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Evan's Walk against Warming

By Evan Hadkins
Created 11/11/2007 - 19:41

A brief report on Sydney's Walk against Warming [1]

According to the media 28,000.  A surprisingly good turn out because it seemed to be poorly publicised this year.  I heard about it through Facebook.

The crowd was full of people from groups concerned about the issue.  They seemed to dominate the 'average person'.  This was also perhaps due to the poor publicity.

Speakers.  Why do they have speakers at these things?  (The people who turn up already know what is going to be said.  My theory: these people love to preach.)

Political Speakers

Malcolm Turnbull was invited to come or send up a representative.  He did neither.  Hardly surprising.  I wouldn't have either in his shoes - he was hardly going to change any minds or gain any votes.

Bob Brown, got the biggest applause easily.  Bob Brown it seems to me is living proof that politics isn't all about packaging.  His speaking voice is bad and he certainly has no talent for stirring rhetoric.  He spoke clearly about the issue and its importance for the future.

Peter Garrett, got about half the applause of Bob Brown.  He spoke about how bad the Liberal Party was on this issue.  (How long will it be before he is generally known as Peter I'm-a-dirty-sellout-bastard Garrett?)

Crowd Watching

Talent Rating: Female high, Male average.

Much younger than the general population.  At a guess from what I saw; a good half would have been under thirty.

Fun part

Someone had set up a lovely piece of street theatre.  It was of people wearing a John Howard and Kevin Rudd mask in a bed with the coal industry.  Lots of people had their photo taken in bed with them.

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