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The Thomson Soliloquy

By Richard Tonkin
Created 21/05/2012 - 14:29

Thomson's sad and sorry tale in Parliament today is credible. Skullduggery exists, and his final comments that Tony Abbott was unfit to be either PM or MP are held by many.  It's more than obvious that Thomson thinks the Mad Abbott (who is known to go to great lengths to claim a scalp.. or has everyone forgotten Pauline Hanson's prison stretch?) but I can't help wondering if rounding up such a self-vindication with a political kick to the knee might have cost him the believability of his soliloqy.


Let's skip the speech.. no doubt by now there's a cyberstorm of commentary bouncing around.  What I'm wondering might be of particular interest is the fact that Labor's first two antecedant motions against the Libs (that Pyne and Bishop not be heard.. and don't we all occassionally wish for that?) were beaten by five votes at Division.  Given that what's truly at stake here is the balance of power in Federal Parliament, Albanese's muscle-flex failed, and Labor should perhaps take warning that they're in deeper trouble than they thought.

Meanwhile, as the moon eclipses the sun, everyone's waiting to see if Australia's Friday financial fiasco richochets through the FTSE and into Wall St.  At least we have something with which to keep ourselves occupied while we wait. 

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