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Till There Was You: An Xmas song for Webdiarists, Margo and Fiona

A video essay by PF Journey.

Enough of politics, election, Howards, Costellos, Rudds, Gillards and company. Time to say goodbye to 2007 and good wishes to all. Because, once there was nothing. Once there were no parents, brothers, sisters, partners, lovers, children, happiness, sadness, smiles, frowns, laughter, tears, music, blues .............Till there was you.

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Golden Century would be still open

Lovely duck PF. I was almost talked into going to Golden Century for that twenty minutes ago. I am too tired though. It has been a long day of bowling and miscellaneous other festive activities.

The duck can wait. Next year is the year of the rat but as a snake I am unsure how to approach it. We snakes are quite clever but we don't have the answers to everything. I am having drinks with a pig on Sunday. A pig invites a snake to Christmas drinks as the year of the pig draws to a close and the new year of the rat approaches.

From Beijing With Love

Hi Kathy, love the water off this duck's back - PF



From Kathy with love.

Ah PF! Now you're talkin' turkey mate!

 Just luuuurve duck.(smacks lips together).

Daniel's Song

A song for Daniel, Happy Happy Xmas

Oh, Oh baby don't you know I'm human
Have thoughts like any other one
Sometimes I find myself long regretting
Some foolish thing some little simple thing I've done
But I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood
Yes, I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood.

Fiona: Dear PF Journey, you do make me smile...

The Babes of Canberra

According to Crikey, these are the babes and hunks of Canberra: "People's Choice: 2007's Sexiest Male & Female Politicians". No qualm about the female variety (but where are the coalition babes?). For male hunks, John Faulkner & Greg Combet? They must be on drug or something. Yes Bob Brown was a hunk back in 1976.


The "babes" of Canberra

Yes, PF Journey, but can you point out the ones with testicles?

It's so sad to be confused at 51.

Happy Birthday Hamish

Bad news travels fast. What sort of fish would you like?

I am shattered

Hi Ian, the impacts of Daniel Smythe's departure from Webdiary have been unreal. Last night, I just couldn't sleep, had a fight with the missus this morning, and contemplating a hara-kiri right now, except couldn't get the japanese robe and headband to fit. Keep muttering to myself: "What would life be now without Daniel?"

Then I realised I still got  DD. Hi DD , was wondering where have you been. Yes, love those love birds of yours. Yes, we will be singing in the sunshine again.

Till there was me

I do enjoy your video essays PF and I noticed, I think in this one, that you used one of my images. This is good. I love it when people take images off my blog. It is a compliment that they liked them.

I wonder what 2008 will bring?

Till there was you, till there was me. Till there was Margo and the Webdiarists. Till what time will we work? We've only just begun in my view.

Left or Right?


Miranda Devine of the left  -  Eleanor Hall (ABC) of the right. No, no, it must be the other way around.

Ay, witness

Listen you lot, intruding on my break, I've had coffee with Miranda Devine and she's twice as good looking in the flesh as any photo and about three times dumber than any housebrick you would like to name. I'm inclined to a particular view of how I might like to lay her. Not really much you can do with just one housebrick.

Eleanor, Eleanor

Out of even the worst moments something good can come. PJ rescues my  xmass.


Delectable Eleanor, Queen of the Lilting Upward Inflection and Death of a  Salesman. The Elvira of  Australian radio. While Eleanor lives, Upspeak lives...

mmmmmmm-nnnnn-hhh?,  as  Eleanor might say?

Channelling Miranda, or is that Eleanor?

PFJ, that's really spooky. It's hard to know who's channelling who? They've both got that nose thing happening, haven't they? Stretch Eleanor a little bit vertically (in a Photoshop sense), and they may as well be sisters! If I was Eleanor, and someone came up to me on the street, raising their finger with a glint in their eye, I'd be ready with "Actually, No!"...

And then, just as I was having a good time bagging out the robot, along comes Daniel, the wet blanket from hell... talk about having the wind taken out of young Johnny's sails...

Allow me to translate, in a cynical sense.

I'm doing a Bill Avent!

I guess this means that lacking an idea, I'm copying someone else.

Folks, I'm departing Webdiary. It's taking far too much of my time, time I should be spending developing my own blog.

Translation: It's your fault I'm not a famous blogger...

I'd like to wish everyone a happy Festive Season and I hope you'll all stay safe! Good luck for 2008.

Translation: Just to prove I'm not totally self-interested, here's something for the punters...

...and then...

Richard: Take care Daniel.

Not one full stop wasted there. Total control of the language by Richard. The control freak Kevin Rudd could not have done better in Mandarin...

Ain't life strange?

Fiona, "please clarify" -

Fiona, "please clarify" - "I am too hurt to laugh and too old to cry" or was it "I am so glad that I coud cry and too divine to laugh" or something like. Please be gentle with me as I did flunk English at my HSC.

 BTW: Still in aw of my Johnny Depp rat.

Fiona: Oh dear, dear PF, is this to be an evening of explanations? Or are you quietly chuckling at me? You know quite well that I was aiming my gentle dart at Ian McPherson, never at you - indeed, if truth be told I was laughing at myself. As for your Johnny Depp rat, he is truly awesome - or do I just mean "awwwwww"?

She's Darling

Hi Ian, I am speechless!!

Miranda Devine is a cult Middle-Australian icon and darling of the populace.



Gosh, The Seriousness Of It All...

PFJ, I wish you hadn't given me that link. It opened my eyes to the seriousness that is Miranda. Goodness, look at this poll:

What is the biggest threat to our national security?

  • Increasing levels of dog ownership
  • The difficulty in hailing a post-lunch taxi
  • Inflation forcing up the price of plasma TVs
Or how about this article?

It's hard not to be in awe... 

Please clarify

Ian McPherson, was that "awe" or "aw"?


FR Ian McPherson, was that "awe" or "aw"?

Well, Fiona, in the case of the divnyl beast in question, you could try, as does the USA in unhappy Iraq, shockin' 'ore.

Dr Woodforde, OAM, Green Zone Red Light

Fiona: I hope you realise I had to edit this comment with my eyes closed, Dr Woodforde.

Clarification impossible...

Fiona, I just don't know. She's both awesome and awful. I'm not qualified to take the prognosis any further, but I still think her photo is BS. I miss Mike Carlton, who takes holidays like a human being. Miranda never stops. She must have a chip implant, or something...

Fiona: I was thinking more along the lines of "aw, Mirandy dearie...".

Miranda Is A Robot, Programmed By The SMH...

"I was thinking more along the lines of "aw, Mirandy dearie...".

Fiona, that would work if Miranda was alive. I'm not so sure that's true. I think the "Miranda" project might be a Fairfax robot programming concept, to see whether or not the average punter will buy a rogue, neo-conservative, idiot-savant columnist, in league with a conservative government. 

Now that's over and done with, they'd like to retire the robot, but they have a big problem. The robot has developed ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE!!! This is Skynet, aka Terminator, albeit in a skirt...

Be afraid, be truly afraid...

I'm Doing a Bill Avent!

Folks, I'm departing Webdiary. It's taking far too much of my time, time I should be spending developing my own blog.

I'd like to wish everyone a happy Festive Season and I hope you'll all stay safe! Good luck for 2008.


Richard:  Take care, Daniel. 

Can't you? Must you?

I do wish you wouldn't, Daniel - life wouldn't be quite the same without the piquant flavour that you add to Webdiary. But if you must, all the best for 2008.

P.S. Thanks, Fiona!

Reading the  malicious comments of Ian, PFJ and Dr Woodie filled me with much sadness. Such meanness of spirit!  I have made a copy of their comments. If I'm ever tempted to contribute to WD again I'll read them first. 

You, Fiona, stand head and shoulders above the rest of the management team. If they could emulate you, then Webdiary would go from strength to strength and some of the bitchiness that continuously spoils Webdiary would disappear.

I've valued your friendship! It's a shame that so many people don't understand the meaning of 'piquant'! 

Head, shoulders, knees and toes...

Daniel, thank you for your compliment, but I cannot accept it. The entire management team - especially those of us who moderate regularly - does its best to keep the discourse civil. We all fail from time to time: I have certainly been guilty of allowing bitchiness to be published and, indeed, of being bitchy myself. While it would be ideal if it never happened, we are human, and it is probably part of that human-ness that is inevitable when one has numerous people with strong opinions contributing to a robust discourse.

While I cannot speak for them, I don't think that any of Ian, PF, or Dr Woodforde was being malicious. I suspect that they were all indulging their own particular forms of quirkiness but I doubt if any malevolence was intended. If it was, then would those sinners please step forward and explain themselves.

One reason in particular that I am sorry to see your departure, Daniel, is that I think that you, Ian, Stuart, Anthony, Malcolm B Duncan, and several others on the Bali Communique thread were on the way to achieving something genuinely useful. It would be a shame if your voice were lost from that debate.

So I hope that your vacation from Webdiary is enjoyable, but brief - and all the best to you and yours.

Eyes, ears, mouth and nose..

I think Fiona is right, Daniel. No malicious intent there ... just a bit o' fun and horseplay.

I am a pretty easygoing person, and I have to say that what many people may say about me (some good some bad) it is like water off a duck's back to me.

Ya gotta develop a tough skin, mate.

That's why I am so happy! That and the Goundrey Unwooded Chardonnay.

"Yet if you should FORGET me for a while."


"Better by far you should forget and smile

Than that you should remember and be sad."

Yes, but, have you got a friend?

I do wish you wouldn't, Daniel - life wouldn't be quite the same without the piquant flavour that you add to Webdiary. But if you must, all the best for 2008.

Life is an experiment. Like petri in a glass dish. Good luck to him. I'm not sure he needs to know that he's piquant ("pleasantly tart"), Fiona. But regardless, you can't post here without someone agreeing with you. So, of course, we all leave (and return) with some regards. This is probably more in the spirit of the occasion than regrets...

The Rodent

 Fiona, this kind of rat:

Fiona: Very stylish, PF. The Johnny Depp of the rodent world.

Miranda Devine admits to aging. Photo now only 15 years old...

I couldn't figure out where to post this, so this was my best guess. Is Miranda immortal – photographically – or is it my imagination?

I still think it's 15 years old, based on the age of the universe. But then again, maybe she's aging backwards, like Merlin...

Gosh, I am such a bitch... :)

What kind of rat?

PF and Justin, is this the kind of rat you were imagining? Claude, if I were you I wouldn't consider a quick trip to Papua.

When my daughter returns in a few weeks I shall post some pics of beautiful pet rats for everyone's edification.

Playing a(round) with Justin!

Ah, Justin.. Would love to play around with YOU..

If only I had the time. Sighs..

How about a spin  in the potomac for old times sake eh?

(Blows a kiss..)

The Year of the Rat

Hi Justin, Yes, I am a rat. Defintely a rat as the wife would say.


The year of the Rat. I like rats. And the number 8 brings good fortune. Enjoyed the essay PF; I would love to play around with that stuff....if only I had the time.

She loves you yeah yeah yeah

Hi Margo, it's only a peaceful journey.

Margo: Yep, am into that these days.

Happy Christmas to you, PF

Lovely stuff, PF. What a year, eh? What a journey. Roll on 2008 - I'm looking forward to it. 

love margo 

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