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Webdiary apologises for the problem we are currently experiencing with the comment module.  Our tech team is currently working on a solution and we hope to have the problem fixed soon.

In the meantime, all articles in our archives can still be accessed and read.

David R: [in a hotel in Cairns Sunday night]
DB rebuilt - should be fixed.

PS: Sorry it took so long - was in the Daintree and out of both internet and mobile ranges ...

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The gathering gloom..

I am young enough, yet educated enough to see the full possibilities in the creature known as "Goth Whitlam", but I'm not sure I have the heart for it.

"Well may we say, God save the Queen. For nothing will save my wrists when I cut them! NIN. The cure."

I am perhaps the worst satirist in the history of the world.

Contribution from a non-reader ...

Just thought you all might be interested in a contribution received via the "Contact" form ...

Wow - aren't you clever, how much do you make?, how many loafers do you employ? man I hate ur kind., the leaches of society, dictating policy, media opinion, and my f.n life - PS life has never been better in this country - and that includes the entire Australian History, including your mentors days Goth. - I wish Goth Whitlahms Ghost would just die - your all just uninteligable half educated Goth Whitlam Grand Children.
 ur ugly

Gentle Reader...

David Roffey, thank you for publishing the contribution from the non-reader.

Fortunately, I don't get to see the material that comes in through the Contact form. Nevertheless, it's a salutory example of why Webdiary is a moderated site. Not, of course, that any registered Webdiarist would sink to such depths ....

Thumbnail dipped in tar

And a salutory reminder that not only do these creatures slither out of the swamp to vote, usually several times in drak nazi-owned nursing homes, but they also are permitted to drive ZoomZooms at high speed, listen to Gloria Jones parrotting his hatreds and key into the teachings of the Great Helmswomanette Barbie Bishop. Relax and be comfortable, solar powered KleenKole Schmetterlingen.

Footnote: What a great thing that not only did Mr Whitlam leave a mammoth heritage of reform, but he also still irks Axis filth more than 50 years after he helped defeat them, alongside many other young Australians.

Thank you repair people

A round of applause for the fixers-up! And while we're at it, one for the editors.

Kicking against the pricks

Maybe you should test me, then see what happens, Cherub.

Counting On Wakeling

Keep kicking, young Solomon.

If they find you testing it's only because they know you have won.


No, young Solomon Wakeling, you are just testing.

Stop, look and listen baby..

Testing, 1,2,3..


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