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Management Update 40

Abbreviated report submitted from a motel in Lightning Ridge, where unexpectedly have free WiFi broadband access (enabling me to use Skype from my iPhone for the first time to compensate for Vodafone having no coverage here - how the world moves on, eh?)

Site statistics

Published article count was 24 in April vs 30 in March. Published comments were 406. We didn’t publish 7 abusive, content-free or incomprehensible comments in April, vs 26 in March. Total comments intended for publication and not published: 7/413=1.7%.

Excluding search crawlers, robots and other non-human visitors, 22,112 people visited the site in April.


Cash income in March was a $10 donation, versus expenditure of $13 for bank fees. Google Adsense revenue in April was US$28.74, accumulated owed to us US$83.57, so we should get one more actual payment from Google before the financial year end.

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Margo Kingston

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