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Management Update 25

Site statistics

Published article count was 75 in November, up from 44 in October. Published comments at 2334 were up 36% from the 1718 in October, and up 76% from September. Unique visitors to the site at 34,033 in November were 32% higher than the 25,689 in October, total visits 59,910, total page views 835,566. Highest day 5,286 visitors.

We didn’t publish 67 abusive, content-free or incomprehensible comments in November: total comments intended for publication and not published: 67/2401=2.8%.


Cash income in November was $245 in donations and $124.10 from Google Adsense: total $369.10, versus expenditure of $13 for bank fees. Cash in the bank at end September was $1,837.75. Income to come from Google next month from November ads was US$189.15: around A$215, depending on the exchange rate on the day of payment.

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I wonder whether it might be possible to make "one off" web based donations instead of regular donations?  Would this improve the finances?


Anthony, are you thinking of a Paypal-type arrangement? Those things tend to charge fees like a wounded management consultant.

I've made non-recurring donations via the suggested Telegraphic Transfer method before, no worries.

Hasten slowly.

I understand that the need to correct the incompetencies of the Howard "New Order" will take some significant time however, there seems to be a belief in the population that "they are all the same".

Kevin Rudd and his ministers have a very hard row to hoe, they must decide on the most critical matters which effect the Australian people, and indeed, our share of duty to the United Nations.

We have had more than eleven years of servile obedience to the Bush administration and that has damaged our previously non-aggressive attitude in the world community.

If we are to consider that the destruction of the world by climate change is more important than profitable business, we had better get our priorities in order.

While we have been consumed by the Bush Military/Corporate's attitude of dominating the world by force, the fact of worsening a skin afflication by scratching it, has been ignored by the greed of the elite.

I cannot help but believe that the attitude of the poorest of our citizens, when relieved of the burden of being, in most cases, forced into crime due to the desperation to survive, will eventually degrade us into the cosmopolitan and shattered society of the American dream.

And those who are so forced into crime will eventually become a business themselves - for profit or survival.

The new Australian Federal Government has an enormous task in front of it. We should give them a chance to revive our national values.


The Australian people have reversed shock and awe.

G'day David,

My wife and I are still revelling in the results of the federal election.

I quess Hitler's dictum of "hatred unites" has been demonstrated in this landslide back to democracy.

For several years we have been so violently opposed to the actions of the Howard "New Order" that the judgement of the Australian people is like an oxygen fix to a serious asthmatic.

Possibly there is no way of knowing how much effect Margo's Webdiary had on that result but - surely it may have been significant?

But now - shouldn't those of us, who have been pro-active in criticising the "New Order", now concern ourselves with the new Federal Government; their promises of a more safe and secure future and the rights of our citizens?

I would like to see the new Australian Labor Party Government seriously consider a National Bill of Rights.

If ever there was a demonstrated need for such legislation, the eleven years of the Howard "New Order" should have satisfied even the most innocent of our people.

I have always believed that, to defend the incompetency of your chosen party when in government, is no less hypocritical than the consistent criticism of the opposition.

IMHO, Don Chipp had the right idea - "Keep the bastards honest".  No matter who they are.

Shouldn't we concentrate on the people in government?  They too have the power that we have given them and, attacking the opposition is just unproductive as an exercise in democracy?

Contrary to a seemingly popular belief, I consider that the difference between the aspirations of the "New Order" and the objectives of the Australian Labor Party are really very extreme.

I sincerely hope that the freedom provided by this forum continues and prospers as an unusual non-profit voice of Australians.


Can you now only comment by hitting reply at the bottom of another comment?

If so how do you make the first comment?

Something weird is going on.

Richard:  All's well now, it seems, Evan.  Fire away!

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Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes.
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