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Who's The Boss? The Liberal Schism

By Richard Tonkin
Created 26/11/2009 - 21:26

It was enough of a blody-blow to the Federal Libs that so many of them lined up behind Kevin Andrews in yesterday's leadership spill. After his behaviour during the Haneef fiasco, how could anyone wanting to give him any power at all have any credibility as alternative governors of this country?

Now their Senate Leader, one of the last bastions of appropriate political conduct, has walked away from the shadow portfolio in disgust, and bovver-boy Abbott and so many other front-benchers with him, the Federal Liberal party appears unlikely to have any political clout for the next decade.

Turnbull has kept his credibility over his party's Climate Change stance, but without his party's front bench behind him he's wearing the Emperor's New Clothes. The Catch-22 is that if his party replaces him in another leadership spill they will appear to the public as having no moral substance whatsoever.

God help us, this might be Joe Hockey's big break.

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