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The Green Island Lullaby - sleep in heavenly peace

By PF Journey
Created 24/12/2007 - 15:32

Of his latest video essay [1], Webdiarist PF Journey [1] writes:

Allow me to introduce a Mandarin song to Webdiarists, as Mandarin is the current flavour. In particular it is for David Davis and his Taiwanese friends - they probably already know and love this song. And to Kathy Farrelly who is already "beijing duckling" at the moment, and to Fiona to weep by.

It's a lullaby from the emerald island of Taiwan, beautifully sung by an American Chinese singer, songwriter, piano player, and software engineer called Vienna Teng [2]. Vienna normally sings her own songs in English. She has a number of excellent CDs out - I have two of her early ones. But this is her tribute to her mother (her parents are from Taiwan originally), who sang this song to her when she was little. She sang it in excellent Mandarin. It is beautifully soothing, haunting, drifting by the Green Island.

The Green Island Lullaby.
Sung by Vienna Teng

This Green Island is like a boat,
rocking gently in the moonlight,
So my girl,
you are drifting in the sea of my heart,
Just let my lullaby,
follow that breeze,
blowing soft on your window pane,
And my wishes will follow that stream,
to tell you endlessly.

The shadows of the palm tree,
cannot hide my love away,
That silvery moon,
will also shine on my heart,
This greeen island night is so peaceful now,
So Hey Girl,
Why are you still so tongue-tied?
So Hey Girl,
Why do you still have nothing to say?

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