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By Richard Tonkin
Created 26/07/2012 - 01:16

I just got broadband at home for the first time.  Glad I waited  Nearly everything I read in vintage Science Fiction has become true/  Having absorbed the forethinking futurists in the Portland High School library in the late 70s, to now immerse myself in the warm pool of broadand is technological luxury much beyond the fantasies of the writers of only half a century ago

FLASHBACK:  My grandfather clearly remembered the first car through his town, somebody walking ahead waving a red flag.  He lived till the age of the Space Shuttles.  Drawing from that, how far have things gone along the technological exponential curve?

Anyway, back to Portland.  The still-on-air radio station 3RPC had its first test transmissions from the top floor of my grandparents' pub, the Mac's Hotel.  Occassionally I'd have to duck up from my arvo shift in the bottle-oh  to tell them the reel-to-reel was running at the wrong speed.

 Last weekend I set up a community radio station on Facebook. Called it Adelaide Community Tubes, invited folks to create their own playlist.  How easy to create, on a Saturday night, a "radio station" of people, however isolated in the own homes, sharing music together?  It's the combination of words and pictures and thoughts, and perhaps by sharing music at the same time being on similar frequencies.. and maybe a bit of what cyberspace could do with a bit more of?

Anybody remember CB Radio?  Height of the sunspot cycle in 78 I got a QSL Card from Queensland to Portland.  Used to love listening to shortwave radio too.  Now I can do all of that with an easy push of buttons.  Not as fun as listening to the Sydney-Perth phone calls on SW Single Side Band though..

Seque to Youtube.  Bloody hell, is this the most idea-sharing thing that's been given to humanity or what?  Whack an idea in front of a camera, show it to the world.  Given that over centuries so much of what's been Common Knowledge has been lost, what more simple a way to regain it than via a loungeroom webcam to the Universe?  I've met kids who've learned quite proficient piano simply by following Youtube tutorials.   In my little world of ukuleles I'm watching kids coming up that show us old farts to shame.  They've learned by watching others of their own age doing the same thing on the internet.

Ok getting back to Margo's idea of updating Webdiary- given what's available now, what could/should it be?  All suggestions and ideas would be gratefully received.. it's a new universe out there!




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