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Liberal fraud: race card with Labor logo

It's not the Liberal Party's fault, just the fault of some members. They've spread vilifying propaganda, a message from a non-existent Islamic group in support of Labor - complete with the Labor Logo - across the western Sydney electorate of Lindsay. Amongst others, the husband of the current sitting Liberal member Jackie Kelly have been exposed, literally, in photos.

Once Labor produced the proof, the Liberals disowned the dirty trick and its five perpetrators. One of these is allegedly NSW Liberal Party executive member Jeff Egan, who has been named in Labor's complaint to the Australian Electoral Commission.  Egan has denied the allegations.

Let me translate for you the psychological message that the Liberals have been spreading to save a marginal seat.  "Be afraid of the Muslims.  They support terrorism.  Labor supports the Muslim supporters of terrorism.  To protect yourself, vote Liberal."

Labor's Penny Wong has called for the PM to 'fess up everything he or his party knows.  This might not be a bad idea, given that as Labor knew where to go to get the photos of the scaremongers, they may know a few other things as well.  For a PM to be caught out lying on such a matter one the very eve of an election just might cost a few votes.


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Moving on - but where?

Kathy, while I admire your optimism I cannot see any rational basis for it. Have you read Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale? If you have read it, and can't see the real possibility of the current USA (or parts thereof) as potentially going in such a direction, I must admit to some concerns regarding your knowledge of the state of the nation. Or, at least, of the potential for Christianity being so subverted.

To toss another brand into this particular fire, I think one of the first people to subvert the Christ's teaching was the soi-disant Paul.

Hi Fiona

No, Fiona, I have not read Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale.But I certainly shall, as it is obviously recommended by  your good self.  Mind you, don't get as much time as I would like to read . Most often I fall asleep book in hand these days.

By the way I have always been a glass half full person. Surely things are going to get better.People will  realize the futility of hate, envy, and war.

Won't they?

Steps in time

Perhaps, Kathy, the two cultures are moving at different speeds? And who knows - if our fundamentallists get their way we could easily revert.

Horrible things like banning going out at night and consuming alcohol will be the first sign. I don't think it's necessarily a long way off, if it hasn't started already.


KF: Christianity, though not perfect has moved on, and has mostly learned from past mistakes.

And thank heavens our Christian brothers stateside are locking up huge numbers of dreadful black African-Ameroicans for years in jail. Everybody knows Cassius Clay converted them all to Islam, and now they simply run around the streets, robbing and raping and killing, completely unafraid of lethal injection due to their Satanic beliefs. And here, many black aborigines are converting to Allah too, turning our jails into madhouses. With John Howard gone, and the lax unionist thug hand of Rudd, Wong, Garrett and Gillard, the gaols will now be overflowing with all manner of Buddhist monks and God knows what else.

I would also expect next that our schools will lose compulsory flagpoles and other examples of our Judaeo-Christian culture set down by Mr Howard, who will go down as one of the great prophets alongside Moses, Samuel Marsden, Elijah, Jonas, Judas Iscariot, Onan and Cardinal Sir George Pell. Perhaps bigger than all of them. His loss from Kirribilli, which soon to rank alongside Qa'ana, Lourdes and Fatima, will be sorely felt in all the decent Evangelical Parishes running from Lindsay to Bennelong, onwatd and upward. We forget at our peril that God's Australia is a stem-scell free zone thanks to him and Kevin (Andrews). And free of human clones, too, except for lovely grandson Angus.

Dr Woodforde, OAM, c/- Goulburn Prison Remand Section

On Identity, Islam and Immigration

Jenny, I still recommend you read Waleed Aly's People Like Us and now, having re-read Amin Maalouf's On Identity I'll join in Eliot Ramsey's recommendation that you also read that.

I'm recommending these texts to you because they may serve to better inform you about why "Islamism" (something very different to Islam itself) has been a factor in some of the civil mayhem you're so concerned about us "importing" to Australia by not curbing or ceasing immigration of Muslims.

I'd also recommend you stop using that "heads in the sand" line. People who see our future unfolding differently to what you see do not have their "heads in the sand". Hear them out.

Hear ye Hear ye

Craig Rowley: "I'd also recommend you stop using that "heads in the sand" line. People who see our future unfolding differently to what you see do not have their "heads in the sand". Hear them out."

Hear ye Hear ye. Wasn't aware that I had silenced anyone Craig.

Now, as I have previously read Maalouf and Waleed I respectfully  now recommend you read this item on Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I think that courageous woman sums up what I am trying to say much better and with far more authority. The future I predict is fast becoming the present for the Dutch. You and multiple pseudo Pete might like to reflect on what she says. About 40% of some Dutch cities are already Muslim. Can't happen here, nor the issues she sees as arising in that country as a consequence of that? Now I wonder how you have convinced yourselves of that.

And a difference between Islam and Islamism you say, Craig? Sorry. Head in the sand view if ever I saw it. And Ayaan would probably agree with me on that. Let us not play semantics. Any notion that liberal democratic values can be preserved for long in any country once a large proportion of the population adheres to a system of beliefs that contradict those values is patently absurd. 

Now Peter. Don't get too patronising will you? Oh, I see you mean well. Then carry on by all means. But I would warn your grandkids to be careful what they name their teddy bears.

Merry Christmas to you both. Have to leave you to it.

Hear Hear Jen!

The article you linked to, should be mandatory reading for all Jenny!  What a brave woman is Ayaan Hirsi Ali !  She speaks from the heart, and tells it like it really is.  The world would do well to heed what she says.

After all, she knows more than anyone, how intolerant and dangerous a religion Islam can be.



I can only conclude that some people  when they read Waleed Aly, Amin Maalouf or that interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali consistently miss key points being made. 

Take, for example, just this from the interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, which seems to have been missed by those on a mission to demonise all Muslims:

But there then there is Reformist Ayaan. She says the opposite: internal reform within Islam is possible and necessary.

She insists, “It’s wrong to treat Muslims as if they will never find their John Stuart Mill. Christianity and Judaism show people can be very dogmatic and then open up.

There is a minority [within Islam] like [reformists] Irshad Manji and Tawfiq Hamid who want to remain in the faith and reform it…

Can you be a Muslim and respect the separation of church and state? I hope a large enough number of Muslims will agree you can, and they will find a way to keep the spiritual elements that comfort them and live in a secular society.”

Ayaan’s life-story is strewn with Muslims who rejected Bin Ladenist fanaticism. Her father, for example, was revolted by the Wahabbism he witnessed in Saudi Arabia, and told her, “This is not Islam – this is Saudis perverting Islam.”

She hesitates when I ask her about this fracture-line in her thinking; I can almost touch the cognitive dissonance.

Reformist Ayaan says:

“Well, my father was trying to combine the commandments in the Koran with his conscience. He has reached a level of civilization because he's living in the 21st century, but he was also trying to follow a religion founded in the 7th century. So on the one hand he thinks you should accept that the content of the Koran is the true word of God, and on the other hand he is a decent person. He tried to move on by saying we should only convert non-Muslims by example, not by violence, and [by saying] that only the Prophet Mohammed can call for a jihad.”

Johann Hari certainly didn't miss the key point here [Ali's obvious cognitive dissonance].  He went on to make it clear:

Her alignment with the American right doesn’t seem like an easy fit: she is a militant defender of atheism, feminism and gay rights – all forces they have demonised for decades. She is an illegal immigrant – their ultimate hate figure.

But as our interview goes on, I realise she has depressingly begun to adopt some of their ideas.

She wants to abolish the minimum wage. She no longer calls for the closing of all faith schools, but simply Muslim ones, because “they are the only ones that do not respect the division between secular and divine law.” She has even begun to touch on the American hard right’s preposterous predictions that Muslims are “outbreeding” the continent’s traditional populations and will impose shariah law “within decades.”

When I challenge her on this, she simply says “experts” say it is true.

Selective reading Craig

Craig Rowley: Well at least to find the few points that might somehow be made to fit the 'pro Islam left' bias from which you had to read the whole thing. Pity you missed the majority of the key points she made that would support what people like myself say about Islam, but that is selective reading for you. So let not the kettle call the pot black too readily Craig.  

 I do not think the predictions that Ayaan and I and others make are preposterous. But the evidence Ayaan points to is of course ignored. Shows what selective reading can do.  

BTW: Criticising a fanatical religion is not demonising all its followers. That is just a silly remark Craig and you know it.

It is hard to understand why the mainstream left has formed an alliance with the Islamic right. It is unprincipled expediency in my view. It will one day come back to haunt them.

Nick Cohen however has written an entire book on this subject entitled What's Left? (2007) He has just written  a postscript entitled Why Does the Left Support the Far Right? (December 2nd 2007) It's at http://www.nickcohen.net/ . Also worth reading (scroll down) is How condescension benefits terrorism (November 26th 2007).

I suggest your read it, Craig and everyone else of similar viewpoint. It gives very considerable insight into this issue.  And try to keep an open mind as you do.

I note Osama Bin Laden has come out yet again saying: I did it. ie 9/11. I hope the No you Didn't  9/11 conspiracy theorists and deniers took notice.

Angela: Sorry. I did respond to you. Third attempt. But Cyber God did not deliver. And no. PISD. Nice try but wrong. More PDSD.  (Let you figure that one.) Wish you a happy Christmas with the pumpkins. And yes, we are getting some of the rain out west. And in the south. Drought now has a large crack in it. Alpacas. Odd creatures. Useful. Put one in with the sheep flock and it will keep the foxes at bay.  Cheers.

Different positions

Jenny, contrary to what you've assumed,  I did not miss the other points made in the interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

I picked them up, processed them, looked at how you and Kathy were speaking of only the "Revolutionary Ayaan" and ignoring the "Reformist Ayaan" and saw the need to mention the parts downplayed by those using Ayaan's life-story as a means to demonise all Muslims. 

So what you've assummed for the purpose of throwing a "kettle-pot" line at me is wrong, completely wrong.

Our positions are very different.

You seek to simplify and reduce what are complex issues into an "us" vs "them" dynamic. 

I seek to maintain awareness of the complexity, because only by recognising the complexity can we reach a level of understanding that can be applied effectively to solve the situations exacerbating difference and division amongst peoples.

I see much of what Ayaan suffered in Somalia reflecting the tribal / traditional culture more than simply the influence of Islam. 

Female genital mutilation, for example, is a practice (one I find abhorrent, mind you) that has its origins in Ancient Egyptian culture and is widely practised by African Muslims, Christians, and Animists -- not just African Muslims. 

If we want to properly address FGM we have to recognise that the practice has cultural roots that go deeper than the religious affiliations of the people who engage in it.

You say: "Criticising a fanatical religion is not demonising all its followers." 

I say calling it a fanatical religion is demonising all its followers.

Of course there are people who profess an Islamic faith in a fanatical way, but the religion is no more fanatical per se than any other and the whole of the Muslim population on our planet cannot be stereotyped as fanatics as you would have it. 

You say: "It is hard to understand why the mainstream left has formed an alliance with the Islamic right." 

I say it is easy to understand why the Western right (particularly the neoconservative movement) tries to pass off this pretence about a non-existent alliance. 

It suits their political purposes to portray as an "enemy sympathiser" anyone who questions their propensity to want to employ methods that cause more problems than they solve. 

It's a manifestation of the Strict Father model through which they see the world. 

Indeed, those with a right wing view in the West are more akin to those with a right wing view elsewhere -- they all share a patronising perspective reflecting the Strict Father model.

BTW, I read the material by Cohen you'd pointed me toward.  I read it with an open mind. 

I must admit that was difficult to maintain when reading the passages where Cohen presents nothing more than the same clichés about "leftists" we used to get from C Parsons, but nevertheless I did maintain an open mind. 

I looked into Cohen's life story and I see that he attributes a change in his worldview to Paul Berman's book Terror and Liberalism, so I'll find that text and read it and tell you what I make of it.

I also see that Cohen says this at one point:

"I am unqualified to discuss their [the Left's] philosophy, although I instinctively feel it is wrong, but a child could understand their politics, which is why they had to hide them in such convoluted prose. They held that it was racist and culturally imperialist to criticize ‘the Other’ even when ‘the Other’ was engaging in the repression of women, persecution of homosexuals and denial of democracy. Groups or cultures were treated as hermetically sealed boxes that did not have internal conflicts, and whose discourses could not be criticized with universal concepts and standards."

So now I'm wondering if you'd please tell me Jenny, should I just have faith and believe what Cohen tells us because his gut tells him "the Left" is "wrong"?

And why should I listen to him when he's critical of "the Left" for "treating groups or cultures as hermetically sealed boxes that did not have internal conflicts", but not apply the same critique when you then go and treat the great diversity of Muslim peoples in our world like that are all one and the same followers of a "fanatical religion"?

Fiona: I am finding this particular strand of the thread very difficult to moderate. It brings into play a certain set of ideas where it is unlikely that those holding to one set will ever convince the other side. Obviously - despite their delicacy - these are important matters to discuss, so it would help everyone who wants to engage were to keep the debate completely civil. In other words, no use of potentially inflammatory adjectives or phrases (and I mean this in both directions). So - good luck, but also please be aware that one step over the line that I hope I've drawn in setting concrete will be treated appropriately. Call me a Supernanny - OK by me.


JeH: You know, it is very easy for men to allege 'racism' whenever anyone tries to point out that Islam is not a particularly nice religion.

And it is very easy to allege 'sectarianism' whenever anyone tries to point out that Islam is not a particularly nice religion. Any more than the mob who shrieked "Catholic dogs, jump like frogs into the Holy Water" as they pitched us, or tried to pitch us into one of the PeeWee Creeks. I recall that they hated the Mosque too, where descendants of the cameleers and other Queensland pioneers worshipped.

And I distinctly recall, even as a kid, that the male members of their clan treated their mums and sisters and girl friends like shit. It said so in the Mouldy Testicularment of the Holy Bible that they could; after all, theirs was the sex descended from sinful Eve. Mind you, His Holiness Pope Paul VI got 'em a beauty with the ban on contraception.

Ah yes, we love all manner of sectarian claptrap in this country. Pell and the Jensens, adherents of the best faith available, the Church of the Whited Sepulchre at Kirribilli, could leaven that loaf.

Please do carry on JeH. I knows you means well.

Rabbi Dr Jihad Jacques Woodforde, OAM, c/- Post Office, Lawhore of Babylon

tip toe through the primroses: doesn't rhyme.

Elegant. But be kind: Jen has obviously PISD (as vs PTSD); anyone would be Pissed about wearing those hot gear-ups in summer in Pakistan. But it was a while ago wasn’t it? Do you think there may be some moderate Islam factors out there now? I would put the energies into stopping wars and violent occupation first because as far as women's rights go, it needs a peace and justice to get any real progress. Although saying, that did you see the Kashmiri women's militia article from the middle of last century? I suspect that women from moderate Islam could do with your help against the fanaticism imposed by Wahabism and other rather nasty forms of fundamentalism that the Catholic Church likes to vote with at the World Population conferences.

By condemning all Islam you condemn the likes of those who brought contraception to Catholic Australian women and hair to Orthodox women and removed the sheet of Mrs Woodforde. All religions need reform as education brings rights to the vulnerable, be they women or children or the previously illiterate non-Latin reading poor. Otherwise religion is just a form of power shackle for the elite to use at will. Australian women need to boot out the old Catholic rhetoric about contraception and not wait for the male hierarchy ruled by withered old men to accept the emancipation. Same in Islam, same in Judaism, same in all such paternalistic enslaving religions.

Splinters and motes is what dear old Rabbi Frère Jihad Jacques was waxing upon methinks. But PISD is hard to shift.

I hope you are getting some of this rain, Jenny. We helped shear alpacas just recently, quite an insight into the operational difficulties making money from such fleeces have. The Kalevala describes how we wives should behave, but be damned how one can get an undamaged fleece from this mob to weave from one unbroken thread. Yet another cultural song/now tome about female activity restrictions.

As to the Lindsay seat, did the Council of Liberal Crimes Against the Electorate (that got found out) ever investigate the Save the Defence Force Land Party imitation by Jackie Kelly's electioneer booth-manning deceptors in the 2004?

And I wonder if it reminded the Howard electorate of their member's antics and methods, hence the caning. Did other electorates get such a change after Wednesday?

Oh and Peter … I am still Happy happy happy happy ... even end of year work load has not taken that away …

And Fiona, how can we help to get accountability???? Beazley shied away regarding the investigation into torture and what the Howard rodent pack knew (there is another to be looked at properly) when they had Senate control and the Greens called for it.

There is a long list. Let us hope they will not make deals rather than seek justice and light the whole thing up. Why "primrose"? Literary allusion? Political symbolism? Pretty horticultural vagary?


Nice try Angela

Angela: PISD. Nice try my dear but not quite right. 

Now I did a friendly reply to all that. Twice. But twice the cyber God failed to deliver. So I accept defeat. I will just have to leave you all to the fun, even if it is at my expense.  Suffering PDSD (you figure that one) anyway and been trying to get out of here. Thanks to the cyber God that now seems possible.

But Islam reform? Ain't going to happen. The mods are in retreat. I feel very sorry for Shaheena, Nasreen, Perveen, Saida and all the other girls I loved over there. I know how they felt and Pakistan is a right royal mess now. I just know they will not be happy. As for my Iranian friends who once wore mini skirts. Well your guess. Even their homes were gone. God alone knows how they are faring, if they are still alive that is.   

Rain? It comes and goes. Mostly the latter. But farming is a mug's game. I know that so no one to blame. Alpacas. Odd looking creatures. But good in a flock of sheep. They keep the foxes away from the lambs.

Now that's it from me. Happy Christmas with all those little pumpkins.


AR:  Same in Islam, same in Judaism, same in all such paternalistic enslaving religions.

And the feudal barbarians in Beijing/$hanghai who have the declared religion of "third hand."  And we are rapid converts, for sure.  Running up record household debt to buy slave-manufactured goods because we love a mega-wealthy unburned country, a land of sweeping iron ore and coal.  Which the feudal barbarians also love.

Just as well our Leader speaks their lingo.  He'll do well.  Particularly with Crown Prince Akkimto kibitzing for him and priming the ACTU pump.

Rev Dr Woodforde, OAM, gone lobbying in the fern gully.

footnote:  they'll never take the sheet off  Mrs Woodforde in this life, ARC.  We buried her in her favourite nightie with little blue flowers, finally beside Dad and looking towards Tungipin.  Karma.

univers-ally eekumencally endentured be-sheeted Woodforde

Thanks Fiona, with you I should have thought of the Bard first.

Now, Rabbi Rev Woodforde, are you not aware of the sheet that must be maintained betwixt Rabbi 'n’ Wife? And not a necrophilic reference in it at all intended. But that was a sad little tale of Mum of Rev. Ouch... I don't C the Tungtipen ref, can you elaborate....? (brave to question the Rev, I know, but they who dare...).and "third hand"?

Guess you're right. We should be more pissed off at the methods used to make what we buy and the slavish acceptance of all by our rhetoric-heavy polies . Did you read that reference I linked before to Walmart?

Now to a little point, is it "C" as in ?Coala or sircle? Are we talking rear end or high voltage blast ? All too much for mere adulators of the great ones. If it was just an "E" then it would be just an R in total.



AR is it "C" as in ?Coala or sircle?

Neither. It's merely the same "see" as in "see 'em New People arcing out," or "see that arc from Tungipin to Minjerriba, and follow it through the mangroves."

Dr Woodforde, OAM, welding understanding

Doesn't scan, either

How can we help to get accountability, Angela? Bombard the relevant ministers with correspondence.

Robert McClelland is the new Attorney-General, and has gained a reputation on the side of the angels – even though it was regarded as a gaffe during the election campaign.

Senator John Faulkner is the new Special Minister of State and Cabinet Secretary, and as such is supremely placed to ensure good behaviour on the part of the government members. He also has a reputation for being passionate about accountability, earned through his activities on the Senate estimates committee over many years and on various Senate select committees – most notably the Senate Select Committee on a Certain Maritime Incident. I have always admired his integrity. So those could be two starting places.

We should also – on Webdiary and in the mainstream media (letters to the editor – they do get published; talkback radio – John Laws has retired, after all) – keep close watch on the new government, and any time that we detect untoward behaviour we must question it as vociferously as possible.

As for the floral reference, it is no pretty horticultural vagary, just Jenny Hume’s least favourite poet:

Do not, as some ungracious pastors do,
Show me the steep and thorny way to heaven,
Whiles, like a puffed and reckless libertine,
Himself the primrose path of dalliance treads,
And recks not his own rede.

Hamlet, Act II scene iii


Well, lobbying in the Fern Gully don't scan neevuh, Fionne.  But it chills me to the bone.

All that pipe clay and dull grey water, and thin beds of brown coal and shale.  The lot buried now, with the ferns and bosky ironbarks and monster tallowwood canoe trees, by the New People and their bloody Jonestown Pentecostalist Armageddon Temples of $ectarianism and hate and greed.

Rev Dr Woodforde, OAM, little low priest of PeeWee Creek, boiling the billy

s 116

Er no, Peter Kelly, s 116 of the Commonwealth Constitution extends only to Laws of the Commonwealth. Immigration Regulations restricting migration have been upheld both by the Federal and High Courts and Adminsitrative Decisions, including Government Policy are not Laws of the Commonwealth. Accordingly, as a matter of Government Policy the Government can restrict the entry of any person or Group by refusing a visa. Vide that appalling "historian" Irving who denies the Holocaust.

Now, in Irving's case I don't agree with the decision: drag the bastard out into the light and expose him I say but that is not to deny the power the executive has to exclude him.

Malcolm B Duncan, it is

Malcolm B Duncan, it is within the power of the government to bar the immigration of religious extremists but I would suggest that for a government to decide on a "Muslim quota" would be absolutely outside the intention of Section 116. It would also be as abhorrent as setting quotas based on race.

Even if the High Court has upheld such a thing it seem a no brainer that setting such quotas would in fact be a Government trying to establish or prohibit a religious practice. It is not for a government to shape the religious landscape of a nation. That is what secular democracy is all about.

People Like Us

Jenny, I highly recommend to you reading Waleed Aly's People Like Us: How arrogance is dividing Islam and the West.


JH I don't think the average sensible voter takes too much notice of that sort of scaremongering and dirty tricks

CLOSELY FOLLOWED BY: Should I care if a mentally disabled distant relative is hung in 2200 from the back of a truck by a crane for a similar crime against her chastity? etc

No offence, Jenny, but if you're so upset by Ms Kelly's spectacular own goal, mightn't it be time for a nice cuppa tea, a Bex™ and good Force 10 Lie Down? Unless the neighnourhood is swarming with lusty rapist Mullahs spreading the Caliphate with bomb and lash and noose. And of course, their slashing glittering scimitars.

Very Rev Dr Jihad Jacques Woodforde, OAM, an Anglican parson to the benighted swarthy savages beyond God's Law


Howard's judgment

Over the years John Howard has been praised by many for his political acumen. He has also been a great supporter of Jackie Kelly. This has always seemed an oxymoron. Because, for me, Jackie Kelly has always been an A Grade dope just waiting to explode on her political mentor.

The current kerfuffle is no surprise. She has been praised as a good local member, but a relative who lives in her electorate has summarised this as her being good at showing up at school fetes. "She doesn't actually do anything substantive," he said (and trust me, he ain't no Labor voter).

However, Kelly's career might give the Liberals pause for thought over one thing. Being the last elected member to be declared ineligible, she repeated the result at the by election. Turnbull would do well to recall this before disputing the result should Newhouse win. I'm not sure that Malcolm would like to lose twice!

Paul Keating's pitch


Sorry, Jackie Kelly. Your application to join the Chaser Team has been well and truly scotched, by Chaser occasional bit-player J Winston Howard, of Kirribilli, who claims he hates it. Allegedly.

But you’re looking good for a spot with the League of Rights, the Exclusive Brethren and the Ku Klux Klan.

But now everyone starts to think about the hoax pulled on Ralph Willis (and attempted on the Democrats) all those years back, don’t we? Everyone except the politicised Australian Federal Police, that is.

Where were the top-notch Liberal Party hoaxers back then? That includes any of the peculiarly amateurish internet “invalid candidate nomination” Google searchers and their deeply unhappy looking Mr Andrew Robb. And the craven "is piracy a chance?" Ruddock?

All this stuff is Kirribilli’s deep-rooted fascist instincts writ large. Rotten stock, rotten blossoms, shitty fragrance.

Dr Woodforde, OAM, the gardener

Howard Sets the Tone And Standard!

Anyone who knows anything at all about Organization Theory knows that each organization reflects the personality of its leader.

The Jackie Kelly episode is but a reflection of the 'win-by-any-means', 'tell-any-lie' rationale of John Winston Howard which has guided the Coalition during its time in office.

Don't blame the underlings, blame the Leader!

Liberals' morality

I am constantly amazed at the morality of the Liberals. Even their aspiring candidates do it. When the Liberal candidate for Sydney assaulted me during the State Election campaign he told the press I'd attacked him - breathtaking. I might add I was not interviewed by the Police about that one.

This latest just defies logic. In a seat that they might just hang onto by a parcel of votes they pull a dirty tricks campaign and get caught at it. Fuckwits.

Of course, the people of Lindsay might be racist enough to ignore it but I doubt it. I think this means they lose the seat. Heaven knows what knock on effect it will have in others. So, I'm revising my opinion - a Rudd government with a by-election in Wentworth as TOM desperately tries to become Leader of the Opposition.

Unusually succinct and to the point Malcolm

I think you pretty much summed it up on one (rarely seen from you sir) word.

Morals aside, how dumb is it?  These people clearly do not deserve to be in government.

Concentrate on the causes

Christian Kerr has given good advice over at Crikey:

Ah well. There goes the PM’s Press Club Speech. Sh-t sheets may feature prominently in Labor preselection, but they are actually more mythical in campaigns proper. Kevin Rudd looked like he had the top job already in his Q&A after his speech at the Press Club yesterday. The journos were certainly treating him that way.

The PM cut Jackie Kelly loose talking to News Radio this morning, but he will still face a barrage of questioning on the Lindsay pamphlet.

Will any Gallery member be bright enough to concentrate on the causes not the symptoms and ask the PM why he has acquiesced to the Taliban takeover of his own division of the Liberal Party?

I reckon I might crack a bag of microwave popcorn for this arvo's matinee.


The addition of Ritalin for a happy face, on top of the Xanax, that blocked the dyskinetic twitches that were a side-effect of the Serenace for the night-time blues, should combine to make an interesting address. The cocktail could unmask the latent Tourette's syndrome, and the press gang could get a spray for failing to scrutinise that 'cocky little smirk'.

In the interests of fair play, and never missing an opportunity to sink the slipper, here is the result of my Google search for the source document that underlies Mal Turnbull's support for the Australian Rain Corp.

Russians 'Seize Clouds And Make Them Rain' .... oops! It was there two days ago, I wonder where it went? Never mind, there's a brief mention here.

The "Taliban takeover"?

Christian Kerr is referring to the David John Clarke-led "Uglies", yes?

Federal Taliban Takeover...

Got it in one Craig. I wonder if it's just possible that other wings of the same Taliban movement would make a move on the Federal Liberal Party in the same way they have in NSW in the wake of a Howard defeat?

Would all but guarrantee Labor three or four elections at least...

A Chaser Style Prank?

I have just read a report in SMH Online that Jackie Kelly has defended, on radio, her husband's actions as "A Chaser Style Prank". As John Howard has had a lot of contact with the Chaser team recently, it would be interesting if journalists ask him at the Press Club today if he sees it in this light.

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