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Gloating in the dark


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Depleted Uranium.

After his outing about dodgy Military contracts for our service personnel (among other things) - Mr. Hill was promoted to U.N. Ambassador.  However, he left us with another, much larger problem.  The proposed U.S./Australian Military "games" in Shoalwater Bay Queensland. 

It is true that such games with the U.S. and different foreigners has been exercised since about the 1970's however, there has never been reported an "exercise" as potent as this one for 2007.  It will have live ammunition being used almost exclusively - U.S. Nuclear warships in the Bay who will launch aircraft carrying out live bombing raids on the area - landing craft carrying U.S. service personnel "invading" the beaches - and this is defence practice?

If our personnel are the "defenders" of the beach - what is the danger of LIVE ammunition and, most importantly, will Howard give us the guarantee that the U.S. will not simply dump their depleted uranium weapons, as they did in Kosovo, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq? 

So, does the Indonesians govern Howard's foreign policies - or does the U.S.? Ne Oublie - Howard is just a servant of the Bush administration - well might they call him their Deputy Sheriff!

Howard's Nuclear "Debate".

Howard's decision will be based on two major isssues viz: what the Bush administration wants and how the Corporations respond to it.  We are probably more unfortunate than many Liberal or National electorates since we are in Eden-Monaro.  The close Howard friend Gary Nairn, is as useless as back pockets in underpants.  However, I will write to that Liberal representative again (as every Australian should) and ask him to reply whether or not the Eurobodalla Shire in NSW will be targetted by Howard for his suicidal Nuclear policies.  The word "Eurobodalla" apparently means "many lakes and rivers" and many lakes and rivers there are.  It is constantly stated that plenty of water for cooling is an absolute necessity for the Nuclear Reactors - so the Eurobodalla quality lakes and rivers would be ideal for the Howard/Bush Nuclear game.  Howard's "sedition laws" closed down the Canberra Times "Have Your Say" where Mr. Nairn was receiving a well deserved dressing down.  Howard made his friend an "Honourable" by making him a Parliamentary Secretary.  Now he has made him "Special Minister of State"!  What the hell does either of those titles really mean?  Turnbull has been in Parliament for a fly's life and yet he is a Parliamentary Secretary already!  So - Mr. Gary Nairn will be getting a lot of "paid for comment" especially in the Rural press of southern NSW!  That was where the Howard Attorney General Darryl Williams was caught out using the American Company International McCann to bribe those newspapers to help elect Mr. Nairn.   Make no mistake - the Northern Territory and the Eden-Monaro electorate are prime targets for Howard's "Iraqi war type of choice" for Nuclear bastardry.  NE OUBLIE.

The Fascist Nuclear "Debate"?

Firstly let's not be conned yet again, into believing that Howard cares one hoot about what the "people want" as long as an election is not eminent.  He ignored 87% of our people when he joined Bush in the illegal invasion of Iraq.  Secondly, Howard has never been a "debater".  He can only perform when a "Presidential" appearance is arranged and his "lock down" system of selected journalists protects him and his minions completely.  Let's not argue that obvious fact.  Thirdly, his euphemism in this instance is "A Nuclear DEBATE".  As always he will decide the Terms of Reference - which simply means that only he controls the discussions.  Now he decides to call it an "inquiry"!  We should all be experienced in what Howard inquiries really are?  Enough of peripherals - let's get real.  The Howard diversion is suddenly concentrated on the Northern Territory and it's Aboriginal people - WHY?  Are they more important than those in every other state or territory? WHY?  I believe that Howard's plans for U.S. nuclear waste disposal has already been decided.  What can we do?  We can remember next year!!!  NE OUBLIE.

Spot On

Those who express concerns about the export of uranium are being depicted as latter day luddites elsewhere. The creation of profits reigns supreme. Uranium is a very dangerous commodity; beginning with the mining of it, through to its disposal.

We are told that with the globalization of economic processes that nuclear wars are not likely to occur.  While this would appear to be a logical comment it does not provide a caste iron guarantee that there will be no production of nuclear weapons from uranium exported by Australia.

There is also no guarantee that China will handle uranium and its by products in an environmentally sensitive manner. Environmental mistakes occur in China, an example being the major chemical spill a few months ago; we cannot allow mistakes to be made with uranium. The handling of uranium needs to be managed in an absolutely safe manner from mining to it’s ultimate disposal; no such guarantee can be provided.

Gus’s cartoon is spot on, Labor's policy is marginally better than the Coalition's. 

Spot on Keith.

May I add to your opinion by just saying that we have to direct our energies to Howard since only he and his conga-line can do anything about this apparent menace.  The cavalier attitude of the U.S. and the U.K. in using depleted Uranium weapons in many countries has been of concern to many people - however, I envisage a much closer danger in Howard's most recent "diversions".   JUST IMAGINE that a government that has been in power for 10 years (with a N.T. conservative administration for half of that) and, who has denegrated the indigenous Australians regularly, SUDDENLY has a new-comer to the spin i.e., Mal Brough, screaming about the Aboriginies' morals and even threatens the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory with another fascist take-over.  JUST IMAGINE that as this becomes a media hyped subject, Howard announces that he demands a "Nuclear debate" to consider where we MAY have Nuclear Power stations and where we MAY dump the waste in Australia!  Since the Northern Territory people have objected robustly to their Territory becoming a Nuclear waste dump - JUST IMAGINE that Mal is providing a convenient excuse for the removal of the Aboriginies from those "outlying areas" to facillitate the creation of a depopulated large slice of the Territory for Howard's nuclear dumping ground.  For several years Howard has been pushing a "rough and ready" rail line from Perth through Sth. Australia and the Northern Territory to Darwin.  JUST IMAGINE that that line which is so rough that most people would not use it, but is a convenient method of transfering Yellow Cake to Ports for exporting and returning the waste to the Australian dumping ground.  JUST IMAGINE that this opinion meets all the criteria of another Howard "sell out" and an infinite time-line for a real "On the Beach" scenario.  There is no truth - only the powers that be.

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