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Webdiary History

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Created 29/11/2006 - 11:01

Margo founded Webdiary for the Sydney Morning Herald in July 2000 and took it independent on August 22, 2005. She related her view of the saga in a lecture to the South Australian Governor's Leadership Forum [0] in February 2006.

Previous pieces on Webdiary's history and evolution include:

A. Webdiary's Ethics [1], 2003, published in Remote Control: New Media, New Ethics [2](Cambridge University Press, 2003)

B: Audio of lecture [3] at the University of WA on Webdiary's citizen journalism, March 17, 2005

C: We turned 5 today [4], July 4, 2005

D. Personal Opening statement [4] on the launch of the independent Webdiary, August 2005.

E. Margo Unplugged [5], an interview on Radio National's Media Report, September 2005

F. 'The future of Fair Dinkum Journalism [5]', written April 2005 for Barons to Bloggers: Confronting Media Power [6] (Melbourne University Press, 2005).

Archives of Webdiary can be found in the National Library of Australia's Pandora archive system at this address: http://pandora.nla.gov.au/tep/21852 [7]. The Pandora Archive from August 2005 [8] has the complete Fairfax-era site archive.

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