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Management Update 33

Site statistics

Published article count was 36 in July, up from 27 in June. Published comments were 1573 in July, up from 1247 in June.

We didn’t publish 25 abusive, content-free or incomprehensible or over quota comments in July (down from 60 in June!) : total comments intended for publication and not published: 25/1598=1.6% - close to a record low!

Excluding search crawlers, robots and other non-human visitors, 24,985 people visited the site in July, down from 33,240 unique visitors in June. Total visits also down at 43,060.

One of the reasons for the lower total traffic was the lack of any significant inbound references from other major sites to any of the articles.


Cash income in July was $30 in donations, plus $114.79 from Google ($0.966:A$1), versus expenditure of $13 for bank fees and the annual $212 to ASIC for company registration. Cash in the bank at end July was $2,451.46. July Google ad revenue was US$27.33.

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