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Management Update 29

Site statistics

Published article count was 22 in March, from 16 inFebruary. Published comments were 849 in March, from 820 in February. Unique visitor count at 25718 was 20% up on February, 44% up on January, and back up above the average for last year.

We didn’tpublish 32 abusive, content-free or incomprehensible comments in March: total comments intended for publication and not published: 32/881=3.6%. The editors banned Bob Wall for three months on 15 March after a series of acrimonious and threatening email exchanges.


Cash income in March was $165 in donations, versus expenditure of $13 for bank fees. Cashin the bank at end March was $2,480.67. March Google ad revenue wasjust over US$25 - unlikely to reach the US$100 total for a further cash payout from Google in this financial year at this rate.

Sydney Uni

Margo and I met some people from the Sydney Uni Media and Communications department to discuss possible ways of getting their students involved in writing for Webdiary and maybe working on the site generally. More details on this exciting development as it progresses. Likely the first manifestation will be some of the students working with Margo on covering the deliberations of the 2020 summit.

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Margo Kingston

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