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Liberal fraud: race card with Labor logo

By Richard Tonkin
Created 22/11/2007 - 04:37

It's not the Liberal Party's fault, just the fault of some members. They've spread vilifying propaganda [1], a message from a non-existent Islamic group in support of Labor - complete with the Labor Logo - across the western Sydney electorate of Lindsay [2]. Amongst others, the husband of the current sitting Liberal member Jackie Kelly have been exposed, literally, in photos.

Once Labor produced the proof [3], the Liberals disowned the dirty trick and its five perpetrators. One of these is allegedly NSW Liberal Party executive member Jeff Egan, who has been named in Labor's complaint to the Australian Electoral Commission.  Egan has denied the allegations [4].

Let me translate for you the psychological message that the Liberals have been spreading to save a marginal seat.  "Be afraid of the Muslims.  They support terrorism.  Labor supports the Muslim supporters of terrorism.  To protect yourself, vote Liberal."

Labor's Penny Wong has called for the PM to 'fess up [5] everything he or his party knows.  This might not be a bad idea, given that as Labor knew where to go to get the photos of the scaremongers, they may know a few other things as well.  For a PM to be caught out lying on such a matter one the very eve of an election just might cost a few votes.

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