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Management Update 17

Site statistics

February being a short month, while daily traffic is up on January, total traffic is about the same, with just over 17,000 unique visitors. We published 25 new articles vs 27 in January, and 974 comments, from 1062 in January - about the same daily rate or a little higher.

We didn’t publish 48 abusive, content-free or incomprehensible comments, and 27 under the 5-post rule. Total intended for publication and not published: 75/1049=7.15%

We also suspended Ross Chippendale from the site, for persistent abuse of editors and other Webdiarists in comments and e-mails.


Income in February was $110 in donations versus expenditure of $352.86. Google Adsense income in February came back up to previous levels, with just on USD80 earned, which will bring us to a total inpayment (depending on exchange rate) of around AUD220 in March.

However, it is clear that we are not getting back to the level of donations that we did last year, and cannot continue to cover the Project Syndicate subscription which is our primary expense. We therefore ceased publishing P-S-sourced articles at the end of February.

Our fourteen months of subscription have given us a wide variety of interesting articles to publish, some of which have been our most popular for comments. Webdiarists interested in following the writings of messrs Singer, Sachs, Stiglitz, Rogoff, Nye, DeLong and others can do so at the Project Syndicate site, where the articles appear a week or so after they appear in subscribing publications. Some are also published by the other P-S subscribers in Australia, The Australian and the Australian Financial Review.

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