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Bad development awards - any where you live?

By Margo Kingston
Created 02/08/2007 - 11:25

Webdiary has done a bit of work on bad and allegedly corruptly procured development over the years. This is an issue that brings people together now matter who they vote for. for example, Webdiarist Kevin Rozzoli [1], who I made the Sydney Morning Herald's online's development and planning commentator [2] for our groundbreaking Grassroots 2003 NSW election site [3], is a former deputy leader of the NSW Liberal Party, Speaker of the lower house, and shadow minister for local government, planning and environment. I loved this Rozzoli quote:

At the end of the line the people who are basically concerned with environmental planning outcomes are members of the general community. The developer does his development and takes his money and runs, and moves on to the next development. The poor people in the community who live next door to the development are there suffering long after the developer has gone.

Here's the Webdiary archive of 2002/3. Nothing's changed since except State governments, funded big time by developer donations, are taking over development approvals more and more from councils - to the advantage of developers, of course.


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Here's an email I got yesterday from the NSW Greens. Unfortunately, it's open to NSW developments only, but feel free to tell us about your pet development hate where you live.

                                              The Greens annual
                                     Bad Developer Awards 2007
                                    Nominate your favourite Crime
                                              against Amenity

The Greens´ annual Bad Developer Awards are on again.

Seen some shockers out there? Has a developer eaten your suburb? Is your local park about to be turned into an upscale "eco-resort"? Nominations are now open for the annual Bad Developer Awards.
Last year´s Bad Developer Award winners included "Aussie" John Symond´s mansion at Point Piper [21], a tough one to top. (Margo: the shortlist was this one, BHP-Billiton's longwall coal mine below the Georges River, Appin, I.C&L's White Bay cement works in Balmain, Lend Lease's Spring Cove Residential development in the grounds of St Patrick's catholic seminary in Manly and Stocklands' residential and commercial development at Vincentia on Jervis Bay.)

It´s not all bad though. Awards also go to ecologically-sound developments, community campaigns and Councils that are working to create sustainable communities.

The awards will be presented at the annual gala event, hosted by Sylvia Hale MC, which will take place on September 20 at 6.30pm in the salubrious surrounds of the Teachers Club, 33 Mary Street, Surry Hills, Sydney. Entry is free, nibbles provided, drinks at club prices, cash donations in brown paper bags neither required nor accepted.

Nominations are now open for:

    The "Golden Toaster" Award for Crimes Against Amenity   

    The worst residential development

     The worst industrial development

     The most environmentally destructive development

     The worst Council   

    The worst Government Department

    The most insidious industry group lobbying effort

    The best Council

    The best community campaign

    The best journalistic coverage of planning issues

    The best development

For more info, and to get your nominations in, see www.sylviahale.org.au or call 02-9230 3030. Contact: Chris Holley on 02 9230 3030 or 0437 779 546

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