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International Peace Research Project - Australia

James Page is new to Webdiary. He teaches in peace and conflict studies and also within teacher education, has taught widely in Australia and overseas, and has served with the UNESCO Secretariat in Paris. Dr Page holds qualifications in humanities, divinity, education, educational anthropology and educational philosophy, and his recent doctoral thesis was recognized with the Award for Outstanding Research by the IER. In James’ first piece for Webdiary, he offers readers the chance of participating in a worldwide study of ordinary people’s views on war and peace.


There probably has never been a time when interest in the idea of global peace has been more widespread. Boston University is currently co-ordinating an on-line international research survey across six continents, looking at social attitudes to peace and war. Within the critical literature there is no shortage of expert opinion on peace and war. Yet this is the first-ever global survey of what ordinary citizens think about peace and war. If you would like to participate, simply click on the Australian flag and follow the prompts.

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The merry go round of human ineptitude

Excuse me for seeming to be cynical, but after reading this survey, it's just an academic con job. As Simon Dennis points out in his link, the USA's veracity and credibility is clearly debunked, as is the credibility of every monotheistic controlled country. The amount of detail they are seeking has nothing to do with war or peace, but the accumulation of knowledge of people's personal lives to fill the CIA's vaults on their opposition.

War is fought on ideology, currently 99% monotheistic. How many repeat surveys do you need? Talk to any sane person and you'll find they are against war and only want peace in their lives. It's the ruling monotheistic elite who create these wars and the academic enslaved inept who support them. Talk about a revolving door syndrome. Will the human race ever evolve beyond their merry go round existence, of my interpretation of the mythical god of war yahweh is right and I'll kill you to prove it. Not until religious ideology is removed from the planet, or those following these monstrously bizarre superstitions wiped themselves out and the sane humans can get on with evolving sensibly with our flimsy little space ship hurtling through the universe.


Hi Alga, I actually think Iraq is to do with oil. There are lots of other Muslim societies to attack but it is Iraq that has been.

I don't buy the clash of civilisations line. There have been times of peace and times of war between the different religions. There must be other factors to explain when the conflicts break out and when peace prevails.

Peace Research Project

I was interested in the comments by both Alga and Evan. Are wars fought on the basis of ideology or on the basis of desire for resources?  It is an ongoing debate.  I think war-making is a combination of a range of factors, not the least of which is the cultural one. We live in a society with legitimates violence.

In any case, could I urge you to include such opinions when responding to the survey?  For instance, the view by Alga that everybody is actually in favour of peace, although seemingly an obvious comment, is itself an important observation, as indeed are his view on religious ideology and violence. 

I should say that I smiled when I read the suggestion that the survey was somehow linked to the CIA.  If only this were true - then there might be some decent funding for this project!  Seriously, this research project shines the torch on governmental violence. Those perpetrating governmental violence do not want publicity.

Some Points to Ponder ?

Before responding to the survey it may be worthwhile reading this timely article from ZNet ... "A Culture of Violence" by Stephen Lendman  ... It's fairly long but well worth the read!

... Peace! .... ummmm?

Support the Safron Revolution in Burma

This bulletin just came through the nonviolence net, as Aussies nonviolently support the people of Burma in their struggle for peace and justice.


A list of rallies across Australia -below - mainly organised by Amnesty -

Public rallies to help protect thousands of peaceful protesters in Myanmar will be held across Australia on Thursday, 27 September 2007.

Demonstration details:

Where: Outside Embassy of Myanmar, 22 Arkana Street, Yarralumla, CanberraWhen: 27th September 4pm - 6pm
What: Placarding action
More info: Athena 0434 676 204


Where: Martin Place, Sydney
When: 27th September 5pm - 6pm
What: Placarding action
More info: Karen 02 8396 7671


Where: In front of The Treasury Building, 21 Murray Street, Hobart
When: 27th September 5pm - 6:30pm
What: Placarding action encouraging people to honk for human rights in
More info: Annalisa 03 6221 1002


Where: Outside the Amnesty International Australia office [80 South Terrace,
When: 27th September 5pm - 6pm
What: Placarding action
More info: Naomi 08 8110 8103


Where: Wesley Church, cnr William and Hay Sts
When: 27th September 3pm - 5pm (to coincide time with other states)
What: Placarding action and encouraging people to honk for human rights in
Myanmar More info: Wendy 08 9476 4802


Where: Parliament House steps (Spring St, Melbourne)
When: 27th September 5:15pm- 6:30pm
What: Placarding public action - please wear black, maroon or saffron,
placards will be provided.
More info: Mirinda 03 9412 0700

Webdiary not well represented on millionvotes4peace

Excellent survey, it would be very interesting to the results. Haven't seen too many WD names appearing on the millionvotes4peace website. Surely we can do better.

Regards John

Peace Survey

Thanks, a hugely important survey.

I don't find 'human rights' a useful way to address this.  This doesn't mean I don't think they exist, just that it doesn't help resolve conflict. 

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