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Management Update 39

Site statistics

Published article count was 30 in March, vs 11 in February and 25 in January. Published comments were 586 in March, vs 454 in February and 458 in January

We didn’t publish 26 racist, abusive, content-free or incomprehensible comments in March: once again, many of those were from Ernest William Graham, and he was banned from the site at the request of the editors. Total comments intended for publication and not published: 26/612=4.2%.

Excluding search crawlers, robots and other non-human visitors, 24,742 people visited the site in March, vs 20,668 in January and 19,927 in February. Total visits 39,911.


Cash income in March was $10 in donations, versus expenditure of $13 for bank fees and $227.94 to renew all the domain names for two more years (we own webdiary.net.au and .org.au as well as .com.au). Cash in the bank at end March was $2,684.19. Google Adsense revenue in March was US$34.95, accumulated owed to us US$54.90.

The one donation was from the only remaining standing order to us from a webdiarist, for whom we don't have contact details. I have previously contacted all donors that I can reach to point out that our limited expenses** are currently essentially covered by our Google Adsense revenues - so if anyone knows who this kind soul is ... (but I can't tell you the name on the standing order, as donations are anonymous!).

** Current annual expenses: $156pa bank fees, $212pa company registration, $113.97 domain registration.

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