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We have changed host ...

Following yet another run of problems over the last few days we have moved to another hosting provider. Hopefully we will get the password and other system e-mails working soon. More news as we get there.

This one followed on from an attempt to get the password e-mail problem fixed. Our old hosting provider reported that they managed to get the e-mails working: "But currently we have suspended your database webdiary_cms and the cms folder" - pleas to them pointing put that since the suspended folder contained all of the actual content of the site this wasn't much help, and please could they put it back how it was, went unanswered ... So, for a while we nominally had the e-mail problem fixed but no actual site for it to work from.

Our new hosts want us to upgrade the drupal implementation to newer versions. This might mean changing the 'theme' (page layout) somewhat - so if you have any views on that, now is the time to make them known!

Update: the password issue system is now fixed. BTW - the fault in the old system had been deliberately introduced by our previous hosting provider: "Due to spamming and heavy load on server this feature was disabled." - but they hadn't actually told us they'd done this (which kind of explains why we couldn't trace the problem). Still, we're out of their hands, now.

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