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Club Chaos on hypergalactic chardonnay

By Russell Darroch
Created 22/08/2005 - 23:31

by Russell Darroch

Russell's archive is here [1].

As the new age of the internet public media continues to dawn it is indeed exciting to be part of the new digital world of socially responsive and interactive journalism. Like the universe itself there are many uncharted regions here and the patrons of Club Chaos are going to have to get used to some new rides and some new drinks.

As one of Australia’s leading independent journalistic voices Margo we wish you all the very best and look forward to seeing what the new, expanded Webdiary can accomplish.

While I’m sure the answer to the Meaning of Democracy is not “42” it is likely to be found in the voices of unfettered citizen journalists around the world. Unlike Slarty Bardfast in HHGTTG and his planet factory we don’t know that we can rebuild this Earth one a second time, so hopefully we can all work together to help this one survive!

For examples of similar efforts elsewhere in the world see The Online News Association [2]for starters.

Our home grown Crikey [3] has been doing a great job and with luck, and a great group of people around the Club Chaos Bar drinking Hypergalactic Chardonnay and the occasional cappuccino from the distant planet LuckyCountryAlpha5, the new Webdiary should make major contributions to the revitalisation of democratic thought and processes in Australia.

Bless you Margo and Hamish and thank you for the tireless efforts to make this all happen!

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