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Torturing the sick and elderly

By Jay Somasundaram
Created 25/02/2010 - 23:01

It's such a hard topic.  Thanks for voicing your thoughts, Jay!

We call ourselves an enlightened, humane society, but persist in torturing the terminally ill through sadistic anti-euthanasia laws. Isn’t it about time we stop giving into that section of the population who are so afraid of their own death that they are willing to force others to suffer needlessly? And so cowardly that they often perform their torture, not personally, but through third parties – the health professionals and relatives of the dying

How can we claim that human beings have a fundamental right to life, without an equally fundamental right to death? If one is forced to do something, then it cannot be a right. 

Those against euthanasia talk of the potential for abuse, but that is to divert attention from their own abuse. Health professionals and those who care for the terminally ill are on the front line, day after day. Yes, they can and will exert an influence on the terminally ill. That is their right and their responsibility. We do need safeguards to ensure that the person making the decision to die is of sound mind, but we already have well-tested protocols for determining a person’s sanity. 

Yes, there is an element of financial common sense in legalizing euthanasia. We have an ageing population and health costs are rising. But, making money from it shouldn’t stop us from doing the right thing.

That’s what I think. What do you think? Isn’t it about time that humanity became more humane?

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