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Happy Birthday, Hamish


I suppose that I shall have to forgive Claude for letting the cat out of the bag, and for being fixated on the fish when I told him that it was a secret.  Oh well. Observant readers will by now have realised that Hamish Alcorn is about to celebrate a deeply significant milestone.

For anyone who isn't familiar with Webdiary's history, Hamish is Margo's brother, and the person almost entirely responsible for Webdiary's continued existence after Margo's retirement in December 2005. He is an inspirational person, the sort of brother I would have wanted if I'd had siblings, and has been the rock to several moderators over the past two years.

The party is on Saturday night, the birthday on Sunday. Hamish, have the best time - may your light always shine brightly. Wish I could be in Brisbane on Saturday, but I shall certainly be there in spirit.

Love from all of us,


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As Fiona said...

Hamish: As Fiona said, may your light always shine brightly. Here's  three inspiring high resolution photos (of guess what, taken from where) to go with that wish.

PS: Something upside down in one of them.

Just remember...

... sixty is the new fifty, fifty is the new forty, forty is the new thirty, thirty is the new twenty, twenty is the .... oops, might be getting into dangerously illegal territory here.

Happy Birthday, m'dear.

happy birhtday to you (c) la la la

Happy birthday Hamish. Now which significant year is that eh? Every one?

In a Kindy book all the preschoolers were asked a set of questions for the end of year magazine. The best was "How old is Mummy?" Reply: "Don't be silly ,that is a trick question, mummy doesn't have a age", and "how old is Daddy ?" "Mummys and daddys don't be old!"

I cannot always understand what you write being not in the same intellectual league as you and Fibaby and different brick buildings in the green, but what you have done is to be admired, as Richard T says, and I have really loved meeting so many interesting people and ideas here and able to discuss them and even come around to others' views. So hard to find any internet area where there is such open discussion with diverse views and very little fuck words and abuse.

Anyway, thanks for enriching my view from the kitchen. May you one day have the choice to be a stay at home Dad if you wish and enjoy that view. It is enlightening. Must be hard to have such a successful and clever big sister if it is a competititive family... then again it could be inspiring.

What is the favoured drink now for those coming of significant birhtday?

May you have just the right amount of it and remember as much as you want of it.


Yes Happy Birthday Hamish !

and thanks for helping to keep the dream alive.

And from us Hamish

Hamish.  And happy birthday from Ian and me. May there be many many more.  Long live the Scots.

Blushing Furiously

Well this was certainly a surprise. Umm... thanks Fiona, and thanks Craig and Richard for the kind words.

Happy Birthday Hamish

Borrowing from the wisdom of Solomon:

"I’d write you a poem, Hamish, but Tim Blair would make fun of me."

Haiku, Blair Vetch

Suleiman "I’d write you a poem, Hamish, but Tim Blair would make fun of me."


Who the k'n hell is "Tim Blair"???

Is he some kind of imperial pome judge? is he a toilet wall version of Val Vallis, or a "close personal friend" of the recently expelled, failed Prime Minister - that poor little crazy goggle-eyed Opposition Education spokes-trouser, Klaus Barbie Troll, WA's Queen of the Flag Poles and ultra-dunce histories?

Surely we could hire Les Murray or Ross Clark very cheaply, rather than some unknown ne'er-do-well with his strides at half-mast, no sense of rhyme, meter or reason and some kind of (apparently) fearful rodent guffaw snorted through a gob full of rotting malodorous fangs.

Emir Rabbi Dr Jihad Jacques Woodforde, OAM

PS - and a Many Happy Returns to you, Hamish, wee Laddie. Do have a tumbler or two Isla, won't you? It's very good for the soul, one hears.

Pomes, you say?

 It's short notice, Squire Woodforde.....

In the Camelot of BrisVegas
(under King Kev's aegis)
One of soccer's sages
has well and truly ripened?
Has the half-time whistle blown
(is that mop of hair his own?)
On life's river, is he flowin'
to a senior citizens' stipend? 

Not at all!  I truly reckon
that when  Father Time doth beckon
he will bend timestreams like Beckham
bends a ball around the air
in a manner quite Einsteinian
he'll debate for further Time on
I've run out of things to rhyme on
Ya boo hiss to you, Tim Blair.

Chains of events

If not for what you've done, Hamish, many good things would not have happened.

Every birthday I feel more and more like an eighteen year old.  No luck so far  ;) 

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