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The Loan Arranger and Pronto Ride Into The Sunset?

By Richard Tonkin
Created 29/04/2012 - 17:41

Julia Gillard could well be excused for screaming "May Day" a few days early.  Heaven knows what deals were done so thpeat Slipper and Thomson went into exile simultanesously, but you can get prices will be paid.

This is a strange game of poker, in which the slightly dodgy reputations of both these men have been the fulcrum of a Gillard parliamentary majority, and many cards played in attempting to bluff both into "folding".  Wth Slipper once again part of the Liberal voting bloc, a Thomson resignation would've given the Mad Abbot an golden oppurnity to leave the current Australian Government dead in the water, powerless to do anything but wait fhe the death-knell of the next Federal election.

It's been an untenable situation that drastically needed resolution, but today's actions are nonetheless a palpable win for Tony.  I'd bet though, that he'll be hoping that Slipper's issues take years to resolved.  However if he's out of the Speaker's Chair for too long a replacement instead of an Acting will need electing.. and who the hell could that be?  Katter?  (That was a joke, Joyce!)

Whether all Abbot-driven political brinkmanship achieves its intended result remains to be seen.  My previous poker analogy probably isn't right.. this is more like a very long game of chess.  The trouble might be to keep the game developing to the End Game when some of the pieces start wandering around the board of their own accord. 

This next Federal parliamentary session's going to be a ripper, especially if someone has something up their sleeve.. Stay Tuned! 

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