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Defending Democracy

Submitted by Carmen Lawrence on March 23, 2005 - 7:01am.
Choice in Childbirth: a public policy failure

"Exhortations last year by the treasurer, Peter Costello, that patriotic young Australians should go forth and multiply, caused more than a few indulgent chuckles from the assembled media. Many of those being urged to have more children were probably less amused as they contemplated the hurdles they confront in taking his advice." - Carmen Lawrence

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Submitted by Craig Rowley on February 28, 2005 - 6:38am.
WE are at a tilting point
"Unlike corruption under other forms of government, from totalitarian state to illiberal democracy, our political officials act in our name with our express consent. Quite honestly, they are our representatives. Ultimately their ethics are our ethics as well. If they are corrupt, and we allow them to be, then we are corrupt, too." Craig Rowley
Submitted by Carmen Lawrence on October 26, 2004 - 5:29am.
Democracy is failing if the majority are alienated from politics

"Every election produces its peculiar set of certainties about the future of the losing party, certainties that later analysis often proves flawed. Knee-jerk analysis crowds the airwaves and advice is proffered by opinionated commentators about what must be done to avoid permanent oblivion. I've done it myself." - Carmen Lawrence

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Submitted by Chris Saliba on April 5, 2004 - 4:24am.
Who’s afraid of the Greens?

"Are the Greens policies as 'kooky' as John Howard insists? Without doubt their overall program is radically different to the prevailing orthodoxy. The last decade of the Howard government has seen a current account blowout that would make Kath and Kim blush, from $194 billion dollars in 1995 to the $393 billion today. Under Howard, we’ve all shopped ourselves silly, and still feel like we’re missing out. The Greens would change all this. Under the Greens we would be made more aware of the cost of everything we consumed – to the environment, to poorly paid sweated labour. Splashing out on an outré outfit at a Chapel street boutique would become fraught with all manner of ethical dilemmas. Were the workers properly paid? Did the dyes used in the product have an adverse environmental impact? Is the outfit sustainable?" Chris Saliba

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