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A Grim Faerytale


By Malcolm B. Duncan

The Pious Piper of Hambelyn Town, or the Rat Singer as he was known in nearby Munchken, was coming to the Celestial City of Sin to gather all the little children to him and suffer them, or apologise to them, or tell them that his lawyers had said it was better they didn't sue after all but just followed him to another town called Towards Healsville.

Somehow, the Rat Singer just knew it was going to be hell or some rhyming equivalent: mell, smell, something like that. Yet he had decided that there should be a kiddies’ day for all the little kiddies so that they could get in touch with their inner priest, or be touched by the spirit, or be touched by their Priest or something like that.

Healsville was a town far away and all the kiddies of the world had been asked to gather in the Celestial City of Sin to begin the long journey. He had left the organisation of the day to a Fisher of Men but he was still trying to decide what to do with the girls. It was all designed to annoy or inconvenience as few of the adults as possible and the Parish Council had made sure by publishing a pamphlet called the Kiddies Day Don’t You Dare (price $5,500). So far, 12 kiddies had agreed to come and the Parish Council had set aside $120,000,000 for cup cakes and were going to put on a special event at the races called Closing Them Down. The Registered Clubs Association and the Hotel Association had said thank you very much and put on extra staff to clean the ashtrays next to the pokies.

Of course, you will remember all those fun Hamblyn publications we used to get back in the 60s and 70s. The Hambelyn Guide to Martyrs, Cripples and Lepers which used to come out in a monthly edition which could be collected into a special binder which only cost an extra $1.50 and which sold so well that there was never a complete set collected by anyone and was eventually superseded by K-Tel products, those compilation albums we used to get before Abba and the kitchen wizz touted by Joe the Gadget Man on Saturday Morning television just before the World Championship Wrestling came on. You never got that in Munchken.

The Rat Singer was faced with problems, though. A Cardinal sin was at large in the land and the Condom People were determined to give the kiddies a hard time, or at least to provide a time for the kiddies who got hard on the long pilgrimage to Healsville. The Rat Singer was determined to stop the roll-out of the Condom People so he had enlisted the local branch of the G3, a bloke named Morris to get the enforcers out. Morris had asked his Mate, Mick (a Calabrian, or possibly a Caliban, who had something to do with seafood) to get authorised woodsprites and water diviners to protect the pilgrims by forcing anyone who did not have a reasonable excuse to buy the Kiddies Day Don’t You Dare booklet. The Condom People were much aggrieved by this and had approached the three wise monkeys for advice. Unfortunately, the three wise monkeys had gone on holiday until Tuesday and that meant that the Condom People were going to have to buy the booklet on the Monday if they wanted to get anywhere at all.

Nostradamus, a big fat man in a wig and great black gown, had told the Condom People and anybody else who would listen that they would have to buy the booklet before he could help them by taking them to see the seven wise monkeys who would see them right at least 116 times. It was all a bit confusing for the Condom People who actually thought they were living somewhere just to the south of Canada.

So, the kiddies gathered and the tents sprang up in the public domain, yea unto the cost of $100,000,000 subsidised by Morris and the Mick from money borrowed from the local inhabitants all across the land even though only a small percentage of them would have any chance at all of (or interest in) seeing either the Rat Singer or the kiddies.

And, as a fat, adulterous, bilious, pretentious, self-confessed speechwriter to the famous says from time to time, so it goes.


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Lighten your heart, Paul Walter

Paul Walter, you say your heavy heart goes out to the moderators apparently because I am guilty as charged in the Webdiary kangaroo court of "direct abuse" by the monkey judge. I simply described an individual as "pompous and offensive". Given that the freedom to express such a view here is strictly prohibited, it was deleted, leaving you with the impression that I had said something truly horrible that had traumatised a poor editor.

This caused you to leave your comment with a heavy heart. I suspect your heavy heart would be much lighter had you known the facts but of course you were denied them as is standard practice in this place.

This probably doesn't make it either because I think there is also some bizarre rule floating around that you are not allowed to criticise the forum itself. There may be or there may not be. I've always loathed those rules and what they make of people so I don't read them and nor of course do I respect them in anyway. I don't read the rules, rather I infer them by the bizarre behaviour of the moderators over the years. The rules diminish and demean adults in a free society.

So you are not allowed to be "directly abusive" here. Clearly then you can be indirectly abusive. How infantile and ridiculous. The rules have always been an ass. They certainly have long made an ass of those who attempt to apply them. Well, an indirect ass at least. I mean you can demean all sorts of things and make horrific, intolerant hate filled statements, as long as you do it indirectly.

Club for lefties, all of the same ilk. That part is direct and makes it a carbon copy of the ABC.

Now I know all of this is so shocking for all of you with such sensitive, kind hearted leftie ways but I'm sure in the fullness of time, you'll get over it and have a heart as light as a World Youth Day participant (once you've wiped the smile off their faces by directly abusing them for their faith - in an indirect Webdiary way).

David R: no rule on criticising WD, David, it's all that some of our contributors do. But given that some recent debates have got a bit heated, with heavy indirect hints of terminological inexactitude and economy with the truth, we have been getting heavier-handed on the abuse bit, and not really apologetic for that. An old debate, and one we stick with Margo's views on, even if you and others don't like 'em.

Maybe this attitude



This priest says with an apparently straight face that we have to enjoy young people and simply forget about the rape of young people.   No wonder we can claim they are out of touch.

quite romantic really

One has to laugh at the pots who call kettles black. I've had two such laughs so far.

Happy birthday to our talented bard, beware the choke fate of the Great Man, much better the joke bait to rattling pots.

Had half a dozen pilgrims over for Xmas dinner – couldn’t get a turkey but we had everything else – the kids looked whimsically up and asked if there were to be presents....nope, 6 months to go for that.

I guess if we can have an Easter crucifixion (how very Mel) how much nicer to have a welcoming St Stephen’s feast.

Great success. Lots of fun. Very sweet kids. From rich families, of course.

All the same, instead of three different outfits with logos about mulesing (such cute lambs) and all those colour coordinated tents I would rather have my 200 million spent not on rich kids, no matter how nice, but locally on our hospitals, more and hence happier nicer policemen, better funds for public schools that we all may find is the only education affordable when the big crunch bites, social workers counselling abused kids, and safe sex programs to prevent AIDS here and elsewhere. Religious activities should be paid for by that religion. Not by stooges in government in that religion. Whether it is Anglican, Methodist, Roman Catholic, Irish Catholic, Jewish, Moslem or Hindu or crystal pyramids.

I don’t remember 200 million for the Dalai Lama's visit ... although there were 100 visas if I remember rightly, for 10 grand each. if charged the usual donation ... or the nice contracts and big government bucks going to Hillsong for their "programs" that never happened ... or choosing for GG an Anglican ponce who has no idea about what is appropriate behaviour for a priest is etc...And for those who want to dig a bit about the WW2 stuff, it is interesting that the Rabbi of Rome converted to Catholicism just after WW2 as he was so inspired, apparently, by the pontiff's efforts ... hmmm ...

Anyway, the boys are here for the girls and visa versa. Sex sells, even if it religious revival. But at least it will be with nice (rich) catholic boys. Quite romantic really.

Now I can get my T-shirts out again. :)

Ah David, sickened again

You were not very sickened over the Bakhtiyari family being illegally deported on false documents and dumped to sleep in the snow.

Now here is the thing with silly old Gerard and others. We don't have to love the pope, or catholics or anglicans or anyone of the other frocked up god botherers.



Hatred, bigotry and intolerance expressed toward the Catholic Church and the United States are the two permissable forms of bigotry. For some time it has been seen as inappropriate to make racially discriminatory comments or such sweeping damnations of other religions. It is always though open season on Americans and Catholics. More often than not though, it says a lot more about the hater than the hated.

Gerard Henderson makes some interesting comments today.

For the joyful crowds gathered in their tens of thousands in Sydney this week though, sink holes like this one and the people who inhabit them are largely irrelevant. Completely irrelevant in fact. Thank God for that.

It never takes me long to remember why I read and comment so little in this forum. The vile left views expressed on a wide range of subjects are sickening. Literally sickening.

Richard:  As much as you hate editing, David, I've removed what was directly abusive of other Webdiarists, according to the guidelines we work under.

the hard travails of an editor

Re  moderators remarks;   Davis' " Telling" post. 

It is exceedingly sad that  Davis has failed to discern the true nature and intent of other Diarists offering legitimate criticisms of contradictory stances and revealed attitudes, still persisting despite all that has been written by these contributors, instead with the denialist notion that that which fails to coincide with his viewpoint most only be "bigotry" .

It is sad to discover that debate at WD has sunk to such a low level that "directly abusive" material included in lieu of reasoned discourse, directed toward certain other Diarists, has had to be removed. This is not debating the issues on their merits.

My heavy heart goes out to moderators

What's the difference between a Scot and a sot?

Malcolm, Sydney must be a pleasant place at the moment, with the blend of youthful joy and piety in the streets. Certainly beats the righteousness and piety combination around in the wowser-ridden town it was when I grew up in it.

At this time I think it is well for all to remember that most eminent philosopher and theologian of the 9th Century, John the Scot (Johannes Scotus). About the year 843, he was invited by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles the Bald [1] to come to France and become head of the court school. Pretty well at all times since the 4th Century reign of Constantine, negotiating a reasonable way in life between church dogma on the one hand and heresy on the other, was a bit tricky. John's major contribution to theology was the contention that reason and revelation (ie the Bible) "are both sources of truth, and therefore cannot conflict; but if they ever seem to conflict, reason is to be preferred. True religion, he said, is true philosophy; but conversely, true philosophy is true religion. His work was condemned by two councils, in 855 and 859; the first of these described it as 'Scots porridge.'"

(My source here is Bertrand Russell's History of Western Philosophy.)

He was on good enough terms personally with the king (who apparently saw to it that John was not charged with heresy) for the following exchange to take place at dinner. (The king had probably had a cup or three):

King: Tell me, John the Scot; what separates a Scot.... from a sot! ?? (General laughter.)

John: Why Your Majesty, 'tis nae but the width of the table! (Stunned silence, followed by uproarious laughter.)

The conversation, note, was probably in Latin.

I have nothing against the young catholics

Jenny you are a goose and a half. I have nothing against anyone who wants to believe in an old book and a bunch of old fossils so long as they don't foist it on me.

In two minds

I sort of agree with Marilyn about the two old fossils, Jenny Hume, and I abhor their ultra conservative views, especially with George Pell saying today "populate or perish"! For crying out loud, why can't we just take more refugees if population in this country is a problem.

But I've got nothing against the Pilgrims attending the event and why on earth Morris Minor thought he needed new laws to prohibit people from "annoying" them is a mystery. All the groups I've come across so far seem a happy bunch and I can't possibly conceive that any Sydneysider would be anything other than courteous to these visitors.

Demonstrating maybe, as is their democratic right, and waving a few placards but as committed Christians I reckon Iemma insults them as being unable to take any criticism of their faith (and insults us at the same time). I doubt they would care in the slightest.

When have the people of Sydney ever been anything other than welcoming to visitors?

"Populate or perish"?

Yes Michael, what can one say?

"Populate or perish."

The only thing that equals Pell's stupidity is his arrogance. Ignorant in his arrogance, and arrogant in his ignorance.

How dare he recklessly foister responsibilites on others of a sort he has by choice ducked himself? How dare he continue to consign people elsewhere to death, through hunger, etc - for that's what must happen in the Third World if his exhortations for the West are carried through - while he heads to and from leafy hills retreats in a shiny black Mercedes limo.

Still, I suppose the next generation of  Terrence Goodalls creeping out of the seminaries must have  some sort of realistic incentive awaiting them for their patience.


Happy Birthday, Dr Duncan.

To you both

Fiona and Malcolm: Happy birthday from Ian and me. Celebrating with your usual style no doubt Malcolm.

Richard:  Crap, I'd forgotten.  Me too !!!!


Thank you for your felicitations Jenny.  Just finishing the Brown's Flora Muscat after the apple pie actually.  Then onto the Morris Muscat and a bottle of the 1996 Tulloch's Hector for dinner methinks.  Bret Walker did say to me a few years ago that the 50s were good and I don't think he was doing a retrospective.  

850 ks away I'm not sure what Fiona is up to but it will be no good no doubt.

Good grief, Jenny, what rot

In sports events and the scouts and other large events there is something being done. What on earth are all these young catholics doing here? To make it a pilgrimage the church had to import two old fossils, one long dead and the other one already 81 years old, just to make it sort of legitimate.

What will be the end result? Nothing at all. Those who came to see the pope could have seen him on TV and saved their money.


Watch out! Watch out! Here comes Marilyn again on her trusty steed charging across the playing field of unsuspecting bloggers, mallet swinging furiously to club this one, then that one - steed straining and frothing at the mouth - watch out, watch out - here comest the return sweep, keep your heads down all ye faithful.

Scouts and ball kickers - doing something. Boys, do you really have to import that god with his spicy wife to show you how to kick balls? Waste not want not. Turn on the teev and see how he does it. Save your money.

As for you little pilgrims, stop all that dancing and singing in the streets. Thou shalt do nothing. Go home, go home, before Bodicaea on her trusty steed rides among you and delivers a mortal blow, for there are some things not even the Almighty can do.  So don't give God grief by pointing out his limitations. Go home I say and save us all.

Richard: ... and those, dear reader, were the last words Jenny Hume was heard to uttter as she ran screaming up the mountain...


While I'm begging your forgiveness for maligning your Scouts I was so disappointed as I really wanted to go off camping with the boys!!

Despite the odd behaviour of Baden Powell or whatever his real motives were (and there are dozens of men who were close to him as young boys who always spoke with great affection about him when they were old), it's obvious that the Scouts have been a great institution over the years and that those giant Jamborees bring kids from all over the world together and help sponsor racial harmony.

Of course there is no comparison to the Nazi Youth League which did the opposite - promoting Aryan superiorty and run by hardly great examples of the same, and highly suspect themselves about their motives.

And I never forget - there is a chunk of family members on my mother's side I never got to know as they disappeared during WW2.

Jamborees - not a waste of money?

Michael, I agree on the benefit of those scout jamborees and support events like that that bring young people together from all over the world, which I am sure does foster racial harmony and friendship; racism being one of the great evils of the world and the cause of so much killing, hatred and abuse which is clearly a concern of all who post here..

So why is WYD seen, do you think, as a waste of money by Marilyn, Alan and others in this forum. Does it not have the same benefit?

One is left believing that the opposition here it is only seen as a waste of money because the kids happen to be celebrating their religious faith, and not their capacity to survive in the bush, tie fancy knots, light a campfire, pitch a ten or whatever it is that all those boys come together to do.

And these two are not the only world youth events. One could even stretch the definition of youth and include the Olympics here. And what about the para olympics. Are they a waste of money too? 

I think this event is showing the better side of young people, a nice change from the sort of thing we see at those schooly weeks.

Dib Dib

"As I wrote earlier to Eliot Ramsey (on another thread): be careful how banal you are."

Condemned and compared with Eliot ?. That truly is damnation !.

Perhaps my folly about the Scouts is coloured by my first and only experience with the Cub Scouts when I was admonished on my first night by the Cub Mistress for not only having the incorrect sox but the fact that they kept falling down. How could a nine year old know about garters?. Terrified by her tone, I never went back again.

I've wondered ever since if it had a lasting effect upon me ( apart from never learning the mysteries of the Scouting movement) . As I very much like domineering woman, it probably did.

Any wonder?

And you wonder at your first and only experience, Michael? I might observe that it will have gone that much better had you worn the correct socks. Even an aging member of INCAROID knows that.

Father Park


reading here of the drums, tambourines, expressions of happiness and joy, generally so missing in our grey cities, I'm a bit inclined now to pay them to come back again, or to become a permanent feature.

(I don't care for the marching bit, though.)

Make Believe

I was sent on a mission today by the Head of the Household (she who is always obeyed) to stock up on the herbal tonic Diet Coke – convinced as she is that the kiddie followers of Rat Singer would gobble up local supplies.

Indeed, the Surry Hills market stall called Coles was awash with hundreds of extra souls and, by the fresh cheeked look of them, it was clear they were from the tribe, The Pilgrims, who will be descending in hordes to raze to the ground, the small kingdom known as Royal Randwick of The Horses & Tote.

But they were a cheerful looking lot, as was the group of strange robed Asian ladies from the Nunery tribe of the Philippines I came across yesterday, with kindly faces and warm smiles. Why the G3 operative Morris Minor needed to enact a law that we must not "annoy" these folk is a mystery.

As the Pretender to the throne of the Celestial City of Sin, Fats O'Barrell has been suddenly struck dumb (a sin of omission?) about these by-laws, it's obvious he is in full agreement with them (although some say he is fearful of the wrath of the mysterious Hope Us Die sect) – then we humble peasants of the Celestial City can obviously look forward to more laws from evil Kings, should Fats be triumphant over Morris, to remove our hard-won rights and keep us in our place (ie : permanently waiting for the never coming 8.30am Tangara on Hornsby Platform).

Now Rat Singer has announced that he will apologise to those kiddies who suffered during the decades known the Great Rape & Pillage by Singer's feared Priesthood sect – and so he should. But surely Rat Singer must have had knowledge of these dreadful goings-on, as he was once a member of the Nazi Youth league – where young lads gathered together in the pursuit of healthy activities.

The League, of course, was a re-run of the similar organisation, The Scouting Movement invented by the mysterious Lord Baden Powell, author of the manual for priests and scoutmasters, the double entendre titled Scouting For Boys.

Legend has it that, as an officer during the great Boer War, Baden Powell explained to a fellow officer how he wished upon his return the Once Great Britain, a desire to start a movement where he would take groups of young lads out to the woods on long healthy hikes, teach them knot tying tricks , camp overnight, and encourage hearty nude bathing in nearby rivers. His friend replied sensibly: "you could get ten years for that !"

But what will happen if the first conspirator in the global Jewish plot to spread socialism – Jesus Christ of Nazareth, known as Yeshua the Messiah and acknowledged by The Pilgrims and Rat Singer as The incarnate Son of God and the redeemer of the human race – were to return to Earth and walk ,as predicted by the Theosophists clan , through the Harbour Heads of Sin City to the Land of Balmoral?

Surely Yeshua will descend in a wrath upon the money changers at the Perth Mint where a precious coin has been struck with Rat Singer's likeness and other spots where souvenirs of the Gathering of Pilgrims are on sale – such idolatrous items not being in accordance with Yeshua's world plot (and his co-conspirators Marx and Engels) – although personally I'm partial to collecting one of the Rat Singer dolls with the bobble head.

Morris Minor's Royal Guard will most certainly arrest Yeshua, whereby he could replace the hired actor who is to be mock crucified – and, rather than a re-enactment, a genuine crucifixion can take place again at the Winning Post spot at Royal Randwick; thus Rat Singer can be claim Yeshua died to save the soul of Singer's sidekick, Pell of Sydney whose reputation has come under a dark cloud of recent times.

More importantly, my reading of the Laws Of Annoyance of The Pilgrims is not strictly limited to actions upon the street but could include written essays such as A Grim Faerytale and therefore, should not the great Malcolm, Lord of Duncan, along with Yeshua, also be arrested and brought before the court of Downing Centre and Mark Foys and be charged with sedition?

Believe Me

Safe - I'm not in a declared area.

Funny thing is though, Sexton didn't realise why Justice Branson was being so hostile.  Local knowledge is everything - know thy constitutents - Cathy lives in Elizabeth Bay and walks to work.  I reckon she's spitting chips about having her walk interrupted by peasants (she is from Adelaide after all). 

Witty, so witty...

Not to downplay your demostrable wit, Michael, more than half of my family have been involved in Scouting. Not a one with a question raised against them.

I resent, on their behalf, your equating of them with Nazis. As I wrote earlier to Eliot Ramsey (on another thread): be careful how banal you are.

Father Park

Fiona: Nice try, Father, but old Argus is on your case...

Inflight media conference.. that face rings a bell

Watching the telly of the Pope's inflight press conference, I was amused to later find this "Reporter's diary" on BBC:

A news conference takes place as we head out over the Atlantic after crossing the French coast.

The Pope and his press secretary, a Jesuit priest, come aft, and the Pope, standing by a bulkhead, answers some questions submitted and vetted in advance.

It is a very different story from the days when I first began my travels with the late Pope John Paul II.

He used to walk down the aisles of the plane, chatting freely with us for hours at a time, speaking in seven or eight different languages.

There was a lot of climbing over seats to try to hear what he was saying and comparing of notes afterwards to find out what were his exact words in each language.

Pope Benedict is different. His briefings are all much more structured. He takes only five questions and speaks through a microphone linked to the plane's public address system. I record every word in perfect quality.

Or how's this from NBC News, April 16:

On his flight from Rome, the pope said he was deeply ashamed of the scandal and would fight to keep pedophiles out of the priesthood

I've been skimming Nostradamus sites tonight.. this Pope was supposed to be French?  Found one place trying to say that because Ratzinger was born in Bavaria, which was controlled on-and-off by the Franks, that this all fits. It might be stretching things even more than I did. 

Meanwhile, here's the path of the Papal Flotilla that will bloom from Rose Bay on Thursday.

Anyway, according to a Columbian researcher in the SMH a couple of years ago, Ratzinger's supposed to get bumped off in Italy.

A present for Eliot.

Malcolm, highest compliments.  I haven't laughed that hard in ages. As for Fiona's exquisite fontwork.. noice!

Of course a Jesuit.

No surprise about the Jesuit: what do you expect but the best...

As to Ratzinger and only five questions? No surprise there either. The former "Defender of The Faith" will now defend it by acting in the same manner as all our best (or worst) politicians.

I rather suspect this is a bloke used to being in control.

Don't know about the "fontwork" but "old Argus" will miss one one day...

Father Park


that these young people are like other young people, I expect that a certain attraction of their pilgrimage is largely just to meet other young people.

Worshipping God is easy, and doesn't require, in the Christian religion as far as I understand, travel.

Perhaps my view is perverse: I think of a tendency for "good" young people to become Stalins, even if only Stalins of the library or schoolroom; and "bad," dissolute young to become the St Francis's and Tolstoys. Yeah, simplistic, I know. Don't get me started.

Waste of money

The Pope's visit to Sydney is being televised to 200 countries around the world. Didn't anybody think that it would have been better to televise the Pope from the Vatican and save NSW around $200 million?

The Father and the Son - but who is the Holy Ghost - Malcolm?

The guy who wasted 27 mil at the casino also donated many millions to charity and kept many an honest whore in expensive perfume. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Ain't it beautiful?

Malcolm B Duncan; yes indeed, you have found David's soft spot as I did some years ago. I made a childish comment about George Pell and poor David took it to heart.

But David, the kind hearted chap he is,  must have got over it for he freely allowed me to visit his cyber premises, raid the bar, steal anything that wasn't tied down, throw up on the floor and walls, say sleazy things to lovely ladies and, worst of all, tell jokes; he was also ever so grateful when I committed cyber suicide.

For some unexplained reason, three days later I found myself alive again.

Can't figure that one out but I'm sure David had something to do with it. Ain't it beautiful?

Jenny's absurd logic

By Jenny's logic if a certain rich man wastes $27 million in a casino that is a more wasteful exercise than a so-called church of the people that wastes millions and millions every year on events like the dopey pilgrimage to Sydney where they had to bring their own old fossils in an attempt to make Sydney a sainted sight in the world of the Catholics.

I think, Jenny, that waste is waste and the kiddies digging in the garbage dumps of the Philippines don't much care who wastes it.

Twasn't logic at all

Marilyn, twasn't logic at all. Just an observation that the faithful come in for a hell of a lot of criticism here for daring to have a celebration because of the cost, which you call waste, (they see it otherwise, I am sure) while all that other waste, yes billions and billions of it rarely raises a tap of the keyboard here. Consistency demanded - nothing to do with logic.

But let me not stand in the way of a good old church and faith bash which is what much written here of late really seems to be all about.

Meanwhile, as someone clearly concerned about the needy, you can rest assured that right this minute there are many of faith around the world who will continue tending the needy where they can, and I, along with millions of others will give them money to help.

Give 'em a break.

Marilyn: "... events like the dopey pilgrimage to Sydney."

Well, dopey it may seem to you and many others, Marilyn. However, there are many young people from all around the world who are looking forward to this gathering of like minded youth. They are here to engage in the spirit of friendship and sharing and giving.

From SMH today:

"THE 6000 World Youth Day pilgrims who marched through Brisbane's streets yesterday morning brimmed with excitement".....

and this:

Bongo drummers from the Democratic Republic of Congo led the Brisbane diocesan contingent, marching alongside East Timorese pilgrims, whose chanting was matched only by the Australians' cries of "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie - oi, oi, oi".

Wesley Moros, of Papua New Guinea, said yesterday marked the beginning of a new spiritual journey.

"This is a moment in my spiritual life - a new, special moment," he said.

Brothers Fabio and Luca Mazzucco from Rome, Italy, said their journey was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet so many others who shared their faith.

"It just shows, you know, how so many young people believe," Fabio Mazzucco said.

This from the Canberra Times yesterday:

City shines in 'spiritual journey'

"For Amgelo Sakondo, who has only known a country ravaged by famine and civil war, his is a journey of healing.

"This heals all our experiences," Amgelo said.

For this pilgrim, the experience of today's gathering of Catholic pilgrims on-route to World Youth Day in Sydney - the first highlight of his only journey outside Sudan - was euphoric.

"Amazing, amazing. We are sharing with the rest of the world the joy of people," Amgelo said.

The sight of the crowd of thousands gathered at Roma Street Parklands elicited words of exhilaration from 23-year-old Sundanese national.

"Whoa!" Amgelo said.

"This is beautiful, beautiful."

Amgelo is among more than 6000 Catholic pilgrims who have descended upon the city's parklands today, for Brisbane's own min-World Youth Day, ahead of the main event in Sydney this week"

Who knows what good may come out of this Marilyn?

Perhaps it will inspire our youth to be more aware of their fellow human beings and work in a positive way to make this world a better place (for their future children). God knows we need all the help we can get!

One thing's for certain: this united gathering of happy, friendly young people from all race is surely better to see than disunity, fighting, killing, bombing and maiming. And intense hatred of people simply because one has a different set of beliefs, or is a different colour. Yep, a bunch of positive smiling young people sure beats the hell outta that.

Give 'em a break, will ya!

Tom Lehrer is 'suspect'

Off-topic, but here he was only a few years back slagging off at the Americans:

I'm not tempted to write a song about George W.Bush. I couldn't figure out what sort of song I would write. That's the problem: I don't want to satirise George Bush and his puppeteers, I want to vaporise them.

Very sus indeed ...

For some reason my YouTube link in my last post did not publish.

We all know who would be behind that, don't we? Just ask Mark or Angela or ... . After all who else has such control over the media and everything else?

I think that is anti sexual abuse

Let's see now, David? The catholic church is a cesspit of child abuse for centuries.    Many supported that lovely chap Hitler and other such lovelies.

They spread their gospel of going forth and multiplying and sit around while people die of starvation in their millions rather than allow the use of contraception because the more catholics there are the less proddies on the planet.


I thought I would share this critque from a most liberal arts man about another scandal. I didn't know the mother had already had photos of nude children banned.

Organised churches are the opiates of the brainless and if all the real estate was sold there would not be a hungry person on the planet if they lived off the proceeds.

Just think about it. An old book is written and interpreted in a bunch of weird and wackie ways, people fantasise that they are chosen to spread the word of that old book based on nothing much more than what appears to be delusional paranoia and they spend their whole lives telling other people who cannot think for themselves and make billions in the process.

May as well preach that Harry Potter is real.


It's delightfully ironic this whole extravaganza. The bloke from whom the religion has derived its name - Christ - would surely wonder what he had wandered into were he to attend Sydney this week. More so next weekend in the "Southern Cross Precinct".

Any reading of the pertinent books from that "old book", whether or not "interpreted in a bunch of weird and wackie ways", clearly shows that Christ was not here for the pomp and pageantry. Nor did he have much truck with the seriously over-organised Jewish religion (State) and its holier than though zealot police in positions of hierachical power. His interest was in the marginalised and forgotten: those who he saw as in need. The power structure of Judaism at the time produced a stilted religion where rules about how to worship were (and likely still are) far more important than worshipping.

I find there is much about today's Roman Catholic Church that Christ would recognise from 2,000 years ago. The rules far outweigh the worship. That embargo on the use of gluten free hosts in communion some years ago is a clear example.

The hierachical structure exists to manage and wield power. That structure is always greatly interested in preserving itself.

And, yes, it appears the Pope will apologise. Will his Cardinal do likewise?

Fancy articles critical of the Church appearing near to WYD week eh? Bit like anti-party (one ot the other) stories appearing during an election campaign. Topical indeed, Kathy.

 Father Park

Scott: Michael, I've done a little editing which I hope meets with your  approval.


Phew! Thanks for that Father Park. For a moment there Marilyn and Malcolm had me a bit worried that I might be losing it, belng a believer. Maybe I am, but I will stick with it. Never did me any harm, and I never harmed anyone with it either, in fact the contrary would be truer. It keeps my less admirable traits under tight rein.

You are right about the power brokers over the centuries. It's those middle men who think they control the line to God, and our destiny that are and have been the problem.

Spend the WYD money on the needy instead has been suggested here. Makes one wonder what  that 27 million reportedly spent in the Casino one night by an avowed non believer could have done for those hungry little kids scrounging on the rubbish tips in the Phillipines. Never read much about that sort of  thing here do we?

I think that waste is far worse than the money spent on thousands of young people wanting to celebrate their faith. Many of them will undoubtedly go on to make a big contribution to helping those in need in the world. At least I would think they are more likely to than some of their non believer peers who spend  their evenings in the clubs and bars getting drunk and swearing and fighting. or in the casinos..

And what is it about this event that gets people so worked up? How about all that money spent staging all those footy matches each week for months, with people mindlessly screaming their heads off at a ball being kicked around? Maybe we could save all that money and send it off to the starving in Africa too.

Seems to me it is because it is a religious festival that has got people being so picky. Because no one ever picks about other big social events in the same way. So how about giving these young folk a fair go.

the Father of all Bunkum

And since when, David Davis, is reporting authentic, evidenced cases of sexual abuse "anti Catholic", anyway?

I would actually expect praise for public broadcasting, unencumbered of the sort of thinking, or more correctly prejudices, represented by Murdoch and co, for taking on sacred cows like the churches, whose followers think they should remain inviolate, even when palpably apprehended in acts of sheer bastardry. No matter how suspect their behaviours, they should remain unchallenged on the slender basis of theirs and their blind followers, self-proffered claims to be something that is ultimately merely unprovable and vainglorious bromides.

Pull off those rose coloured glasses, fellow!

The Vatican Rag

For a light-hearted look at (Roman) Catholicism, readers may find this youtube fairly amusing.

Richard:  It's been in my head all week, Jacob... know most of it by heart!

Tom Lehrer

Ah yes. Tom Lehrer. Received a BA from Harvard in mathematics at 18. MA a year later. Taught at MIT, Harvard and Wellesley. Worked at Los Alamos. Joined the Army (stint at the NSA). Back to MIT (Political Science). Then Santa Cruz where he taught Math and Musical Theatre. Retired around 2001.

And of course (Roman) Catholicism wasn't the only religion he gently parodied.

Cheeses, how slow am I?

Malcolm, this "put on extra staff to clean the ashtrays next to the pokies."  must be a wind up, right?

Coming after your suggestion that whores part with 9% of their easy earned I can easily imagine you sniggering into your Jamesons thinking you've sucked me in again; galling thought.

I'm just wild .........about ... David

Well David, it  IS topical stuff. The Pope is due here any time now.

And you certainly must know by now that Dr Duncan is not a big fan of us "ROMAN" Catholics anyway...

Religious intolerance

Is Webdiary trying to win the ABC award for religious intolerance?  Two anti-Catholic articles in a few days.  Of course I remember the tirade of abuse and hatred that was published in this place when Pope John Paul II died.


Richard (later) :  I've just got home from watching Australian Idol's Damien Leith sing "Danny Boy" (beautifully) as his encore.  Not anit-Catholic, David, couldn't be.. mates with probably too many.


I have just watched Kevin Rudd and Morris Iemma falling over themselves to greet the Pope. I thought I was watching episodes of Benny Hill or Dave Allen.


And, of course, you'd have seen it totally differently had it been Howard and Lemma? Naturally: it would have taken place at a private barbeque with an exclusive guest list.

Father Park

En garde

Have I found David Davis' sensitive spot?


Beats just getting up his nose particularly after what he has had to say about my professional opinions in the past on his blog.

I have nothing against the free expression of religious beliefs that does not infringe mine under s 116 of the Constitution. Fascinating tension isn't it? Those who believe think I'm damned to hell and I think they are a pack of deluded fools for believing.

Tell you what, Mr Davis, 17 July - Doncaster Avenue at high noon - T Shirts at 30 paces. Name your second sir, and the devil take the hindmost.

flights of fancy

No David, because we know you won the far more shameful Rupert Murdoch Citation for Bigotry before we free thinkers were ever heard of.

Or have you forgotten just who is fining whom, for wearing a T-shirt expressing as sentiment or viewpoint, out in the open space or common of the public domain.

Rubbery figures...

Condom people, eh?

I think your figures may be rubbery, Malcolm.

Are you sure you have the Costa right?  Wasn't it Scipione the  Elder?

And what about the authenticity of relics picked up in the parks where the dog walkers go, offered at inflated prices and sold in opaque plastic bags to naifs by unscrupulous folk afforded licences for holy relics from the Vatican?

And haven't the Marxist  brothers rectum any way?

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