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An albatross swan song – a teaser

By Justin Obodie
Created 29/05/2009 - 14:26

an albatross swan song

Or a pictorial dedication to ALL my Webdiary friends and foes (present, missing in action and dearly departed), for their informative and sometimes ubiquitous contributions of common sense, humour and utter stupidity that have adorned these delightful digital pages over years gone by.

Coming soon (I hope) – post cards from that BIG Mother Country on the udder side of the equator which have been – dedicated to the one(s) I love.

Naughty albatross fun for all, a mystery to solve, laughter and a few tears.

And introducing: THE CODE OF THE 龍.

Who will be the first to discover the soft and delicious key/s interwoven in an adventure of musty books, a haunting labyrinth, a naughty and rebellious Ghost, delicious food, a beautiful and playful princess, pumpkins and angels – silk bridges to heaven?

Damn! I’m such a big mouth, I just gave it away …Damn, there I go again.

I bet Eliot, Geoff, Father Park, Jenny, Kath, Kim, Audrey, David, and many others can’t wait – hehe, you’ll even get to se me – hehe…

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