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Refund Policy

Money might be paid to Webdiary in one of three ways: as a Donation, as a payment for Advertising, or in payment for Merchandise. Refund policies for each of these circumstances are set out here.

Refund of Donations

Donations are made freely by contributors and supporters, who receive no additional benefits or access to Webdiary's services in return. There would not normally be occasion to make a refund of donations, unless there is a significant change in circumstances which would not have been known to the donor at the time of making payment - for example, refunds were offered (but not taken up) when Margo Kingston ceased to write for Webdiary.

Refunds for Advertising

Advertising rates and conditions are set out here. While orders can be taken to display advertising on particular days, circumstances may prevent that happening: in that case, the advert will normally be run on another subsequent equivalent day. However, if the advertisement is related to a specific timed event (such as a concert or public meeting) and it is not possible to show the ad before that event, a refund will be made through whichever medium the payment was made (ie by cash or cheque, as appropriate).

Where an ad was booked for a long run of days, and is cancelled before the end of the run, we will normally refund the difference between the total paid and the daily rate for the number of days it actually ran.

Refunds for Merchandise

Webdiary does not currently offer any merchandise. If we do so, then return and refund policies will be set out in the offer for each item. In general, any faulty or incorrectly supplied merchandise (eg different size supplied than ordered) will be normally be replaced with corrected items, and a refund made only if it is not possible to provide non-defective goods as ordered. However, customers have the right to a refund instead at their choice.

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