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Your Personal How-to-vote from GetUp

The estimable people at GetUp! have set up this site, where 19 questions on your beliefs (and a rough version of their relative importance to you) are matched to those of the candidates in your constituency.

Dear friends,

Deciding exactly how to vote is important, and often really hard.

Wouldn't it be great if there was some kind of impartial, straightforward and credible quiz that could confirm your inklings about which party is right for you? And also to tell any not 100% certain voter exactly which candidate and party came closest to their views?

Well, for the first time ever in Australian politics, there is. And we want GetUp members to be the first to hear about it - as well as spread the word. The major parties get plenty of air time, well now getting information about all the parties is easy.

This is like nothing you've seen before. Take the exclusive, three-minute quiz to get your very own, personalised how-to-vote card - we can even SMS the results to your mobile on Election Day!


How did we do it? First, we worked with renowned independent pollster Irving Saulwick to frame 20 key questions on the major issues facing Australians this election. Then, we got on the phone to every candidate in the country and invited them to take the quiz too - so that you can match up your views to those of the candidates' right in your very own electorate.

The result is a groundbreaking win for democracy - a completely free, open and transparent how-to-vote card that's personalised to you and your electorate.

Thanks to the promotional support of Yahoo!7, with a staggering four million users per month, we are aiming to reach a huge amount of voters this election.

Take the quiz now and help spread the word to every voter you know: this time, there's a fun and easy way to make up your mind.


After all, we've all been there, or known someone who perhaps doesn't feel they can get the facts they need - so instead they tick any old box or simply vote the way their parents do.

Well this time, there's a better way. See for yourself

Here's to making it count at the ballot box,
The GetUp Team


GetUp is an independent, not-for-profit community campaigning group. We use new technology to empower Australians to have their say on important national issues. We receive no political party or government funding, and every campaign we run is entirely supported by voluntary donations.

Authorised by Brett Solomon, Level 2, 294 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000 


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Twice as Intelligent as What?

Malcolm B, could you by any chance be confusing intelligence with pomposity? Things you say display plenty of one, much less of the other.

Spot On

Get Up predicted exactly as I planned to vote but I suppose that was to be expected.

I wish I'd known you would be hounding the troops in the Cross Malcolm - it's a sight I would have loved to have seen.

Incidentally, I encountered Admiral Collins at some charity do the other night and as you may know he's recently returned from Iraq which he described briefly as "going terrifically", whatever that means. His charming wife mentioned how he was transported by helicopter gunship to and from the airport to the Green Zone, thus avoiding the Highway Of Death. I suppose it's all in the way you look at it.

I raised the question of good social security (included in Get Up's questionnaire) with a visiting British music industry friend just last week after reading a piece written by an American now living in Australia ( I think in The Australian) of how he lived here, on and off the dole at times until he finally secured well paid work in the film industry and now has a thriving career.

Being able to rely on the dole meant some pressures and stresses were relieved by knowing his kids would be fed, and freed him to pursue his chosen career, something he felt could never have happened in the US. A good result all round as he now pays considerable taxes and is helping in a great Australian industry.

I put this theory to my UK friend as his career dates back to the 1960's booming British pop era.

Surprisingly, he agreed exactly with me (and this isn't my theory but one often put by people from that era). The reason Britain's amazing breakthrough in the 60's music industry with groups like The Beatles, Stones etc which dominated the world for decades to such a point that The Beatles alone for two years were responsible for solving Britain's balance of trade debts ( hence their MBE awards from HM The Queen) was solely down to the Welfare State, where people at least felt they were somehow never going to starve when out of work - and thus creativity wasn't stifled.

Kids could learn to play a guitar, write songs - whatever - without the hideous guilt now put upon the unemployed with fools like Abbot and his "dole bludger" claims.

It's just another small reason why Howard & Co with their mid-50's Puritan punishment concept are the most blinkered and dangerous dolts to be running Australia in a rapidly changing world.

The real reason

It's pathetic, given the superannuation entitlements Commander Collins has, Michael de Angelos, but the real reason (as articulated by his step-daughter in class) that he went to Iraq was so that "We can get a home loan" or words to that effect. 

Further, he gets another gong for going. Now, I've spent a lot more time both qualitatively and quantitatively serving my country than he has and I'm about twice as intelligent, but I never had a war to go to so I'll just have to stick with the ADM. He might be a Commander and I might be a retired Corporal but remember where Corporals manage to go. Moscow is safe in my book. I hate snow.


Well, I've just done the fucking quiz and I'm told I should vote 1 Green, 2 Citizens Electoral Council, 3 Labor [Sic].

Well fuck that, I'm voting for me.

What a load of nonsense the questions are - total bullshit.

Just wait: some wet behind the ears (probably female, or homosexual) or geriatric journo will do an article on it and present it as credible. Gawd help us.

To Alan

Alan, I just did the quiz, and it said my best  fit in Fadden was the Labor candidate (77%).  Next best the National Party (49%). Huh?!? But I looked closer at the Fadden ballot paper on screen and none of the other candidates had answered the quiz which gets them in the draw.

You may have struck the same problem.


Margo, Green!!!!!, I don't think so. Their policies sound good but what they propose is not going to happen in our lifetime. I still think Bob Brown will do anything to get the "balance of power" and if it means selling out on their principles, that's what they will do.

How to Vote

All you have to do, Alan Curran, is wait for the by-election and you can vote for me. I wouldn't vote for Dani in a fit.


Malcolm B Duncan, I will vote for you at the by-election for sure. I heard on the grapevine that Dani and George will be back together again the day after the election. If there is a by-election I will give you a little bit of dirt about Newhouse regarding a certain building development in Waverley.


It must be a poor quality affidavit, Mr Justice Akka, if it don't get past yer bench until after the action. Wassa matta? Cat got yer tongue? Or not in the public interest until it suits the Storm Detachment?

Or is this information merely the sort of untruthful seedy gossip spread by that warehoused little Liberal staffer turd from Southpark?

Dr Woodforde, OAM

The Dirt

Oh, Alan Curran, the dirt file on Mr Newhouse is growing daily. I'd never heard of him before this election but now ... doesn't pay certain barristers I'm told. Very naughty. Then in Abbey's yesterday a Supreme Court Judge asked me if I was standing and told me that he has Mr Newhouse before him as a witness in a case. Like Alice: curiouser and curiouser.

I'd hate to have me as an opponent. Up Macleay Street a few minutes ago I told all the dribbling idiots (including Admiral Collins and Dixie) with posters on the footpath that it's a breach of the Local Government Act. Posters have started going up on our powerpoles in my bailiwick. Letter to Energy Australia on Monday I think. I've still got the Bunnings ripper and the ladder from the last State Election.


This has got to be the geatest con ever, I answered the questions 3 times putting in different answers each time. The candidate I got was Dani Ecuyer - she would be the last one I would vote for. This is a site designed for idiots.!

Margo: Alan, maybe, deep down, you're Green!

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Margo Kingston

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