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Anti-terrorism laws - links update #16

Terror suspects face long evidence wait
The Age November 11, 2005,
The lawyer representing nine men facing terrorism charges says he must wait an unacceptably long time for police to provide a brief of evidence.
Mr Houda said he faced a two-month wait for a brief of evidence.
"All we have is the allegations, a summary, a fact sheet from the prosecution which really doesn't tell us that much," he told ABC radio.
"Their investigation went for 18 months, they tell us, and on the first day of court we were informed that they require up to 10 weeks to serve us with a brief of evidence, and that's far from satisfactory." - http://www.theage.com.au/news/National/Terror-suspects-face-long-evidence-wait/2005/11/11/1131578184563.html

PM won't back down on terror bill
The Advertiser, 11nov05
THE Federal Government would not water down its anti-terrorism bill and has no plans to scrap sedition provisions, said Prime Minister John Howard. - http://www.theadvertiser.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5936,17211341%255E1702,00.html

Sedition laws essentially unchanged, says PM
ABC Online November 11, 2005
Prime Minister John Howard insists the media will not be prevented from criticising the Government under parts of the proposed counter-terrorism laws. - http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200511/s1503299.htm

Georgiou, Turnbull voice concerns over counter-terrorism laws
Lateline ABC, 10/11/2005, Reporter: Dana Robertson
PETRO GEORGIOU, GOVERNMENT BACKBENCHER: As the Attorney-General indicated in his second reading speech these amendments were intended to modernise the language and not to comprise a wholesale revision of the sedition laws but the fact is that the revival of a law that was either unknown or generally considered to be a dead letter has generated a great deal of concern.
DANA ROBERTSON: Mr Georgiou says it would be utterly unacceptable if the new laws curtailed freedom of expression.
PETRO GEORGIOU: It's my view the sedition provisions in this bill are problematic and require serious review by the Senate Legal and Constitutional Legislation Committee.
DANA ROBERTSON: And he's not alone.
MALCOLM TURNBULL, GOVERNMENT BACKBENCHER: There has been concern expressed by many people that these laws could muzzle free speech. Let me say, Mr Speaker, that I can well understand why people would be apprehensive about these provisions. The language is very old-fashioned and the offences are difficult to follow.
JOHN HOWARD: The thrust of the new sedition laws is essentially no different from what's already there, expressed in a somewhat more contemporary form. - http://www.abc.net.au/lateline/content/2005/s1503115.htm

Suspected terrorist 'flees Australia'
NineMSN, Friday Nov 11 07:16 AEST
A suspected terrorist believed to be the owner of a burnt-out car containing a drum of chemicals has reportedly fled Australia.
Police sources confirmed the owner had fled, possibly last week, when news of the impending terrorist raids were made public, The Daily Telegraph reported.
The suspect is considered a "major target" by police. - http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=71562

Minimise fear during terrorism raids, doctor urges
ABC Online, 11 Nov 2005
Muslim doctors are calling on enforcement agencies to consider how to reduce the fear created in suburbs during counter-terrorism raids. - http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200511/s1504569.htm

No end to fight over surveillance law
The Age (Technology) November 11, 2005, Boston
With each new advance in communications, the government wants the same level of snooping power that authorities have exercised over phone conversations for a century. Technologists recoil, accusing the government of micromanaging - and potentially limiting - innovation.
Today, this tug of war is playing out over the Federal Communications Commission's demands that a phone-wiretapping law be extended to voice-over-internet services and broadband networks. - http://www.theage.com.au/news/technology/no-end-to-fight-over-surveillance-law/2005/11/06/1131211938319.html


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re: Anti-terrorism laws - links update #16

Who is it that escaped overseas at the warning the PM gave by trumpet fare?

Does he wear a wig or a whig? Whence did he go with such alacrity?-mobile, monied, passport not stopped, able to leave all. A mere minion or a dark leader?

watch this space.

Remind me of the twelve Lebanese visitors that became ten.

re: Anti-terrorism laws - links update #16

Freedom, What Cost

Amazement is what catches my breath.
Another mention of Rumsfeld …
Same sentence as human rights violations,
Guantanemo and Abu Gahraib.
Now we hear of all the others
Prisons here and there,
All outside of America and apple pie
And I ask how can this be?

No isolated abuse these.
Some say it’s just the vagrant few,
Un-American others say
And they sign another instruction,
Don’t the ends dictate the means?
These sleep well at night,
These are the people we voted for,
They’ve got to be okay?

Still no outcry.
No real voice in the corridors of power,
Occasional comments lost,
When a Tsunami kills thousands
Lost with so called London terrorist attack?
Within, the question goes begging,
Was it the CIA?
Sanctioned by Rumsfeld and Bush?

Don’t the ends justify the means?
Sure some collateral damage,
But they don’t have names …
Like our own troops.
Does it matter whether it’s agent orange or radiation?
Depleted uranium is so effective!
The spin-doctors will right(write) the history
And no one speaks out?

Sound of Arab voices.
Are they not proof?
They don’t sound cultured like us!
Must be less than human
Must value life less than us …
Us Christian’s?
Haven’t we cornered the market on decency?
Though we just arrived.

How long will this go on?
How long will the masses stay silent?
Watching legislation usurping our rights!
Waiting till it’s too late?
When it’s not terrorist suspects,
Nor illegal immigrants and boat people,
But us pulled from our beds
And held indefinitely?

We hear of the stage managed media.
The sound of the media director,
Believing her own voice,
That history will confirm the truth of the pack of lies.
Lies that can only stand
Because they are confirmed by the media, Pentagon and White House to
But we’ve got a party to go to
Besides I’m too tired, heard it all before!

What will it take?
Man made epidemic,
Nuclear winter,
Or just good old totalitarianism?
Supported by total corruption!
Personal rights gone …
Freedom a joke!
By then we’ll be completely under their yoke.

RL 10/11/05

re: Anti-terrorism laws - links update #16

Marilyn Shepherd, my information is that Benbrika fled Algeria because the authorities were looking for him. Stop apologising for these misfits. They should be sent back to where they came from.

re: Anti-terrorism laws - links update #16

Remarkably, the British Tories are behaving like a real opposition faced with the latest round of the Blair Government's War on Civil Liberties.

It makes Labor's failure to act as a real opposition in Australia appear even more pathetic.

re: Anti-terrorism laws - links update #16

IRT case

It would seem that big, bad Benbrika just got married to an Australian a couple of years too late and was allowed to stay to help his two babies.

What a hoax it is - the man is not a bloody Algerian militant he is an aero engineer.

re: Anti-terrorism laws - links update #16

Marilyn Shepherd, Benbrika, who has praised Osama bin Laden and defended the right of Australian Muslims to fight coalition troops in Iraq, is fixed in his view that Muslims like him should not disappear into the broader Australian community. He has one God, one law - sharia, laid down 1400 years ago - and for him, even fundamentalist clerics such as the controversial Sheik Mohammed Omran are too liberal.

In 1992 Benbrika married a Lebanese woman who had become an Australian citizen and who tried to sponsor him. But the tribunal ruled he would have to leave Australia and reapply for entry. Earlier this year they were expecting their seventh child.

He does not think much about Australian Law.

The way he is going on he will not be suprised the way his kids "blow up" so quickly.

Get real Marilyn, we can do without his type here.

Hi Alan. Your advice re security galvanised me, and our conversation sparked a Webdiarist to volunteer to check out the new site. Coming soon, with any luck...

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