enough being Attorney-General..

Winterlich raises the same ethical problem that's the centre of of the Rann/Phillips/Chantelois scenario.. how can you be in charge of our ethics when you're not behaving ethically yourself?

Atkinson was just on the tranny,defending himself against the priveged claims.He talked about the transport benefits to St Clair/Woodvile locals, but seemed to be avoiding talking about the T.O.D.


Updates from the courts.

 Rick Phillips' charges have been reduced from aggravated  assault to  the plain old garden variety.  Papers have finally been lodged for his court appearance on Monday.

The Supreme Court has set aside the SA Local Govt Minister's approval of the St Clair land swap.  There's to be a Ministerial Inquiry. Sigh/

A nanosecond after

A nanosecond after Rann gets back in, the St Clair parks will be handed on a silver platter to the developers,  like St John's head to Salome.

The disturbing thing, apart from Labor's willingness to sell out its old friends and values for a quid,  has been the lack of interest from the Redmond Tories, despite a golden opportunity to gain traction in several western suburbs marginal seats, as pointed out by St. Clair advocates throughout the latest phase of this battle.

pizza my mind.

Geoff Pahoff, I agree with youth that the pizzas on that menu look mouth -watering.

But prawns, oysters and anchovies appear missing from the menu options.

Do you not regard this as a serious omission?

Australian Pizza

I agree entirely. Either prawns, oysters or anchovies is a grievous omission from any self respecting pizza menu. All three is monstrous. An outrage.

I was mollified only a little by the presence of that great Australian contribution to the global art of pizza gastronomy -- the Pizza Hawaiian. That's right. The ground breaking culinary innovation of tossing on a few chunks of canned pineapple first happened here. As you would expect.

Mind you it is likely that the Americans will claim this as an original American creation. Or at least Hawaiian. Such a thing would be typical. Bloody Yanks. Next they will be claiming that surfing is an American invention.

something new every day.

Not a shadow on Scottish cuisine, Geoff.

BTW, did you have to publicise the the fact that Australia invented that ham and pineapple version?

On second though, It is slightly worthwhile to be introduced to a prospective missing link between overboiled vegies and pie or fattish half cooked charcoaled sausages, slathered in red horse or "Bisto" packet gravy as masthead for an incorrigible but fondly held tradition of  Australian/Northern European diet traits now rated, arguably, as actually barbaric, against the culinary accomplishments of other cultures.

Scottish cuisine

fattish half cooked charcoaled sausages, slathered in red horse or "Bisto" packet gravy ...

Shove it all in a dead sheep's guts and what do you have? Haggis?

Richard:  Phew!  For a minute I thought you were going to say "South Australian politics"...

mylanta time

 Done guys, between you, you have succeeded where I failed, in transporting this topic to an altogether previously uncontemplated  level.


Think, while we are here, for we only want to "visit" rather than stay,  of Haggis in the context of the existence of Black Pudding, as a typically intemperate impertinence directed toward the grey English Midlands from North of the border. To whit;

"any thing totally unspeakable that you can do (or eat), we can do on a grander scale".

laura norder and vandalism

You know, the saddest thing about Tania Hubmayer's comment is that the working people of the western suburbs largely are the sort of people who would have originally unhesitatingly voted for Labor in good faith. They didn't realise that New Labor is just a shopfront and an advertising gimmick, and as Media Watch shows us, there is not a lot you can do about false advertising.

How deep the treachary, before these people would have "turned"? 

People know that council operates within the boundaries permitted it by state government legislation and state and federal funding. Therefore they know that council's behaviour is a consequence of pro developer legislation that commenced in the Olson era and gathered apace under this current lot, so the claim by state government that it's a "council decison" , is the sort of hollow response that really does begin to antagonise people after a while.

As for a referendum, because  they know what the result would be, they would shift heaven and earth to prevent any thing like real democracy in the western suburbs or anywhere else.

As for Charles Sturt council, I've seen enough of them lately to be confirmed in my view that they are incorrigibly arrogant, smug and probably venal.

T.O.D or not T.O.D. that is the question

 Welcome to Webdiary Tania.  I've beem admiring the stand being made against  CS Council.  I've given up believing in anything much from them.. too many broken promises that have needed renegotiationg.  Give me a ring at the Gov.. would love to have a chat some time.

I went to three days of "community consultation" regarding the Bowden Transit Oriented Development, saw several drafts of plans, and a nifty 3D model that made our pub look almost comically miniscule..   They're doing the same thing with community landspace here- putting open greensspace on areas too toxic for housing reclamation.  Given that tdevelopers have been goig down thirty feet  to remediate in Brompton, I guess they've figured it's too expensive on a large scale.  

What worries me is that earlier soil-replacement work has been proven to act as a poultice;. fresh earth drrawing the poisons out of the ground till it appears in garden beds at  unsafe levels.

And don't believe when they tell you that T.O.D greenspace will be at the World's Best Practice level of 20%.  I was amazed how quickly it could be whittled back to 12.

The biggest irony of the Bowden development is thje notion of building a living area based on public transport in an area that serves as a carpark for Mike and Jane's (Lomax-Smith that is) new Entertainment Precinct, about to be proclaimed.  440 carparks for round 13,000 worth of capacity.?  The CS council's new undercover parking fine collectors (you know about the dodgy animal protection vans, don't you?) will be Rolls Royces next time around.

And watch out  for Mayor Harold.. he complains to his neighbours that lots of folks say cruel and untrue things about him, but he'll try to shut you up with a solicitor's warning of  a defamation suit at the earliest opportunity.  I have papers to substanitate this.

The T.O.D system is a gold mine for CS Council, not to mention some of its past employees.  Care about the locals?  Look at Brompton.. most of us have already been squeezed out!

the Road to Damascus

 In the last post I sent, I mentioned that Rann Labor is vulnerable on some issues, including some to do with what's seen as a too-cozy  relationship with developers.

This very moment the Ten news is presenting a story concerning the western suburbs where folk like Richard Tonkin,  not to mention myself, reside.

 Charles Sturt council, in concert with a  state government intent on "developing" the old Cheltenham race course and environs, have tried to swap prime land currently employed as the glorious St Clair reserve system, for degraded industrial land.

 700 residents turning up to protest the highhandedly implemented process at council last week apparently hasn't been enough to have the council, which is part of the Labor Right's western suburbs machine, to come to a more intelligent response for local residents.

 With Rann,  what  offends is not the sex, it's the antic as evidence of  a general casual attitude toward the public. It confirms the impression given through incidents like the one the writer relates , concerning St.Clair parklands. As Richard and Trevor Maddock have indicated, it's not the sex incident in isolation, that's scarcely deserving of anything but dismissal.

It's in its aspect as a confirmation of a sequence of events that suggest growing duplicity and hubris.

But why are the Liberals silent on much of this?

Their own members have been caught out involving various sexual peccadilloes themselves, and their corporatist, development at any cost policies are identical to Labor, so like their federal mates, they have no legitimate way to tackle a sitting government.

So, as Richard suggested in conversation with this writer, the secret with Chantelois-gate was to remove this promising issue from the cosy suffocating relationship that exists between a state government and limited mass press and media, to figure a way of getting national media and press to cover the thing, instead.

But it may be of some benefit in the end, if Rann dimly realises that huge pain in the ass that he feels results from a stiff kick up the butt from a public irritated at being taken for granted.

But on the basis of the Charles Sturt example, I don't think the epiphany has eventuated, even yet.

Charles Sturt Council

Thank you Paul Walter for highlighting the Western suburbs.

I was there at the Council Meeting on Monday 23rd November, and it seemed like more than 700 people squeezed into the foyer area, and I saw quite a few leaving when they realised that the council were not allowing ordinary ratepayers and residents access to the meeting.  I really think that the protest is just the tip of the iceberg, as far as ratepayers and residents are concerned.  The last time Woodville ratepayers got concerned was when there was a proposed almalgamation with the Port Council and that was back in the mid 80's.  

The Save St Clair  Recreation Park Facebook site now has 792 members and it has only been going for two weeks. [In fact there were only 730 this morning and over 60 people have joined just in a few hours!!!]  Save the Chelsea Cinema has 3,618 members but has been going since May 2009.  The politicians should be paying attention to the groundswell of protest regarding local councils.  I was glad Mark Goldsworthy, a Liberal Member of Parliament was there, but it is frustrating that Isobel Redmond was not in attendance with prospective candidates for the next election, as she had a golden opportunity to campaign for the next election with the ratepayers of Charles Sturt Council.   Still there is the Rally on December 3rd outside Parliament House and I hope she comes to that. There are seven electorates covered in the City of Charles Sturt and ratepayer anger over Mike Rann and Michael Atkinson would be sufficient in itself to impact the outcome of the coming state election.  

"Vote Labour Last" was the cry at the rally and in at least 7 of the electorates the St Clair land swap will be a big issue, the labour heartland may well desert the ALP at the next election owing to their arrogant attitude towards the concerns of ordinary ratepayers and residents.  Nobody wants to take their kids to a toxic waste dump playground, and if it's such a good deal for ratepayers, why aren't they getting the whole Actil site in exchange instead of only a third, because the City of Charles Sturt apparently has the least amount of parkland per person in Adelaide.  We want men and women of integrity in our parliaments and city councils, and if these were just and honest people, they would be demanding a council referendum on this contentious issue, instead of trying to push it through at lightning speed. 

 The only fair, honest and just way of dealing with such contentious City Council decisions is to hold a referendum and it is NOT a waste of ratepayers' money, especially when there are corruption allegations involved. 

Only one

Ya shag just one sheep - oh dear, now I know why Mum said I could never make it in politics. She was right all along. Now where are those damned wellies - Father Park!!!

Doing the hokey pokey.

"I am constantly surrounded by advisers, members of Parliament come in and out, ministers come in and out, staffers come in and out, members of the Opposition come in and out."

I was in fits when I heard that from your esteemed Premier, Richard!

Rann comes in and out, no doubt!

He is a smooth and confident talker You are most certainly right about  no sex on the golf course being mentioned by Michelle or the media.

Perhaps he's trying ..too hard!

a rod of iron.

I'm astonished at the flow of ribaldry flowing from our usually impeccably demure Kathy.Farrelly

It's obvious that Rann's reputation for " hardness", hasn't deceived Kathy.  Although she knows it's a bit stiff for Rann I think the public needs to think more about the hole episode.

No doubt about,  nothing like a good old fashion sex scandal  to set Australians off.  We'd sleep through an earthquake or being nuked, but with something like Ranndygate, the whole country is awake.

I suppose we have to laugh or we'd cry- how great  the sense of elation when a tall poppy is "caught in their underwear", so to speak. What a wondrous epiphany when we discover that the good and the great , who we've been taught to revere, look no more edifying on the proverbial Sunday morning after Saturday night, than the rest of us.

It's all out of Chaucer or Rabelias. It's a wondrous romp at best, but we all know the dark side is that it's also a comment on the collective profound sense of limitation that is expressed within the term "humanity".

Others have hinted that SA Labor is open to attack, like Rudd Labor. The opposition leaves real issues because their own policies are identical, at bottom,  as the current refugee farce demonstrates.

That leaves sex....

Ho hum. What a farce, the lot of it.

It's not about sex.

Well, Paul, the "hole" affair is just one big joke really, so I cannot take any of it seriously. Whether Chantelois had sex with that man has nothing to do with the public at large. Why on earth she chose to bare her soul on a national television network, beats the hell outta me!

 Cringeworthy stuff.

This affair is between the couples involved.

Paul: "With Rann,  what  offends is not the sex, it's the antic as evidence of  a general casual attitude toward the public."

I agree Paul, it's not about the sex.

 He's not the first politician (nor will he be the last) to cheat on his wife. Goodness knows how many women JFK had, whilst in the white house. Yet, he is still one of America's most revered Presidents.

Having said that, however, I certainly believe that cheating is immoral and I do not condone it. It's just not anyone else's business, apart form those directly involved. 

And, another thing, in this promiscuous age, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone:."

Why do we expect so much more (from a moral point) from our politicians?

pipe and slippers.

Kathy, I agree with your sentiments and have actually been having a good think on the subtleties of your post.

Cheating is real cheating, when the element of betrayal involved eventually subsumes the rest, as occurred with Bill Clinton. It was not so much that he slept with other women, but that he eventually talked about his wife behind her back, to ingratiate himself with some of them.

The other thing with cheating is the self deception and when I deceive myself about something, I'll always end up hung out to dry, for not accepting a situation as it is.

As for Michelle Chantelois, my reaction has been to shun her, too.

But if Rann dealt as duplicitously with her as he has with the electorate, there would be some cause for whistle -blowing.

It's all so nineteenth century "Forsyte Saga"-ish, of course. Things change and don't change at all.

Tee for two? Who said that?

Halliburton plants, Geoff, are about to grow at our pub's front door, what with KBR being the "vegetation consultants" for Rann's "Tram to nowhere", which stops spitting-distance from our verandah till the second-next electoral round.  And no, hadn't missed Michelle's American background, but figured that others might pick it up.  Does Old Glory still fly on the wall above your comp?  However, the Flint/MM bit had quietly slipped by. Ta  Phil!

Glad to see we're all discussing the nature of the game here, as that's what it's all about.  I was once told, by a pretty interesting Australian literary figure, that Rann had aspirations to be President of Australia in an alliance with Hillary Clinton's Presidential successor.   Unfortunately under Hogarth Club (where the convo occurred) laws I'd probably have to hop naked down Rundle Mall wearing reindeer antlers if I told you who.. maybe something even worse.  Anyway I'm guessing that if Rann was indeed involved in any such "long game" negotiations.then he'd see the demise of Hillary and the advent of Obama not as a career-killer but an agent-of-change in his long term tactics.

How a situation like this is handled might be intrinsic to such longevity

Trevor  your post echoes (SA beer joke) many of my concerns.  It's been a case of development for it's own sake, and we're going to find out that it was considered a fairly safe bet, using Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Royal Bank of Scotland (read Icelandic) money.  Look at how quickly the PPP possibilities disappeared after the collapse.  And little old Brompton, the jewel in the crown on the engine of many a politician's gravy train over Robert Gerard's land.  Rann's had to build a "showroom"  (incluiding the tramstiop and the adjacent $64 million dollar conversion of our Entertainment Centre (the entrance to the carpark is supposedly going to be breathtaking) to entice potential customers to our little Monoipoly board, but it's not working... they're sitting in offices up and down Port Road, waiting for the next roll of the dice.  

There's much more at stake for Rann than merely the karmic fall-out from a sex scandal.

Paul Walter, I don't normally watch Channel 9 breakfast telly, but I wanted to have a look how they worked with Seven's exclusive.  Different extracts every half-hour, a website vote on resignation, repeated mentions that Rann had declined to talk to them.  Porn?  Nine didn't pay a cent, but did quite well perving from a distance..  Austereo were running Michelle's soundbites at ten to nine, radio prime time, and more than a couple of mothers were turning it off as they drove their kids to school.  In terms of media Hot Property this story's a Penthouse, and I doubt you'll find many outlets that weren't vainly searching under the pot plants for a key to the elevator.

Forgive me, folks, but for a couple of reasons (but  mostly for the humour in the lines if one has a tawdry mind, I'd like to present a couple of lines from Rann's statement today:

"I am constantly surrounded by advisers, members of Parliament come in and out, ministers come in and out, staffers come in and out, members of the Opposition come in and out.

"The suggestion that I would have sex on a golf course in Adelaide, as a fairly visible citizen of this state, is totally, absolutely ridiculous.

"So I reject these allegations.."

But hang on a minute, has Michelle (or anyone in mainstream media) been discussing a hole in one?   As far as I know Michelle hasn't mentioned any more than "intimacy" in a parked car on the roadside... nothing, Kathy, about shennanigans in the bucket seat of a Potomac, or even holdin' in a Holden.  Such Freudian Slips are the stock-in-trade of too many detective stories..


Richard Tonkin, disputing that ,

 "...payment for the interview compromised Michelle's credibility".

Yes Richard, it does compromise her and demonstrate her (possibly breathtaking)  lack of integrity. She's accomplice to a smear campaign run by the press and Liberals prior to an upcoming election?


 Looks that way...

 I'll try to avoid 7's politically motivated and exploitative porn show on the thing, and must say I find Michelle Chantelois at least as despicable and detestable as Rann, although I recognise that the Chantelois may have a reason for ramping things up; to save the husband from further court action. 

Pahoff mentioned she's American. She sure sounds it. That's enough for me, coming from the land of  "litigate or perish" and the vile Linda Tripp of Lewinskigate notoriety 

Porking leads to porkies.

Hi ya Richard..

 I can't help but think of this song when I read about  "stiff and wooden"  (sniggers)  sexual  escapades 


Mind you for a politician, porkies  are just ' par  for the course.'   In this case, the North Adelaide Golf Club!

 On the desk..On the floor ...Against the wall... Behind the door.. 

Oh okay, I made some of it up..

 Can't get that Sarah Silverman song out of my mind ;)

Richard:  Allo Kathy!  Lovely to see you back here!  Pardon me for putting the green eyeshades on for a minute, but I did a wee bit of tidying here.  Given that Rann's denied the lot and is threatening a defo on both Seven and New Idea, thought I'd err on the side of caution and look after Webdiary's scalp.  We wouldn't want to be caught up in dandruff...

Private Misdemeanours and Public Felonies

As someone living in South Australia, Premier Mike Rann’s sexual misdemeanoursare of little concern to me. If anything, they make him seem more human to me than he has so far. I always found him to be rather wooden, although he has got a bit better with the years. I also perceived him to be the one in government to announce the good news, with other ministers getting the more onerous tasks.

Given all this, I see the sex image as, if anything, a bit of an improvement. Perhaps, after all, he is more than a machine. What concerns me with Mr Rann’s administration is not what the premier does on his desk, or behind the North Adelaide golf course, in his spare time.

The Rann administration is the most reactionary and populist Labor government to \occupy office in my life-time. To me, it most resembles the far right nationalist Bjelke-Petersen administration that ruled Queensland for more than twenty years. Bjelke-Petersen was a steadfast opponent of all things socialist, an ultra-conservative, a promoter of fundamentalist values at a time when secularism was part of the required persona of an Australian politician. That the party born in Queensland to represent workers against the worst excesses of capitalism has in South Australia come to resemble such a administration as Bjelke-Petersen’s disgusts me far more than any sexual impropriety. I have lived in the same seat almost all my life and until the last two state elections it had always returned a conservative Liberal Party candidate. Now it returns a Labor candidate. There have not been any demographic changes to explain this shift and, personally, I find myself as unrepresented now as I ever did.

I live among a group of people who return the most conservative candidate in all elections. Nothing has changed, except the name of the party who fields the most conservative candidate. Last week I received a newsletter from the local member, a glossy full-colour publication that was light on traditional Labor topics but made much of the fact that the Rann government was giving police the powers they need to crack down on illicit drugs, on ‘hoon drivers’, on bikey gangs. In a previous post (Truth and Democracy, November 7, 2009) I pointed out the deceptions used to justify such powers. Here, these powers are being used just as Bjelke-Petersen used them, to court the popular vote as Labor principles take second place to being in office.

What disturbs me most about the Rann administration is not its reactionary populist ideology, however, but its real intent, which is far from any concern with working life. Their driving aim is the accelerated development of Adelaide in particular and South Australia in general. They plan to double the population of South Australia, despite the fact that there is insufficient water for the people and industry that is here already. The water and sewerage infranstructure of the city is at the end of its life but an increasingly privatised state no longer has the resources to replace them. Privatised and commodified by previous Labor administrations, the state has the continuing responsibility for the maintenance of the public transport system but with fewer resources. It relies on gambling for an increasing part of its revenue. I could go on and on.

Meanwhile, recreational drug users, hoon drivers and bikeys – essentially, the working class – are the subject of increasing police attention for jumped up reasons in order to appeal to the most reactionary among us. In my view, it is for this that Mr Rann should lose office, not what he does in his private life.

Dark deeds indeed.

I can't believe you guys missed the most scandalous aspect of this affair. The alleged shagee in question is an American !

Yep. Born in Flint, Michigan no less, she's as American as Pizza Primavera.

No doubt the connections are now obvious to you. What? Do I have to spell it out?

South Australia? Big defence contracts? Working as a barmaid in Parliament House? Extraordinary opportunities to closely inspect what's on the Premier's desk day and night?

Now do you get it?

She was obviously a Haliburton plant!

Wrong Geoff - she's a lefty root

Geoff Pahoff, well done, it was super clever of you to make the connections, almost. I'm not so sure that Ms what's her name is a Halliburton plant.  Having been born in Flint she is probably a Michael Moore plant, or shoot, or root, or whatever.

I reckon Michael used her as an asset to make her appear to be a Halliburton root, er, plant. In reality what appears to be a right wing conspiracy has in fact been engineered by the left.

I have no idea what all this means, only that Geoff, at least, appears to treating this exchange of body fluids in a manner that makes a hole lot of  black sense ... to me anyway.

A Randy response

Channel 9's Today, grumpy that Rann's "busy schedule today" procluded an interview, are suggesting that Rann's future is cloudy, reading emails and running a resignation poll..  Will check in later.

Rann's released a pre-statement this morning:

[Australian extract]

“I repeat that my friendship with Ms Chantelois, who I haven't seen since 2005, occurred prior to my engagement to my wife, Sasha, who was fully aware of the friendship at the time.

“Last night's program was malicious in nature and concerned matters that had nothing to do with my role as premier.”

Now that the story's escaped for this one-paper-town and into the national media Rann's not going to be getting the help he's been getting from the Advertiser lately.  Or are there other reasons that the story on the front page of Saturday's Oz and not in the 'Tiser at all?

Not that anyone over here bothers much about reading out-of-town press. No worries, Mike.

He has, however, very quickly earned the moniker of Randy Rann..

It's an unsavoury thing.

It's an unsavoury thing. Tiired, morbid, low level bottom-feeding sleaze. 

No major  protagonist comes out of it smelling of roses, although we at least begin to comprehend the wild behaviours of the cuckolded husband . The abhorrent tabloid cheque-book, grubby media and press, are already ranker than seventeen dead cats and  the public begins to drool, in their  village way, also.

On its own, it's not enough to knock Rann  Labor out of government at the 2010 election.

But it may begin to put an end eventually to Rann's career and Labor in 2014.

Kevin Foley, the long-term 2 ic also looks nearly burnt out and the way is becoming increasingly clear for Jay Weatherill; a sort of slightly lefter Brumby, groomed as a medium term prospect for premier.

But the easy election the ALP may have thought coming due will not necessarily happen now- Complacency has exacted another hit amongst Australian politicians and so the wheel turns.

And as in other states, some South Australians have got fed up with another sitting ALP state government that seems to have become remote from the ordinary public; as it has grown cosier with the big end world of developers, financiers and TNC's.

It's eight years old and looked competent (if running a little stale) 'till recently. It looks tired, but has one more term in reasonable shape. But for the first time in eight years the Liberals are not the issue and they are sitting back quietly this time, a little like the Rudd opposition stalking Howard, a while back.

Offsetting this, the bizarre behaviour of the Fe'ral Libs will scare many of the centre, often mortgage belters more comfortable with Labor's small "c" centrist conservatism. Near and actual consequences arising of tarnished capitalism and neoconservatism make the public less likely to gamble on radical left or right; Labor and its pocket Rooseveldt look "safer" to these, one wonders?.

Not guitly on grounds of.. Premier Rann under oath?


His lawyer told the court the basis of the defence would be the effect of the relationship Mr Rann allegedly had with Phillips' wife Michelle Chantelois.

The court heard Mr Rann and his wife, Sacha Carruozzo, may be called to give evidence.

The case will return to court in January.

.. and if Rann gets sprung under oath in January, you're looking at a very interesting election in March!



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