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Stop at Nothing: The Life and Adventures of Malcolm Turnbull

By Fiona Reynolds
Created 29/05/2009 - 16:28

Melbourne-based Webdiarists, and maybe even those not residing in Bleak City, might be interested in the following, which I received this morning. If I'm not too busy eating chocolate I might even go myself:


Stop at Nothing: The Life and Adventures of Malcolm Turnbull
Annabel Crabb

Join Annabel Crabb, Barrie Cassidy and George Megalogenis to discuss Annabel Crabb's new Quarterly Essay, Stop at Nothing: The Life and Adventures of Malcolm Turnbull.

Date: Wednesday 10 June
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Cinema Nova, Lygon Court, Carlton
Tickets: Free event, all welcome. To book call Readings Carlton (03) 9347 6633

What does Malcolm Turnbull stand for? In Stop at Nothing Annabel Crabb tells the story of the man who would be prime minister.

Based on extensive interviews with Turnbull as well as those who have worked with him, this is an essay full of revelations. Crabb delves into young Malcolm's university exploits – which included co-authoring a musical with Bob Ellis – and his remarkable relationship with Kerry Packer, the man for whom he was at first a prized attack dog, and then a mortal enemy. She asks whether Turnbull – colourful, aggressive, humorous and ruthless – has what it takes to re-invigorate the Australian Liberal Party in the wake of John Howard. She discusses his vexed relationship with Kevin Rudd, and the looming presence of Peter Costello. This is a scintillating portrait by one of the country's most incisive reporters.

"How would Australia be different if he were prime minister? What are his most closely held policy convictions? I asked dozens of Malcolm Turnbull's political colleagues this question, asking them to name three. Many of them had to pause before responding. 'You'll have to excuse me. I'm eating some chocolate,' was the best initial response, from a Liberal on the other end of a phone line."

Annabel Crabb is the Sydney Morning Herald's political sketchwriter and appears regularly on ABC TV's Insiders. She is the author of Losing It: The Inside Story of the Labor Party in Opposition (2005).

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