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The Town Crier

The Town Crier



I am floating this for the Board. If my understanding of Margo’s original idea is correct, it was to give ordinary people the chance to comment on issues and contribute ideas in a reasoned, sensible, energetic but generally civilized way that was not available in conventional media. It was not to rant as some internet sites allow and it was most definitely to be accountable. Many are those who have come and gone, some I have helped on their way myself. Overall, I think we have built a community. Some of us have become friends. No matter how outrageous, how bitter the intellectual conflicts, everyone has something to contribute and I think, certainly I know from my own perspective, that my views have been changed by things posted here by others. Like all communities, there are the people one likes and those one dislikes. For my money, I’m not particularly interested in the Israel/Palestinian debate – I’ve always been a Zionist and see no reason to change. Both sides do terrible things – eh? [Diplomat joke – hee hee.] Not really interested, for the purposes of this forum, in international affairs as many of you are.

In the course of my life I wear many hats and I guess many Webdiarists do as well. I know some of you live in my local community. We know John Pratt is a rabid Labor [sic] supporter from Queensland. We know Richard Tonkin is from SA. We know Jenny Hume likes Muslims and other animals. And so on.

Yet I want to get a little more parochial. This is not designed to be a thread although no-one could stop you commenting but I think there is a function for the site to act as a sort of Public Notice board: a “What’s On” Column for anyone who wants to publicise a cause that might not otherwise get all that much attention. The immediate one for me as the Chairman of the 2011 Residents Association Traffic Sub-committee is a proposal radically to alter a local bus route. The poster is available by emailing me at admin@taxationreformnsw.org.au. Love to see any of you locals there.

More importantly, I think it would be a good idea to have a separate space for you to advertise your local issue. Don’t make more work for the moderators, just give a short description of the issue in question and a link to anything you have on the net or an email people can use to get the information you want to disseminate.

There you go kiddies, lawyers aren’t just pretty faces: we have ideas. Tax invoice supplied on request.

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Blondi's World Tour

Via The Israel Project:

On March 5th 2003 Asaf, a young high school boy was on his way back from school. A suicide murderer that exploded on Asaf's bus killed him and sixteen other innocent men, women and children.

Asaf was almost seventeen years old when he died and he is my son.

As every young man does, Asaf would have finished high school and service and would have gone on a trip to see the world: South America, the far east, India or maybe Australia and New Zealand. He wanted very much to go surfing at the famous beaches in Hawaii and Australia. Asaf wanted to hike the high treks of Nepal and the Himalayas.

Now I am sending Asaf to his world tour. Without a passport or a back pack, I am sending you only this picture and his spirit and ask you to help take Asaf to wherever you go. India, Thailand, New Zealand or the Chinese wall. Wherever you go, take out the picture, photo it in the place you are and email it back to me (Yossi@Blondi.co.il).

If you are not travelling take the photo in your city or town, at the mall, city stadium and even your front or back yard.

I will build Asaf’s world tour photo Album and post it on the internet. This way Asaf will be at all those wonderful places in the world he wasn’t lucky to see.

You can print a few copies of the attached picture and leave copies on your way, hang it on a bulletin board at the hotel or the guest house you stay in. leave it along the trek, put it in the visitor’s book you write your experience in.

Help me get my son around the world and make his world tour go through each country on the globe.

Yossi Zur, Asaf's father

(Australian photos here and French photos here)

Mumbai threadstarter, anyone?

It would be good to get one going.  Any takers?

City of Boroondara (VIC) - debate on climate change

It is local council election season in Victoria. Leon Zembekis is an independent candidate for the City of Boroondara (my local government area). Leon has organised a public debate between Professor David Karoly and Mr. William Kininmonth. The topic of the debate is:

We should be concerned with human-caused climate change.

When: Wednesday 19th November 2008, 7.30pm

Where: Hawthorn Town Hall’s Chandelier Room

MAF Email: Veteran's Day

From Move America Forward:

Happy Veteran’s Day, and to all those who have served, thank you. Your contribution and sacrifice to our nation can never be measured, nor repaid.

Through the centuries since our country began, it has always been on those willing to fight and die to secure and protect our freedoms that have made America strong. We relied on you when our country needed you most, and time after time in countless wars and conflicts, our military has always come through.

Bravely and courageously you defended our flag, you defended our freedoms and liberties, you defended our people when they were threatened not just by enemies abroad, but from enemies within as well. What’s more, you came to the defense of our allies when they needed us. You have liberated millions of people all across the world when they were oppressed.

You met the threat of Empires, Nazism, Communism, Radical Isamic terrorists, and time after time you have prevailed without fail. You did this in our name, on behalf of your nation, and you ask nothing in return.  

We can only offer our eternal thanks and gratitude to those who have been willing to take up arms and risk life and limb in defense of America.

And what better time than today to think about our veterans of tomorrow? I’m talking about those brave young men and women currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have fought so bravely and courageously to protect us from terrorist organizations who want to destroy America and the western way of life, while also fighting to retain religious, economic, political, and human rights for Iraqis and Afghans.

We can show our thanks to these brave patriots by sending them a small token of our appreciation, a little bit of comfort from home to make their thanksgiving a little easier. The holidays are a tough time for our soldiers in harm’s way. They will be missing their families on Turkey Day, but we can do OUR BEST to show them that we care, and that we are still back home supporting them and their fight!

To send a care package click here. Online donations also accepted here.

(Move America Forward is a "a non-partisan, not-for-profit charitable organization committed to supporting America’s efforts to defeat terrorism...")

Non partisan?

Perhaps not so ... see here.

Move America Forward (MAF), part of a pro-war lobby, is headed by California Republican activists, talk show hosts and staff members of the public relations firm Russo Marsh & Rogers, which has strong ties to the Republican Party. PR professional Sal Russo is the chief strategist [1] for MAF. It is a conservative 501c3 not-for-profit organization formed in early 2004 by Howard Kaloogian and "acclaimed radio and television personality" Melanie Morgan (formerly of KSFO 560 AM -- San Francisco). As a non-profit organization it is not required to reveal its funders to the public. [2].

Melanie Morgan is MAF chairman and a columnist for WorldNetDaily, and author of the book America Mourning. She gained national notoriety in the summer of 2006 when she suggested that Bill Keller, an editor of the New York Times, be killed in a "gaschamber" for alleged "treason" after the Times' reporting on US government spying on Americans. [3]

Googling will provide more if you want it.

Women in Journalism website launch, APC, Canberra, Thursday

I don't know if it's too late to get in (just found this release):

You are invited to register your interest in attending the launch of The Women's Pages:  Australian women and journalism since 1850 at the National Press Club.

This project provides an online record of the history of Australian women and journalism, developed by the NFAW's Australian Women's Archives Project, and is being launched by The Hon. Maxine McKew, MP at the National Press Club at 12 noon on Thursday 13 November, 2008. 

Journalists will join the other groups of women who are recognised through the AWAP Showcase, which consists of informative articles and a collection of online biographies dedicated to particular groups of women.

All of the Showcase collections have been funded by organisations and/or individuals with a particular interest.  This collection has been funded by a grant from by The Copyright Agency, and the National Press Club is providing the venue for the launch.

You can register for this event by emailing the National Press Club or by calling 02 6121 2199.

Exclusive Brethren

Tomorrow evening (Wednesday 22 October 2008) at Readings bookshop, 710 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Victoria:

Michael Bachelard in conversation with Julian Burnside

Out of nowhere in 2004, an obscure religious sect burst onto the political stage in Australia. Almost unheard of until then, the Exclusive Brethren was suddenly spending up big in election advertising in support of conservative political parties. But its members were shy to the point of paranoia about who they were — preferring, as they said, to ‘fly under the radar’. Brethren members assiduously lobbied politicians, but did not vote. And they were very close to the then Prime Minister John Howard. Michael Bachelard, author of Behind the Exclusive Brethren was formerly part of The Age’s investigative team, and he now writes for The Sunday Age. In 2008 he won a Quill award for best news report in print.

Free, but please book on 9819 1917 or by email.

Assuming I live, I will be attending, and will let Webdiary know what happens.

Ukulele epidemic

There is no cure! (Youtube)

My sunshine

Cute black hat Rich!

Richard:   Crash helmet and pillow...

The Cure

A surefire day-brightener, Richard Tonkin.  Thanks.

Melbourne Victory in Adelaide this Friday

Hope the pre-game drinks (youtube) don't end  up looking like this again..

things past, not things to come

Last night I was at TAIKOZ, with the privilege of listening to Ryan Dean, as well as the inspirational others.

Standing ovation. Glorious encore. How fortunate to live in the country and be subsidised for such, as well as Opera Australia, Bell Shakespeare etc.   Tops - $40. How lucky are we rustics.

Adelaide Ukulele Appreciation Society- watch if you dare..

Our next performance will be at the Fleurieu Folk Festival in a couple of weeks.

Here's the last one (Youtube)

Mother in middle in yellow, yours truly in black hat to her left.

Live Export Forum - Adelaide October 8th

The World Society for the Protection of Animals, RSPCA and Handle with Care Coalition against live exports advise that:  

If you live in the Adelaide area, you can find out more about live export and the steps you can take in ensuring this cruel industry is permanently stopped by attending our third public forum on the issue.

The two previous forums in Victoria and Queensland have been incredibly successful in raising awareness about live export, so I truly hope you can join us as we continue our campaign to end this cruel and unnecessary trade.

The forum will be hosted by RSPCA South Australia and held at Way Hall, 10 Pitt St Adelaide on Wednesday, October 8 at 6.30pm. Places are limited, so please RSVP by email to hwc@wspa.org.au or by phoning (02) 9902 8000.

WSPA Program Manager Emily Reeves will also be available on an online forum here to answer any questions you have about the Handle with Care campaign on Tuesday October 14 between 2pm and 4pm.

Thank you for helping create a world where animals matter and animal cruelty ends.
Margaret West
Regional Director
WSPA Australia and New Zealand

Tea at Mum's on Saturd'y week

Round at Mum and Dad's on Saturday week, the S.A. Minister for Eduction and Tourism is hosting a sub-branch fundraister.  Adelaide University's Professor of Climate Change is going to have a chat, and Tibetan music will be provided by an Adelaide based exponent.   It'll cost you thirty bucks to get past Spot The Dog.

The only thing that'll be liberal will be the drink measures. I'm pouring.


In case anyone is interested at 4 pm at The University next Friday, just behind the spreading Jacaranda Tree in the Quad: http://www.arts.usyd.edu.au/departs/media/index.php?page=events&id=Web_Diary

Preserving essential parts of The University

Over the week-end I noticed a report that one of the services that may have to be discontinued as a result of the Costello Voluntary Student Unionism farrago of legislation is the second-hand bookshop.

This is not to be tolerated.   It is not a political issue.   Rather it is a question of free and cheap access to knowledge.

I urge all webdiarists who are graduates or students of The University to join with me in a campaign to preserve this essential service. 


Hope we're all lookking forward to Denton tonight.


Viagra to hand Malcolm and re the second hand book thing; point me in the direction. I know first hand as a (failed) mature age student, the problems obtaining essential texts.

Renewable city conference in Perth Monday 29th September.

The world is crying out for more renewable energy as a solution to climate change and energy vulnerability issues. Renewable
energy is developing at various scales of operation from large
scale systems that must be built outside cities to small scale
systems that can fit into the city directly. This conference
will emphasize the systems that are rapidly becoming more
viable because they can feed directly into the city’s functions.
Thus waves, wind, sun and geothermal heat are being tapped
and used in the buildings and infrastructure of the city itself.
The city in turn will change as it has with every other
energy source it has tapped. If we are to move towards
Al Gore’s vision of 100% renewables in 10 years or even
50% less greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the cities
of the world will need to be prepared for the renewables
transition. What can cities do to prepare for this change?
What are the likely renewable options in Perth?

A conference is being held in Perth on Monday 29th of September on the subject of the Renewable City.

Science show presenter Robyn Williams will host many scientists and business leaders on the subject of Renewable Cities.

A little too far for me to travel from Cairns, anyone in the West who would like to go?


That is an Austin isn't it?

Funny you should say that, Jenny. Many years ago a friend took his merc to the dealer for repair. He got talking to a mechanic in the shop who informed him the part he needed would cost $112. The mechanic (out of earshot from his boss) then informed my friend he could get the same part for a couple of bob at the Austin shop.


In English, Merc rhymes with berk, Jenny Hume: and, if people are driving a Mercedes Benz car, I don't understand why they can't correctly call it a Merce, (rhymes with hearse), if they are determined to abbreviate it.

But then, you don't hear people casually referring to their Commodore as the "com", do you? Now, why do you think that that is?

I do know that immature people get some feeling of status from things that are external to them, such as their possessions: I'm sure that you were able to affectionately laugh at your relative's display of insecurity.

Irrespective of your personal feelings towards snails, and their silvery trails, they are precious.


With the dearth of local snails that you have mentioned, Jenny Hume, I thought that mine might have provided you with a happy glimpse of les neiges d'antan.

But, you are quite wrong re snails. Snails are splendid little fellows - more exquisite, more clever, more brilliantly designed and more valuable than any merc...(which I assume to be a mere motor vehicle).

A mere indeed

A mere motor vehicle indeed F Kendall. Beats me what people see in the Mercs. I think I put my foot in it when a Merc driving relly pulled up, and knowing my cars very well, I said: That is an Austin isn't it?

I did not know such had gone down with the Ark, and were the poor man's car. But it put the relly in his place anyway, showing off his wealth in that manner to a poor cocky like me. Huh! 

I'll pass on les slimy escargots. But since it has rained here tonight I am going out at dawn to confirm the absence thereof in these parts.


Jenny Hume, I thought you might be interested in why I drive a Merc. Four years ago I picked my grandson up from school and on the way home we were hit head on by a garbage truck doing about 60km. The car was a total write-off but we escaped with only a shaking thanks to the superbly engineered construction and all round airbags and curtains. I suspect that if we would have been in something like a Honda Civic I would not be writing this story.

I am only sorry that all car manufacturers are not forced to build their cars to the same standard as the C-Class.

Well, that's your story

Alan Curran, so that's your story and you are sticking with it, but then again, my brother has just argued the same reason for treating himself so I concede. I guess you are right though, they are solid and in being so, safer as your experience shows.

I was only ever in one car accident, when seven, in 1947 in a big black Hudson that Dad had - it was very solid and heavy. I recall the two big bumps as we crested a hill and Dad lost it somehow, it rolled twice and finished up on its nose in a ditch. I came to in the gravel, tossed out the front door that had flown open. I recall lying there looking at the car which to my amazement was only a bit dinted here and there - which is more than I can say for my father and little brother. They were thrown into the windscreen and were drenched in blood. I can still remember seeing my father wringing out his white handkerchief and thinking how bright red blood was. But I think that old Hudson saved us. Sadly, two years later it went under the Kempsey floods so was never the same again. Dad downsized to a little Ford Prefect. It was a dinky little thing.

I know what you mean, F Kendall. A friend has just bought a flashy sports car and she invited me for a drive. Normally a sedate driver, she took off like a hoon round the street - and scared the hell out of me.

I can believe that, Justin, about the cheap parts. I once bought a small Japanese Toyota, thinking Toyota was a reliable company, only to find it did the timing belt very quickly and developed a tap in the engine - to be told when I took it back for repairs that it had a Holden engine in it. I told the bloke if I had wanted a Holden I'd have bought a blasted Holden.

A flaming horse would be more reliable.

Haneef legal public forum in Sydney today.

Is anybody going?  It would be great to have a WD report on the discussion!


The handling of the case of Mohamed Haneef will be discussed at a public forum in Sydney today.

It is part of an inquiry into why the former Gold Coast-based doctor was charged over a terrorism plot in the UK and why the case against him collapsed.

The head of the inquiry, retired Supreme Court judge John Clarke QC, says the forum will examine legislation as it applied to Dr Haneef.

Among the invited speakers are former High Court chief justice Sir Gerard Brennan and Ross Ray QC from the Law Council of Australia.

Rally for the Murray in Adelaide this Sunday

MC - 5AA  Mornings announcer Leon Byner

Speakers include:

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young
Independent Senator Nick Xenophon
Matt Rigney - Chair personal of Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations
David Patton - University of Adelaide

Sunday at 12 Noon
Victoria Square/ Tarndanyangga

It  will be of particular interest to hear what Matt Rigney has to say.  He's a Narrungdjerrie spokesman who holds great respect for truthful speaking, and is a friend of my family.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust?

I'm surprised at you Jenny Hume: haven't I come across that somewhere else? This looks like blatant plagiarism to me.

OK, Saturday it is. No, I don't think that it is right and proper to vacate my room: I'm quite sure that you would absorb some of its personality, and in no time flat you would be calling yourself J.Hume, and writing terse posts.

Suggestion: wouldn't a horse and dray be better? Then you could bring a tent, and camp in the garden. You would have the pleasure of the season - the frosts are probably finished now - , and the entertainment of spotting snails. And, the little boys would love to share it with you.

We'll just have to take a raincheck, F Kendall

Little boys I can manage F Kendall, it is the big ones that cause me the most problems, especially when they are not themselves so to speak.

But I am not so sure about snails - slimy things to me are just that, slimy.

I think we had better take a rain check - we simply cannot have snails, or little boys, clinging all over the Scot's merc.

So no need to act on Richard's advice. As for Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, I don't  think you lot could handle such a piece so I will just have to consign it to the dust-bin - now that pun is intended - but frankly, it might have made a light , yes even cheery, change to all that nasty stuff floating around on the Obama thread of late. 

What has got into everybody of late? Must be the change in the weather - bringing out the viruses.

The ripe old age of...

Age eventually brings death, Jenny Hume, but why should it bring disease or illness? 

The Romans considered middle age to be between 60 to 80.  We have more reason than them to consider it such.

F Kendall - I have expectations

What with you and the albatross talking death, and half the world sitting in suspense waiting to see whether Christmas will eventuate this year, would it be timely F Kendall for me to ask Fiona to put up my latest piece entitled Ashes to ashes, dust to dust - or do you think I might be a bit premature? Actually I am thinking of running it past Fat and Rude first - so he can get some tips as Claude's time approaches.

Now since you have made us feel so welcome, we'll be there next Saturday. Ian has agreed to pack a swag but I expect you to vacate your room for the guest of honour - only right and proper - as I am sure you would want to be.

BTW: I am in good health, and early middle age - and not a drop of Latin blood.

As Saturday approaches, F Kendall looks anxiously up the road for an approaching horse and buggy and locks all the doors.

Richard: I'd be polishing the double-barrelled shotgun as well:) The piece sounds cheery, Jenny!


Ian...(oh, and Jenny, if you must...{joke, Jenny}).

What impetuosity! How do you know that I won't have you sleeping on camp stretchers / assault you with heavy metal music / invite the local chapter of the Brethren to conduct a service/ lace your food with salvia ****(now the drug of choice, according to the NYT) / squash you into a room in a tiny fibro box / have a psychotic episode/ be so boring that you have to get out of the joint .. Of course, you may well have handled all such in the past, and could take them in your stride without a blink.

At present, I am housing two small boys, 4 and 6, and their parents, recently returned from the UK...(hence the delay in my reply...they returned on Monday). The ambience, therefore, may be slightly different from that which I have suggested. Perhaps a deferment to a later date might suit you better.

This weekend is the Jazz Festival. Lots of trad jazz, and, as traditionally, it will bring rain.

Attend court if you can on this day - in Queanbeyan

Animal torturers to face Queanbeyan Court, but there’s only half of them! If anyone is available to come to Queanbeyan court house on Tuesday morning, please phone Saskia 0405 235 253 or Bernie 0427 777 044 


Media Release - Friday 12 September 2008

On Tuesday 16 September at 9am, Queanbeyan court will hear a case, including video evidence against two individuals charged with torturing to death two ferrets owned by their housemate.  The disturbing incident was recorded on a camera phone.  In a violent rage, the two pet ferrets, 'Trigger' and 'Cooch' were stabbed with syringes, locked in a freezer, smashed against walls and had other things done to them too horrific for this press release. All who have seen the video evidence are dumbfounded at the heinous nature of these crimes.  It is alleged that on the video four distinct voices can be heard, but due to the lack of evidence, only two people have been charged.  Recent studies show that aggravated animal abuse is often a precursor to human-directed violence and an indicator of family crisis. Untreated, any type of abuse can escalate.[1] The American Psychiatric Association identifies cruelty to animals as one of the diagnostic criteria for conduct disorders, and the FBI uses reports of animal abuse in analysing the threat potential of suspected and known criminals. Experts agree that it is the severity of the behaviour—not the species of the victim.[2]   Saskia Hornig of the Ferret Society of Canberra has stated: ‘Even if these individuals are found guilty, it will never alleviate the pain, anxiety and horror that those two animals felt, as nothing that we can do will ever reverse that.  People’s beloved pets need protection. If found guilty, we hope the court will send a strong message that animal abuse will not be tolerated.’ The Ferret Society of Canberra as well as Animal Liberation A.C.T. will have representatives at the Queanbeyan Courthouse on Tuesday.   
Media enquiries: Saskia Hornig Ferret Society of Canberra 0405 235 253Bernie Brennan Animal Liberation A.C.T 0427 777 044

Well done

Wow Ian, saw your flick and felt like giving you a big hug - but you're too bloody ugly mate.

Everything else was great - well done.

PS, Jenny can have my proxy re the hug thing.

Silver threads among the gold

Justin: "Jenny can have my proxy re the hug thing."  Done.

"Too bloody ugly" - that is what age does to you me lad. And to think all those young Japanese tourists we used to have always thought he was Robert Redford. Oh well, with Father's Day gone, the facelift will have to wait another year.

Why do we, who are still young -ish, "get ill" F Kendall? No more methinks than most do at the ripe old age of......

Oh and yes, I am very fortunate, very fortunate indeed. Now you see what I really value in life.  

4 Corns on 9/11

Just watching now. Hope you are too. Should've thought earlier..

I wouldn't go that far

But, I can say that I really enjoy and admire it, I will pass it on to the relevant, and I agree with Kathy Farrelly that Jenny Hume is fortunate in her husband. And, no doubt, vice versa.

I just don't understand why these two, so relatively young in terms of life expectancy, get ill. They need to come to my place, where people - ok, young people mainly - tell me that they feel healed just for being here, because of the whatever-it-is emotions embedded into the walls (so they say). However, I think that the house - which has its own entity, or household god, of course - has a profound and wonderful effect of promoting idleness: a potent antidote to modern times.

You're on, and I don't mean stage

F Kendall, "They need to come to my place, where people - ok, young people mainly - tell me that they feel healed just for being here, because of  the whatever-it-is emotions embedded into the walls..."


Any day now there will be a knock at your front door, and there we'll be. Come for what I'm sure will be a most enjoyable extended stay.

Till we both feel we're up to going home.

You'll never get a more important link


Eat your heart out John Williamson

Top stuff Ian. Just love THAT voice! Jen is a lucky girl to have such a talented husband. Oh to be serenaded by such a wonderful voice.

Richard:  Not that I'd go that far, Kathy, but yes he's bloody good! 

Drink to me only

Kath: " Oh to be serenaded by such a wonderful voice."

Indeed Kath, but you should hear him on Drink to me only with thine eyes and such like old parlour songs. Sheer heaven in song, provided he is in the mood of course. He has been known to get a bit tipsy and then well, you know the rest.

Now why can't we have one of you, Richard, in song here, or on whatever it is you play - fiddle and half a dozen another things as well no doubt, Uke I believe. What better way for us all to get to know the editors a bit better. And when Fiona is next in town, we will record her as well - if she consents. 

As I said, the site is for, among other things, music and musicians of which there seems to be an abundant supply on WD. Roger Fedyk is kinda very good and a whole orchestra and choir wrapped up in one.  As for me, I can't sing a note. So don't look at me.

Richard:  A song that we could all drop a track on wouldn't hurt?

Oy youse, oy youse, the Catholic Bazaar is off......

Oy youse, oy youse - the Catholic Bazaar is off due to:

Mrs Rowsell and Mr Finley have had an awful row in the middle of Mass one Sunday. The Priest got a surprise and he walked out of the church and went home. Then Mr Finley swore at Mrs Rowsell and she took him to court and won the case. We heard that she gave him a rather rough time of it in the court house. All the Catholics are rowing now - or most of them anyway.

17 year old girl (me mum) in a letter to her father, 15 September 1924.

Who says it is only the Muslims who can't get along with each other?

Fair dinkum

Hey Jenny! Sometimes I think that  Catholics can be  the worst  of Christians.

Bit like the girl with the curl right in the middle of her forehead - when she was good she was very good, and when she was bad she was horrid!

Sectarian friction...

I suspect, Kath, that the Proddies were rather happy about the fall out in the RC camp back then. In all the letters they are just referred to as the RCs and they were holding bazaars and all sorts of fund raising events to build their new, wait for it, brick church. And the Proddys, as evidenced from these old letters, were nearly frantic trying to get the money together to start one for themselves, as they were still worshipping in a tiny wooden which had just blown down in a gale. They did build another one, out of timber, and it was moved about twenty years ago and now sits beside the Pub with No Beer at Taylors Arm, just up the valley.  Scenes from the past fascinate me. Can't you just see the priest marching out in digust as the donnybrook broke out in the pews.

I don't think the Catholics are any worse or better than our mob.

A great launch for Val Jeffrey

Community Alliance Party candidate Val Jeffrey's campaign for Brindabella electorate in the ACT elections October 18 got off to a flying start on Friday night  September 5th. Val made a great speech, which I hope to put up as a threadstarter soon. Also, check out the campaign song 'This Town is Your Town' (You Tube) based on 'This Land is Your Land' by the immortal Woody Guthrie. As recorded on the night.

Donations for Beslan survivors

As the anniversary of the Beslan massacre arrives again it is worth remembering the tragedy and - if you can spare a few dollars - donating to one of the charities that continues to support the children who injurewere d but survived and the families who lost loved ones.

The Red Cross is still offering long term support to injured survivors and you can donate to the international body here or the Russian arm (via bank transfer) here.

Problems, Dylan

Dylan Kissane, I encountered problems with the links when I went to donate to the Beslan children’s' cause. I cannot read Russian in the last link, and the first does not list Beslan on its selection list for preferred destination of donation.

So many worthwhile causes on the international site, I could send to another instead. I did search of Beslan on the site but nothing came up.

Maybe you can clarify and I will try again; otherwise the Georgian refugee crisis is another worthwhile cause in that region. The Indian floods are another but I go through CBMI for that. So much misery, never enough money or help.

Cheers anyway. I have a lot of distant cousins over your way, mostly in Brittany. Been there several times - it is like going home, though it's been a long time since we quit France in order to keep the family head intact. The descendants of those who managed to keep theirs are still living in the Brittany area. Absolutely wonderful people. Only problem is when I go there they want to feed me blasted fish. But I wish we could get some of that sweet bread they make over here - name totally escapes me at this moment. Brioche, got it! Got confused there with barouche for a moment but that is an old horse carriage - I know that because we have one of those in the shed - but no horses. Now that is a ramble, but who cares?

So back to Beslan?

Solution, Jenny

Hi Jenny. The International link is just a link to the International Red Cross. There is no gaurantee that your money woud find its way to Beslan there, nor that it would find its way to Russia.

The Russian link is in Russian, at least at the edges. The majority of the page, however, is in English and contains the details for transfering funds from a bank account in another country to the Russian Red Cross. The details on the page are as follows:

Acc: 40703840500000338010
Beneficiary bank: CB LOKO-BANK (Moscow, Russia)
Acc.N: 04419351
Correspondent bank: Deutsche Bank Trust Company Amerikas

I didn't need anything more than this to transfer funds through the Commonwealth Bank. I am not sure, though, what rules other banks in Australia might have.

Thanks Dylan

Thanks Dylan, I did see the bank details but was wanting to find the Beslan cause and wondered if it was in the Russian text.  Never mind though; I'll go through the IRC main site.  Cheers.

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