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Management Update 42 & Fin Year 2008-9

Site statistics

A generally quiet month, no doubt affected by the fact that, with Fiona and Richard unavailable for much of the time, comments often weren't getting published for several hours. 27 articles and 127 comments published, 9 unpublished. 

Excluding search crawlers, robots and other non-human visitors, 19,090 people visited the site; total visits 32,389: both down about 20%.


Google Adsense paid us $146.88, and we earned another $37.22 in June towards the next payment - Adsense now declare our earnings in AUD instead of USD, which makes keeping track easier!

Financial year results:

Income: donations $460, adsense $426.34: total $866.34

Expenses: bank fees $156, company regn $212, domain regn (2 yrs) $227.94: total $595.94 

Net income: $290.40: Cash balance in bank: $2822.07 


NB: there won't be any more Management Updates for a while, as I am in Europe until October. 

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