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$2b or not $2b... that is the question about milking misery

If a yokel like myself could figure this one a day before it hit the press, it's a worry.  I've become suspicious that governments might be spinning the economy collapse to their advantage, and I have only one example to present as possible evidence. 

Our South Australian Treasurer reckons that our economy is out of whack by two billion dollars, and has gravely gone to the press to tell them that infrastructure projects might be delayed.  The trouble is that the reporter of that information posted a piece at the start of the month suggesting which projects would be applicable to getting a slice of the Federal  twenty billion dollar infrastructure progam.  On March 3rd Kthe Advertiser suggested that the cost of those projects was around two billion dollars.

 After Treasurer Foley's announcement yesterday, planted on ABC Local radio in the morning and moved through the media over the day, our Premier and our Infrastructure Minister trotted themselves out on the telly overnight to suggest the possibly that abandoned projects might be saved by Federal funds.

The closing date for the infrastructure funds was the day before this hopeful announcement of salvation.

If a State government is prepared to media-manipulate a foregone conclusion in the wake of the global financial cataclsym, it might be reasonable to suggest that other governments  across the world are milking spin (or is that spinning milk?) to maximise their political advantage.

Some people care, some people pretend to care.  It's important to spot the difference.

Two billion lost, two billion found, without the use of much rocket science.  It's hard to doubt there will be more.   Any suspicions will be gratetfully received.

Epilogue: As I was writing the above, what's below was being published online:

[AdelaideNow extract]

Mr Foley has said that only the desalination plant, the Marjorie Jackson-Nelson Hospital and the super schools were not under threat as part of his plan to cover a $280 million black hole in the Budget brought about by the world crisis.

SA outlined a $2 billion transport infrastructure spend in the June Budget which included extending the tram line to the Entertainment Centre, electrification of the metropolitan rail network and a new tram line to Port Adelaide and Semaphore

Disclosure:  Acrross the road from the abovementioned Entertainment Centre  beside the juncture of what's intended to be the first tram/train line in Australia, you'll find my family's pub.

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If only they listened to Michael for once

Michael de Angelos: "I reckon what is happening in the USA  with the scam called the "bail-out" is just the beginning and will be used to justify a whole host of government trickeries and illusions."

I suppose you're also wondering how the governments of Australia and most of Europe were "tricked" into their bail outs, too.

Just the beginning

I reckon what is happening in the USA  with the scam called the "bail-out" is just the beginning and will be used to justify a whole host of government trickeries and illusions.

I can't really comment on the case you mention Richard Tonkin, not having all the details, but I refer again to legislation passed in the USA two years ago that prevented individuals from declaring bankrupty over credit card debt, an extraordinary bias against average middle and working class Americans.

How sensible Republicans and Democrats (including Barak Obama) were convinced to vote for this bill is a mystery, but then so much is in the US political world.

But those in power knew more than they we did and have prepared themselves accordingly for the mother of all depressions. You can count on any government anywhere taking advantage of it.

Alan Curran, Man of Steel-Caps?

I don't think, Alan, that the Ford job losses in Victoria, or the GMH tremors in Adelaide,can be attributed to Labor policy enactment.   Look at their share prices.  The job jeapordy is an instant reaction, and there are bound to be more.

I don't need to tell you all this.  You know it.   So why not treat this conversation a little more seriously than you have others of late, and lay off the irrelevancies for a bit.

What's relevant here is that, as I'm sure is happening in business,  unethical  and opportunistic financial manouevres might be carried out  by governments of any political persuasion.  In the case I discuss above our local government may be "benignly"  creating a finanical buffer akin to the Federal surplus.  If so, it would be better if the process was open and honest, instead of treating the public like simpletons in the manner that I believe our Treasurer Foley has, and would expect from his modus operandi.

I watched our State Govt attempt to claim credit for all the Federal defence decisions last election, and now I think I'm watching a similar process, though this time they're capitilising on their party's efforts at a Federal level.  Bear in mind that our Premier is the party's national President.

Obviously no political party has a monopoly to spin skullduggery. All you need is the fiscal keys to an overstocked media department.  Our Premier here has 30-odd journos now, and I'd bet the Liberal Opposition would be using them in the same manner if they had the opportunity.

Careful, Alan, that your M.O. doesn't start to resemble the steel-capped antics of the thugs that you abhor.   Not everything needs to be an opportunity to sink the boots into Labor, does it?

All happening

Richard Tonkin, It is all happening, all over Australia the States are going broke due to the incompetance of Labor.

NSW Health Minister John Della Bosca has promised to fix a "systemic failure" that forced doctors at a hospital in the state's west to buy their own medical supplies.

Mr Della Bosca today said he had launched an investigation into cash-flow problems at the Greater Western Area Health Service which led to shortages of medical gear at Dubbo Base Hospital. Gee Labor are good at launching investigations and then sitting on the results.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has played down comments made by one of her ministers that the state's stamp duty revenue "is grinding to a terrible halt". Another case of a Labor cover-up, I suspect if a minister has come out with that statement there is some truth in it.

I believe that Victoria is in the same boat hence this news item today,Ford has confirmed it will cut a further 450 jobs from its Victorian work force.
Today's announcement takes the number of recent job losses announced at Ford's Victorian operations to about 1,500.

With all this going on I would have thought that Ernest William would have his union mates marching on the offices of Rudd & Swan to voice their concern. Instead he wants an enquiry on AWB, when what we really want is an enquiry about the incompetance of Labor in every State of Australia.

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